Bloody Ending - Tendo
Hello community,

Today the game has been updated to fix a bug that was happening to some people.
So if you have already started a game you may have noticed that your save has disappeared.
But don't panic, it's normal.
I'm sorry to impose this on you, but I'm going to ask you to do a little manipulation to get your save back.

You will need to move your backup file to the new dedicate folder.
To simplify the whole thing, I recommend that you make a new game and save from the beginning. So that the folder will be created.

Then go to the folder where your game saves are located, the folder should be called save.
Go to computer then in C: or D:
Or put rpgsave in the search square to find it directly when you are in your computer.
(Be careful not to confuse your old backup with the new one, the old one is in the save file and the new in the Bloody Ending file).
It all depends on your computer, copy everything you have in the save folder.
Then go to localappdata\User Data\Default\Bloody Ending.
If you don't find the folder put rpgsave in the search square, it should display the folder directly to you.
Paste your save files into the Bloody ending folder folder. And put yes to overwrite the existing save files.
From then on you can resume your game as before.

Sorry for the inconvenience, if you are having trouble doing this then please contact me and I will come and help you personally.


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