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Dear readers, until today I had thought that the screaming and chattering noises spiders make in movies and video games were entirely fictional. I had intended to post a Killing Floor 2 trailer which introduces a few of its mutants, including the arachnoid Crawler, and say something clever about the “shared unnatural sonic vocabulary” of popular media. But, curious about the origins of this, I read around a little (looked on Yahoo! Answers) and discovered the world is a terrible place.

Now I know that some spiders do actually hiss and rattle (‘stridulate,’ we say–know your enemy), I find this trailer for the co-op FPS abhorrent and oh god why have the hairs on my neck pricked up what’s that feeling is there a spider on me you have to tell me I mean it.

… [visit site to read more]

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PC Gamer

Time sure does fly by when you re having fun (also guts). Killing Floor is celebrating its fifth birthday, and Tripwire has shared an infographic of impressive numbers and trivia to mark the occasion. Did you know that Killing Floor was originally released as an Unreal Tournament 2004 total conversion mod in 2005? Or that the retail version we know and love, and which went on to gain 3 million players, was first developed by a team of 10 people in just 3 months?

They grow up so fast. Five years and more than 20 billion dead zeds later, Tripwire Interactive is now at work on Killing Floor 2. For more on that game, make sure you catch up with Wes exclusive first look, and his chat with Tripwire about how it aims to make gaming s most realistic guns.

For more Killing Floor numbers, scroll down:

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Community Announcements - [TW]Ramm-Jaeger
If you want a shiny new Killing Floor 2 Steam Community Avatar, they have just been added to the KF2 Official Game Group. If you look you can see I'm sporting the angry fleshpound avatar :) Go grab one for yourself before they are all gone!

P.S. The avatars don't actually run out

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