Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro

If you've been looking to pick up Rising Storm, there is no better time then now to help ring in the New Year on the Pacific Front! It will be on sale on Steam for the next 24 hours!

And don't forget it comes with the multiplayer content of Red Orchestra 2! New maps from the Banzai Mapping Contest will be reinforcing the front soon, as well as transport vehicles for the eastern front!

And for those Killing Floor fans, don't forget that the Rising Storm Digital Deluxe comes with the special KF characters representing both sides for both Rising Storm and Red Orchestra 2
Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro
If you need to pick up Killing Floor for yourself or are just looking for a stocking stuffer (one day late...) head on over to the Killing Floor Steam Store page here:

And pick up KF for 75% off! You can also head into the New Year decked out in your Fleshpound Fitted tee for $4 off over at the Tripwire Store:

Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro
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And here it is - now available to buy on the OUYA - Killing Floor: Calamity.
Some details:

  • A new take on the smash PC hit Killing Floor, designed and built specifically for couch gaming on the OUYA in a top-down Arcade Shooter format!
  • Play solo or with a friend with 2 player Co-op on one screen. Now you can literally laugh in your friends' faces when they get chewed up by a Fleshpound!
  • 21 of your favorite playable characters from the PC version.
  • All 10 Zeds from the Clot to the Patriarch are included and are as least as dangerous as ever.
  • 7 Perks upgradeable to Level 20, with added new special abilities.
  • 9 new maps specifically designed for top down shooter mayhem.
  • 35 unique weapons – including 3 special weapons (Golden AK47, Leafblower, Dual Mac-10).
  • Supports OUYA and PlayStation 3 controllers!
AND... there is a very special, limited offer from OUYA to celebrate the launch - go take a look at the for the details!
Killing Floor - Alice O'Connor
Now that the Ouya has forever changed the face of gaming as we know it, you may find yourself wondering "So what am I to do with my Ouya now?" If you enjoy murdering monsters, here, dust off that Ouya and fire up Killing Floor: Calamity. Series creator Tripwire today released a top-down spin-off of its survival FPS, exclusively on Ouya, of all places.
Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro
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Six remarkable games. The Humble Weekly Sale features a new deal every Thursday. Be sure to jump on this amazing offer before it's gone! This week, pay what you want for Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor and Dwarfs!?! If you pay $6 or more, you'll also receive Rock of Ages and Rising Storm!

It is a great way to pick up some games as well as give money to charity!

And don't forget that everything in the Tripwire Web Store ( is 20% off in the month of December!
Killing Floor
Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 4

Grab a cup of eggnog, a candy cane, some other Christmas clich s, and celebrate the holiday with developer Tripwire Interactive's fourth annual Killing Floor Twisted Christmas event. This year, it brings us two new maps, "Hell" and "Forgotten," both from the mind of community mapper swift_brutal_death. That just screams holiday cheer to me, or maybe what we're all wishing for anyway as we untangle the Christmas lights.

The limited-time event also brings back all the previous Twisted Christmas maps and enemies, and another opportunity to unlock the special Baddest Santa character and ZED gun.

If you want to get in on the fun, now would be a good time, as Killing Floor is 50 percent off on Steam ($9.99) until Jan. 2.

Tripwire Interactive also used the opportunity to announce new content for its other big game, The Ball. The new content pack is free, and includes a two-hour campaign. All players who own The Ball will now also be able to use its protagonist, Harchier Spebbington, in Killing Floor. The Ball is also 50 percent off ($4.99) until Jan. 2.

Killing Floor - Valve
The Killing Floor's Twisted Christmas Event is now live through January 2nd, 2014, save 50% to celebrate! Play 2 new maps - "Hell" and "Forgotten" and unlock Baddest Santa!

Plus, for everyone who owns The Ball, you can now get a new Harchier Spebbington playable character in Killing Floor.

Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro
Yes, it is that time of year again. Time for the 4th running of our alternative holiday event - the Killing Floor Twisted Christmas. Just what you all need to take the edge off the endless rounds of parties, shopping and eating too much.

This year we are bringing you not 1, but 2 new maps, for free: "Hell" and "Forgotten". These were both created by one of our favorite community mappers (Swift_Brutal_Death) and are now available to everyone who owns the game. New achievements to go along with the maps, of course.

All your old favorites are back for Twisted Christmas 4 as well: all the Christmas specimens, along with another opportunity to unlock Baddest Santa, for those of you who haven't had the chance as well as the ability to unlock the ZED gun on the Moonbase.

For those Killing Floor players who have always wanted to get their hands on Harchier Spebbington as a playable character in KF, we have created a new version of him for you. The original Harchier was unique to all those people who pre-ordered The Ball - but this new version will be available to everyone who owns The Ball. So, if you want to finally add Harchier to your collection of playable characters, you just might want to watch out for The Ball going up on sale over the next few weeks of the holiday season!

As always, you only need to own Killing Floor to play all of this for free from now until 2 January, when the event ends. And, of course, the game, DLC and bundles are all on sale for the duration of the event!

The full changelog can be found here:

Additionally, all Tripwire Merchandise has been discounted 20% for the month of December in the
Killing Floor - Alice O'Connor
It's lucky that Christmas is coming, as otherwise nothing would be happening in the world of video games. Killing Floor developer Tripwire today announced the return of Twisted Christmas, an event which transforms the co-op survival FPS into a wintry horrorshow. This being the fourth such celebration, gosh, it's almost a Christmas tradition in itself.
Killing Floor - [TW]Yoshiro
You can find Rising Storm (, Red Orchestra 2 and the Red Orchestra Franchise pack 75% off on Steam right now.

With transports rolling in, and new battlefields to fight on heading towards the game, now is a great time to head to the front! Picking up the Digital Deluxe editions will also net you some extra goodies in Killing Floor including player characters and the Rising Storm tommy gun!

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