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We have added support for Metro Exodus.
It's very demanding game but does not have too many graphics options.
Unfortunately, not much more is available through config file.
Yet, we managed to prepare some tweaks.

Following games are now supported, too:
- Dishonored 2
- Dungeon Siege 1
- Dungeon Siege 2
- Dungeon Siege 3

PS. Take care! ;-)
GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer - GameAssistant
It's here, finally (version 1.1)!

Today is the day! Program is available for everyone :)

You will download version 1.1, which was prepared in cooperation
with Achievement Hunting:

It brings options that allow to hide some tweaks for games with achievements:
* patches and mods
* gameplay changes
* other changes incompatible with Achievement Hunting rules
Also cheats for all games can be hidden, if you are not interested.

"Spread the word and get 3 keys!" offer is still available:

Also check out Special Edition DLC. For now it brings support for multiple Steam accounts,
but more features will be available in the future.
It's also a great way to support us :)

GameAssistant Team
GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer - GameAssistant
It's almost here :)

Less than 10 days left to launch! We are so excited. Are you waiting, too?

We are working on update in cooperation with Achievement Hunting.
More details will be available in launch announcement.

Please help spread the word! :)
And you will get 3 keys. See this topic for details:

GameAssistant Team

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