Substance Designer 2020 - Jerc
Substance Designer 2019.3.2 is a bug-fix release and includes:

  • [Content] Linear sRGB to ACEScg node: I/O labels are incorrect
  • [Content] ACEScg to sRGB node: Output labels is incorrect
  • [Content] Panorama Light nodes: adjust Temperature range
  • [Graph] Severe performance drop and freezes when tweaking a nested graph with 'In-Context Editing' active
  • [Graph] Crash when deleting multiple nodes in FX-Map
  • [Performances] Designer's process may stay alive after quitting
  • [SBSRender] Add Color Management support
Substance Designer 2020 - Jerc
Substance Designer 2019.3.1 has been released and features tons of fixes!

  • [Graph] Severe performance drop and freezes when tweaking a nested graph with "In-Context Editing" active
  • [Graph] Cannot enter enum value out of [0, 99] in Integer1 tweak
  • [Graph] Comment is not moved when the corresponding frame is displaced
  • [Graph] Input names are missing on custom instance node
  • [Graph] Thumbnails may be rendered when loading graph even if the corresponding option is disabled in the Preferences
  • [2D View] Negative alpha shows checker no matter the display option
  • [2D View] Surface conversion from 32f to 8bits fails with high values
  • [2D View] Top/left skew and 'Make Square' set some coordinates to huge values in forward transformation matrices
  • [2D View] UVs of all mesh objects are not displayed on UV sets other than "0"
  • [Content] Bevel: Angular mode does not work correctly on tiling mask
  • [Content] Flood Fill To Gradient: slope image value is not sampled in the middle of the shape
  • [Content] Function; "Equality Boolean" is broken
  • [Bakers] Artefacts when using automatic tonemapping in "Curvature From Mesh" baker in specific cases
  • [Bakers] Crash in DXR when baking while no material is selected
  • [Bakers] Performances issue in the 2D View when enabling the "info"
  • [Engine] 'Pow' function outputs huge values when using very low input value and high exponent on SSE2 engine
  • [Engine] Crash when using a high jpg compression on bitmap resources
  • [Engine] Value Processor returns wrong $size value when inside a subgraph
  • [Parameters] Empty pop-up appears when selecting an instance node with high number of parameters
  • [Parameters] Integer value is not shown in drop-down parameter items
  • [Parameters] Transform Matrix 'Edit' button is not available in Preview mode
  • [Cooker] $size in ValueProcessor is wrong when inside a graph instance
  • [Cooker] Outputsize is incorrect when value link passes through a dot node to an atomic node
  • [UI] Button to display all items in the 2D View bottom bar is not visible
  • [UI] Preview of picked RGB values display incorrect numbers when using Color Management
  • [Export] 16f RGBA images are exported as grayscale
  • [3D View] Cannot import OBJ with multiple spaces
  • [Color Management] OCIO config is not taken into account when publishing sbsar
  • [Color Widget] Color sliders ranges can expand exponentially in a specific case
  • [Doc] "paramValue" section is incomplete in Sbs format reference
  • [MDL] Color Widget in sbsar instances are not correct
  • [Presets] Crash when updating presets in a specific case
  • [PSD] FreeImage error when loading PSD files from recent versions of Photoshop
  • [Resources] Crash when undoing Bitmap linking directly into graph
  • [SVG] SVG nodes do not update automatically when using the vector tools
Substance Designer 2020 - Jerc
Substance Designer's Winter 2019 release is now available!
This is the first major release for the 2020 cycle and the last one for owners of the 2019 version.

  • Color Management, with OpenColorIO support. Ensure consistency between your materials and renders between Substance Designer and your renderer of choice with the popular ACES color profile.

  • A new Curvature from Mesh baker provides much more accurate bakes with smoother results and better handling of intersecting geometry among other improvements.

  • The Ambient Occlusion baker is also getting some love with a new Ground Plane option to simulate the occlusion generated by the ground under an asset.

  • The new Atlas Tool is the perfect companion if you are working with scanned atlases, no matter their origin. This new node will automatically split all the elements of the atlas and allow you to easily scatter them on a material, with tons of control.

  • Presets and Preview Mode have been improved as well, with better performance and a revamped interface.

For a deep dive into these features and more, head over to the related article on the Substance Magazine.

Full changelist:

  • [General] Support Color Management using OpenColorIO configuration file
  • [Presets] Improve presets management
  • [Presets] Synchronize 2D View Gizmos and Preview Sliders
  • [Presets] Restore preview values when switching back to Preview mode
  • [Presets] Keep preview mode active when editing other nodes, resources or graph
  • [Presets] Undo works smoothly when navigating between the 3 presets tabs
  • [Presets] Allow to Reset parameters to Graph's default or Preset's value in Preview mode
  • [Presets] Improve pinning of parameters
  • [Presets] Import/Export all Presets of a graph to a file
  • [Bakers] New 'Curvature from mesh' baker based on ray tracing
  • [Bakers] Add ground plane option in 'AO from Mesh' baker
  • [Bakers] Add match by name option to ignore backface in 'AO from Mesh' baker
  • [Content] New Atlas Scatter node
  • [Content] New Color Space Conversion nodes and functions (ACEScg)
  • [Content] Improve naming consistency for nodes with Color/Grayscale versions
  • [Graph] Improve performances in Presets Preview mode
  • [Graph] Add $(colorspace) macro to export graph outputs option
  • [Parameters] When a parameter is set to invisible, hide the corresponding gizmo in the 2D View
  • [Parameters] Do not add 'Graph input group' as a prefix when exposing parameters
  • [Parameters] Add tooltip for VisibleIf in Graph parameters
  • [AXF] Update AXF SDK to v1.6

  • [Linux] Designer does not launch on CentOS 8 due to Qt platform loading failure.
  • [Linux] WARNING: Freetype library has been removed from SD application: Users with CentOS version <= 7.5 has to install it manually.
  • [AxF] Crash when importing files created with newer AxF versions
  • [2DView] Brush textures fed by a resource are not applied
  • [2DView] Crash when modifying inputs of instanced graph with position tweak
  • [3DView] Crash when canceling the "Load..." action
  • [3DView] Add Color Space option for emission textures in GLSLFX Shaders
  • [Bakers] Maps fed through resources are ignored during baking
  • [Bakers] 'World Space Direction' options are incorrectly locked
  • [Bitmap] EXR bitmaps with floating point values are rendered as a black image
  • [Content] Flood Fill to index: shape detection fails in a particular case
  • [Content] Crop: sampling issue when the crop node has a lower resolution than the input
  • [General] Crash when closing Designer while generating the Library
  • [Graph] Bitmap nodes do not reflect the compression of the associated bitmap
  • [Graph] Cache is not cleared when clearing node thumbnails after first render
  • [Graph] Node size incorrectly invalidated
  • [Graph] Crash when im some cases when changing input connections on a Pixel Processor Node
  • [MDL Graph] Failure when restoring a function call default value
  • [Properties] 'Edit' and 'Matrix' buttons in transform matrix parameters are confusing

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