Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
In a few minutes, Killing Floor will be updating to remove the summer zeds. As always, the new map is here to stay.

Included with this update are several map exploit fixes for the following maps:

KF-Bedlam, KF-Evil-SantasLair, KF-Offices, KF-BioticsLab, KF-Abusementpark

The summer zeds will await you until the next time the circus master opens the gates.
Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
With international predatory gift day behind us (choo choo), it is time to step up and make things right! Give your friends the gift that never stops giving (...endless waves of zombie shooting fun)!

Head to the <a href="">Steam Main Page</a> and cast your vote for Killing Floor now! For you (75% off Killing Floor if you missed out earlier!), for your friends (share the fun!), and for those you haven't met yet but will be your friends some day in the future (buy as a gift for your Steam inventory!).

Enjoy the Steam Summer Seal everyone and happy gaming to all!

Don't forget the rest of the Tripwire games collection is 40% off!
PC Gamer
PCG Podcast

Apologies for the delay in getting this week's podcast to you, listeners. We had a technical issue whereby Chris' voice was very very quiet. It took a long time before we realised what was wrong: we knew he was trying to tell us something, but, well, we had no idea what it was.

This week Chris, Rich and Tom Senior gather to discuss Dota 2, Dragon Age 2, Spec Ops: The Line, The Walking Dead games, Killing Floor, Endless Space and more, including the Steam charts and your questions from Twitter.

Tom would like to offer his sincere apologies to oboists everywhere. He doesn't mean a word he said. Really.

Download the MP3, subscribe, or find our older podcasts here.

Show notes:

Tom Francis goes hands-on with Dishonored.
Chris' Rome 2 preview and video interviews.
Our Minecraft server.
The PCG Planetside 2 forums.
Gummy vitamins.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Adam Smith)

Killing Floor is an acquired taste, or at least it was for me, like chugging down a bucket full of rust and blood, with accents so dodgy they’d taken on form and floated atop the grungy broth like cockney croutons. Where Left 4 Dead directs the players’ progress, toying with them, Killing Floor has the player run around in circles, waggling their most succulent parts at the mutants and freaks, encouraging pursuit. Crowd control, herding, elimination; it’s a butchery simulation with cattle that bite back. This summer’s special event, the Summer Slideshow 2012, adds new levels, enemies and guns. The trailer would have given me nightmares when I was a boy.


Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
We have just pushed out a required update to Killing Floor. This brings the game to version 1036.

<li> Updated Abusement Park - Find the entrance to Hellride and Pop a Clot</li>

Both clients and servers will need to update.
PC Gamer
Killing Floor - ohgodwhatisthat

The Summer Sideshow event has taken over co-op survival horror Killing Floor, replacing all of your traditional hideous mutants with a freakshow of carnival themed monsters like an overenthusiastic sword eater and the Fleshclown, a monster with a talent for combining words that should never be together. You can find them and shoot them so hard they never come back on a new funfair level set among cardboard façades of heaven and hell. It's called Hellride, the perfect place to try out the five new weapons added by the update, which is free to all who own Killing Floor.

The Summer Sideshow will run until July 23. To celebrate, Killing Floor is half price on Steam, but only for the next 12 hours. If you're looking for something to blast through with friends, Killing Floor is a solid choice. Up to six players can team up to survive waves of mutants on some reasonably large, open levels. You can weld doors shut to manage the flow of the horde. Once you've got them in a bottleneck, you can start using Killing Floor's ultra-satisfying arsenal to turn them into zombie paste. Everything goes into slow motion whenever you or a friend take a headshot, which lets you revel in the carnage. Getting a headshot with a handgun rarely feels this good.

Find out more on the official Killing Floor site, and get more details on the new event on the Summer Sideshow page. If there's not enough zany in your life right now this Summer Sideshow trailer will fix that pretty quickly.

And here are the Summer Sideshow guns.

Shacknews - Alice O'Connor

Roll up, roll up, for the carnival of carnage that is Killing Floor's Summer Sideshow. The eviscerating event has returned until July 23 with five new weapons, a new fairground map 'Hellride,' and, of course, more murderous carnival freaks. Steam will automatically download the free update.

Once again, Killing Floor has been overrun with twisted sword-swallowers, chainsaw-wielding monkeys, vomit-spewing clowns, Siamese twins, and other mutated monstrosities. Fortunately, you have guns and swords. More guns now, in fact, now that the five weapons from the community-made IJC Pack are now officially part of the game, having been rebalanced a little.

The 16 Sideshow Steam achievements are back, unlocking the Steampunk Mr. Foster character if you get them all, along with 9 new achievements. Tripwire has also released four new characters in the Urban Nightmare DLC pack. If you have more money than sense, you can also pay $5 for the money-spewing Harold Lott, based on 80s comedy character Loadsamoney.

Hit Tripwire's Summer Sideshow page for more information. Look, a monkey!

Community Announcements - [TW]Yoshiro
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event is back for a limited time and
starts right now!! Knowing just how much fun everyone has had with
Killing Floor special events, we could hardly let the Summer pass
without celebrating it in true Killing Floor style. So all your
favorite Summer Sideshow freaks are back, with the addition of a new
map, new achievements, new weapons all for free to anyone that owns the
game. We've also cooked up new playable DLC characters for you and
created our craziest trailer to date - think Killing Floor monster
truck rally commercial style!

The new free content starts with the map Hellride - a cute little
carnival ride through Heaven and Hell only the monsters on this ride
are real. The event also brings 5 new weapons for you, also free. For
all those of you who like to collect the playable characters, Steampunk
Mr Foster can now be unlocked again, but only for the duration of the
event. Also included is a brand new DLC pack of 4 playable characters -
the Urban Nightmare crew.

On top of that, we're introducing Harold Lott, a tribute to the whole
Loadsamoney generation and bastion of 1980s taste. Not only can you all
run around shouting "Money, money, money" in-game - with Harold's
special particle effect, you will be able to leave your own trail of
dosh all over the place!

The event runs from 5th July through 23rd July, so make the most of it!

We've got a new trailer for you, so check it out. And don't forget the
new web page at: <a href=""></a> .

Summer Sideshow Event Details
<li>Free for everyone that owns Killing Floor – auto downloaded through
<li>All new level – Hellride - experience heaven and hell as you follow
the course of this doomed carnival ride</li>
<li>All creatures in game replaced with freak-shows themed monsters
including Pukey the Clown and his side-kick, the Fleshclown</li>
<li>16 new Summer Sideshow achievements return only for the duration of
the event</li>
<li>9 All new achievements added</li>
<li>5 new official weapons - the IJC community weapon pack has been
polished up and made an official part of the game</li>
<li>Steampunk Mr Foster” playable character Unlockable again for the
duration of the event</li>
<li> New DLC Character Pack - "Urban Nightmare"</li>

For all the details on the Summer Sideshow event visit the event web
page at: <a href=""></a> . Killing
Floor is available now on Steam
(<a href=""></a> ), all major digital outlets
and in stores across the world. Don't forget to check out the new
trailer, share it with all your friends, force them to watch it over
and over again... well you get the idea! The Summer Sideshow event only
lasts until 23rd July, so don't miss your chance to experience the
gaming event of the summer!

PC Gamer

The Steam fairies are ferrying an updated version of Red Orchestra 2 to PCs today. This is RO2's "GOTY Content Pack," a free patch that includes a new map and a heap of fixes. To commemorate the occasion, Tripwire has sent along a grim bit of video that you can watch above. Bunkers! Ditches! These are the places you'll die.
PC Gamer

"One of the things we learned from the fans after the release was that many of them thought the game was too hardcore, not hardcore enough, or just not enough like the original game," Tripwire President John Gibson says in the video above. Most developers absorb an array of contradictory feedback after a game launches, and observing that strange soup of commingled praise and hatred while you decide how to react to it isn't something I envy about game development.

Red Orchestra 2's GOTY Edition Free Content Pack represents Tripwire's response to player feedback, and it seems like a truly comprehensive update to a game we already love. To kick off the roll-out of the update later this week, Red Orchestra 2 will also be free to play on Steam this weekend, beginning on Thursday.

What's in the update?

Mamayev Kurgan, a new multiplayer map lined with bunkers and trenches
"'Action' mode - Featuring a crosshair, easier aiming and toned down recoil, reduced damage and open access to a wide range of weaponry Action mode is the perfect first step for players into the world of Red Orchestra."
"'Classic' mode blends the gameplay innovations of the new game with the tactical and edgy gameplay of the original giving the fans of the first game exactly what they want."
Vehicle improvements, including a toning-down of AI tank accuracy
Machineguns are now "easier to use," according to Tripwire
Performance improvements, including revamp of dynamic shadows, changes to UI rendering, map optimizations, and more
Optional client-side hit detection
Refinement of spawn-on-squad leader, spawn protection, overtime, and Lockdown

Red Orchestra 2 will be free to play on Steam beginning at 10 AM PST on Thursday, May 24 until Sunday, May 27.

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