Oct 31, 2013
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We at Tripwire Interactive would like to wish everybody a Happy All Hallows Eve and remind you to stay safe (and watch out for children!).

For those of you in need of a last minute costume, why not go as Mr. Foster: http://www.ptxstore.com/tripwire/product_info.php?products_id=673

Or if you are more of a Red Orchestra 2 fan, try going as a Red Orchestra 2 fan .... in a RO 2 Hoodie!: http://www.ptxstore.com/tripwire/product_info.php?products_id=754

You will also find KF on sale here on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/1250/ or Desura: www.desura.com on sale to help fill the candy sacks!
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We just pushed live a required update for Killing Floor clients and servers. This brings the build number to 1055. The changelog is as follows:

  • Fixed achievement unlock issues for 'Single-Load Doom Bombardier' and 'Claw Master'
  • Fixed weapon favorite-ing not working when connected to a dedicated server
  • Changed DLC icon on the main menu to 'Us vs. Them' to match the steam overlay
  • Server Browser should now sort by ping by default

  • Fixed players getting trapped in trader room
  • Fixed several blocking volume exploits
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

  • Added the cheat 'KillZed' back in

  • 'KFO' maps now forcibly load the correct GameInfo. This means it's no longer required to change the ?game= commandline. Also, it's now possible to map cycle between KFO and standard KF maps.

Known Issue
  • The favorites list is different between KFO and KF maps. This will likely be addressed in the event rollback.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We just set live a fix for the "MapEndTextures" failure some users had since yesterdays update. You should now be able to join servers normally.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
  • New Map - Fright Yard (in both Wave and Objective mode)
  • New Camo Weapons Pack
  • New DLC Weapons - Us vs Them pack
    • Seeker 6
    • Zed Gun 2.0
    • Blower Thrower
    • Sealer Squealer
  • New DLC Character Reggie The Rocker!
  • Featuring unique voice and effects
  • The return of previous Halloween and Potato Fools Day Achievements
  • 15 New Achievements!

  • Fixed an exploit where players could pass off “on perk” dual weapons and sell them
  • Fixed some weapon pickups giving free 9mm ammo
  • Fixed automatic weapons with semi-auto fire getting into a broken state
  • Fixed dual 9mm’s left hand weapon firing off-center
  • Adjusted sale price for starter weapons
  • Level 5 starting weapons will always be sold for 200 do$h.
  • Level 6 starting weapons will always be sold for 225 do$h.
  • Fixed some medic guns not properly crediting the player for healing
  • Fixed M4 pickup giving player M4203 ammo when M4203 is in inventory

  • New Trader menu filters:
    • Weapons now show up under perk tabs (which defaults to your in-use perk)
    • There is also an non-perk tab and a favorites tab (which players can add their favorite/most often used weapons to for easy access)
  • Added option for players to purchase skinned (like golden) or standard weapons from the trader. When one is purchased, the others will be removed.
  • Fill Ammo will now fill ammo first, before grenades
  • Removed software rendering mode from the options menu
  • Added beta support for OpenGL to the options menu on Windows
  • Added wave information to the server browser
  • Fixed changing language not working on Linux and Mac builds
  • Added server gating and filtering based on players highest perk

  • Fixed spawning in third person
  • Fixed Scrake headshot collision being out of sync between servers and clients
  • Fixed Field Medic Perk lv 3 and 4 healing as a lv6, instead of a lv5
  • Fixed zeds not obliterating on Listen servers (before they would just disappear)
  • Scrake damage reset to default difficulty after his saw loop animation
  • Pressing the “Throw Weapon” key will now only throw down one story item at a time
  • If a player dies they will now drop all story items they are holding

Map Changes:
  • Steamland: Fixed 3 exploits on top of game booths and piles of crates behind ferris wheel.
  • MoonBase: Turned off outdoor rock's collision which was protruding into Green House.
  • Icebreaker: Turned off pipe collision and added 2 blocking volumes to prevent exploit in main BioLab room.
  • Biohazard: Adjusted shop volume which was sticking out of trader doors.
  • AbusmentPark: Set rotating platform's collision to block weapons and remade a large blocking volume to prevent exploit.
Announcement - Valve
The Killing Floor's Halloween Hillbilly Horror Event is now live, save 75% to celebrate! Play the New map, Fright Yard, with new Objective Mode and Wave Mode!

Plus, 3 new DLCs are Now Available!

Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/DFmNpFwHpUY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Trailer on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/77604145

Its Halloween and time for the Killing Floor Hillbilly Horrors to be let loose on the world again. This year, they have taken over Martel Halliday's Freight Yard, turning it into a Killing Floor Fright Yard. Free, as always, is the new map, in both Objective Mode and Wave Mode, along with new achievements, another chance to unlock the Chickenator and the Grim Reaper characters AND the Portal 2 Potato achievements.

New DLC, as well, naturally:
  • Reggie the Rocker premium DLC character, mumbling and stumbling his way around the world, waving big guns
  • Camo Weapon Pack: we've had enough of bling, so we went with camo this time. Including the perfect camo for the zombie apocalypse: splatter camo.
  • Us and Them Weapon Pack: 2 new Horzine prototype weapons and 2 weapons "by the people, for the people"!
And, to help you persuade your friends, the game will be 75% off during the Halloween period (50% off all DLC).
Killing Floor is available now on Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/app/1250/), Greenman Gaming and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

The patch changelog can be found on our forums: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?p=1271977#post1271977
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
With the march towards All Hallows' Eve ever quickening, are you ready? Have you perhaps set aside time to revisit some old friends? Do you have a favorite?

And above and beyond that, what zed are you dressing up as? For those of you finding yourselves without a Killing Floor costume, you can always grab one of the last few Pukey the Clown shirts before they are gone forever (and conveniently discounted!)

Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
To mark and celebrate the month of All Hallows Eve, we have reduced the price on the Fleshpound T-Shirt over at the Tripwire Web Store.

Now we also tend to so something else in October... is everybody getting ready?
PC Gamer

John Gibson has been making PC-exclusive games for more than a decade. As President of Tripwire Interactive, he’s helped push Killing Floor, Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm out the door of the developer’s Roswell, Georgia studio. He also happens to have a pretty nice sound system for his PC. We asked Gibson to weigh in on Valve’s trinity of announcements.

PCG: What's your reaction to SteamOS?

John Gibson: An open platform OS created by a company focused on gaming and meeting customers needs--how could we not be excited by SteamOS?

Are you actively developing for SteamOS?

Gibson: We actually just learned about SteamOS a few days before the rest of the world and we haven't gotten our hands on it just yet. Fortunately Valve gave us a heads up a while back that adding Linux and Big Picture support would "be a pretty good idea going forward." So we started working on Linux and Big Picture support soon after that. We've now got three of our four games released on Linux and one of those games with Big Picture mode support. That has put us in a really good position to take advantage of SteamOS when it is released since it is essentially Linux + Big Picture + Awesome Performance Optimizations + Other Cool Stuff. We'll be working on setting up the rest of our recent titles with SteamOS support in the not too distant future. We also plan on releasing our next unannounced title with SteamOS support right out of the box.

John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive
"For years we've seen the Windows OS getting in the way of game development in many ways."
What impact do you expect a Steam-centered OS and set of hardware to have on PC gaming?

Gibson: I believe that the combination of SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam Controller will be the best thing to happen to PC gaming since digital distribution, perhaps the biggest thing to happen to gaming itself in a generation. For the first time ever the entire path from game developer to the customer's hands is being created by a company focused on game development and giving gamers what they want. Digital distribution, particularly Steam, took two roadblocks out of the path--the big publishers and retail stores. Before digital distribution you couldn't get your game into customers’ hands without a big publisher and retail stores--both of which in most cases didn't add value at all for the end user, the gamer. This blocked a lot of innovative games from getting into gamers hands. Then you've got the OS as another step in the path. For years we've seen the Windows OS getting in the way of game development in many ways, and Apple has been pretty apathetic about gaming on Mac OS up until just recently. Getting an OS completely geared towards gaming, with all of the OS bloat that slows games down removed sounds like a godsend to game developers and gets another roadblock out of the way.

Next you have the hardware. PC gamers have been loath to move to the consoles because they are outdated so quickly and can't be upgraded, the game prices are bloated, and they can't stand the idea of giving up the quick responsiveness of the mouse and keyboard. Console gamers on the other hand have been limited to the closed console ecosystem where modding is cut off and things like Counter-Strike, Desert Combat, and Dota would never have existed. In the closed console ecosystems games like TF2 or our own game Killing Floor that constantly put out free content and provide value to the gamer wouldn't have been allowed to do all those free updates.

Steam Machines sound like the best of both worlds. It opens the door to the living room for developers like us to get our games into the living room on a platform that is open and allows the kind of innovation that PC game developers are used to. It also opens the door for a whole generation of console gamers to experience what they have been missing out on. It sounds like there will be a wide variety of Steam Machines that fit all gamers' budgets which is great. Since Valve have done the smart thing and left their platform open that will encourage competition between hardware manufacturers, which can only serve to keep the cost of the machines down and bring value to the gamer. Finally, if the rumors going around are true and this "input" that Valve has hinted about is a controller that allows you to have mouse-like aiming and control while sitting on your couch--well that is the holy grail of gaming right there.
"We're incredibly excited about Steam OS and Steam Machines and will be supporting them fully."
What are your concerns regarding adding SteamOS as a development platform?

Gibson: There are a few concerns that a developer has to look at when releasing a game on a new platform. What is the cost going to be to port/maintain compatibility and will we make our money back? How is the performance going to be? Is there good driver support? What we've seen in the past since Steam has come to Mac and Linux that about 10 percent of our game sales are now on those platforms. That extra 10 percent in sales was definitely worth putting our games on those platforms.

For our newer games we do have some concerns about maintaining two rendering paths--DirectX for Windows and OpenGL for Linux, Mac, and SteamOS. But actually the biggest hurdle for us is adding controller support to our existing games. Since they were designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard, and the interface was designed for a mouse and keyboard it will be quite a bit of work to get them functioning well with a standard console controller. We're now designing our newer games to work well with both mouse and keyboard and controllers from the start. Even with these concerns, we're incredibly excited about Steam OS and Steam Machines and will be supporting them fully. We think like most things Valve do this is going to be huge, and if I were Sony or Microsoft I would be very concerned right now.

Valve released this diagram of a hypothetical set of Steam Controller bindings for Portal 2. "What I like about the device is that Valve clearly took a 'clean slate' approach to it's design," Gibson says of the device.

Tripwire’s known for making PC-exclusive FPSes. How confident are you that Steam Controller is going to be an improvement over the Xbox 360 controller for first-person shooters? What do you like about the device?

Gibson: Valve actually gave us the heads-up about the controller a while back although we didn't know all of the details until we learned them today with the rest of the world. We haven't gotten our hands on one yet (very soon though) so I can only make assumptions at this point. The thing about Valve though, is they don't make claims lightly. They are PC gamers and shooter players. So if they say they made a controller that works as well as a mouse and keyboard then I'd put my money on them having done it and done it right. As a hardcore PC FPS player, and former competitive FPS player I really can't stand playing FPS games on a console controller like the Xbox 360 controller. Playing shooter games with the instant aiming and precision that a mouse provides is an extremely exciting and visceral experience. It is an experience a whole generation of console shooter players have been robbed of.
"Honestly I couldn’t be more excited about this controller."
If the Steam Controller can provide mouse-like instant aiming and precision then it will be a vast improvement over all previous console controllers. I actually play quite a few shooters on my mobile phone, and one of the things I had noticed was that using the touch screen on my phone to aim actually gave me pretty similar control and precision to using a mouse. So if the trackpads on the Steam Controller have that level of resolution and fidelity, I could see them working well for playing shooters.

What I like about the device is that Valve clearly took a "clean slate" approach to it's design. The ability to look around/aim as well as with a mouse was clearly at the top of the list, and I'm glad someone finally had the balls to take on that problem. Every new standard console generation I've waited with baited breath to see if any of the big console makers would tackle this problem only to be let down when I see their new controller is just like their old one. I also think the touch screen in the middle will be a really cool feature. I can't wait to talk to our design team and see what type of cool functionality we could use it for. Honestly I couldn't be more excited about this controller. I've been dreaming about something like this for over 10 years, and from the looks of it it's finally here.

Thanks for talking with us, John.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/jnbTffUEst8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Indie Gala Flashpoint Bundle contains everybody's favorite game named Killing Floor! If you have been waiting to buy (or need to pick up some copies for friends), now is a great time while contributing to a good cause at the same time! !


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