Suite 776 - TurnVex
I just want to start out by saying thank you to everyone who purchased Suite 776 - your support means a lot and definitely helps support my journeys in the next project(s).

I genuinely did not expect Suite 776 to be this much of an interest to many. It got to the point where it was maintaining 100% positive reviews for a few days - and that was awesome!

I mean, what's not to like - for the price of a coffee, you get a 1 hour experience that hopefully scars you for life :)

All jokes aside, I truly appreciate the support and will always strive for a BETTER game every single year. I read all of your reviews and watch most of the videos online, so i get a bit of a grasp of what you all liked, disliked, etc...

The common complaint of Suite 776 that I've noticed is its length - 50 min estimate for the basic play through and ~ 2-3 hours for all achievements.

There are 2 reasons why I always make short games
1) I keep getting new ideas for new games, so I want to finish up current projects and move on to the next.
2) I want to pump out at least 1 game a year - and unfortunately, with school and work being a big part of my life makes it a little difficult to put all my focus into development.

Nonetheless, I will take this comment very seriously and will try to increase the length of my upcoming projects without jeopardizing quality.

In short, I wanted to say thank you one more time, and I am definitely looking forward to announce my next games when the time comes!

Cheers, everybody! and happy gaming.


& feel free to follow me on facebook if you want to keep up to date with the journeys of TurnVex games! :D
Dec 6, 2019
Suite 776 - TurnVex
I am proud to announce that Suite 776 is finally live!

As for all horror games out there please don't forget to:
- Play with headphones
- Play alone and in the dark is possible
- And always go full screen!

Please do enjoy the game and don't forget to leave a review! :)

Happy gaming everybody and good luck!

Suite 776 - TurnVex
Suite 776' release is so close! Friday December 6th, it's right in front of us all!

What a relief, after 5 or so months of development translating into ~500 or so hours of work, I am extremely proud to announce that Suite 776 is right around the corner! It's funny how relieved I am that I made it, actually. My computer is on the verge of dying, so having an unpublished project with so many hours put into it on this computer was terrifying. The potential of losing it all at any moment was definitely there! I mean, I could have technically backed it up every time I made an edit. However, I enjoy living on the edge, I guess :)

I digress! back to the point of this announcement, Suite 776 is right around the corner and I wanted to mention a few things before it's release this coming Friday.

1) At this point in time, I believe Suite 776 to be my scariest invention yet! Trying to build a very scary game without relying on loud noises, random popups, or even random scares in general is quite hard. It's easy to make all sorts of loud crap come out of nowhere and scare even the most senior horror veterans; that is not the formula being used here. Suite 776 creates an atmosphere of intense suspense, mystery and tension that will hopefully keep you on edge throughout the whole ride!

2) I do have a couple updates I want to add to the game in the very near future post release. A couple map expansions, additional elements, etc. To all the achievement hunters, whatever is present at the launch of Suite 776 will remain that way regardless of future updates. I never add new achievements to my games. If you 100% the game, it will be 100% till the end of time :)

3) I am super eager to get into the world of VR (virtual reality). What better way to start than integrating Suite 776 into VR? Depending on the success and user feedback of Suite 776, I may finally invest into some VR madness!

The development process of Suite 776:
Suite 776 was a lot of fun to build. I won't get into the whole details on how I came up with the design and story as that would end up turning this announcement into a book. However, it was definitely an interesting project.

It was also a very difficult project! for those of you who don't know, I am an accountant in profession and am a self-taught Unity developer on my spare time (a hobby essentially). To that, I am still in school studying the art of accounting (4th year) and am taking an auditing class. Auditing made building Suite 776 so damn hard! The amount of time audit required destroyed my soul. With school, work, Suite 776, and social lives, and selling a house! all attacking me at the same time burnt me out af haha.

Nonetheless, we got it done, and I am very proud of the results :)

I feel like I am swaying from the whole purpose of this announcement; it's okay, though. we all sway once in a while. no?

Below is a wonderful screenshot of me diligently working on Suite 776. It's a wire-frame image of the map (just a snippet of the map). Just trying to prove that I am not sitting around!

Once again! I would like to thank all my supporters, and everybody in general! and I am most definitely looking forward to some Youtube video's of your experiences and feedback!

Happy gaming everybody!



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