Jan 12
UBERMOSH:OMEGA - Walter Machado

UBERMOSH:OMEGA is the last volume of the arcade series UBERMOSH... and UBERMOSH is where I "live" since 2015... creating stuff, coding, drawing, playing...
After the "1.5 update" I started to work on the next "not-Ubermosh" stuff...
It was pretty "flowy" developing ...and my mind flashed with a new "Brainclap Stacking" for UBERMOSH:OMEGA.
Adding a new layer to a game that already works pretty nice is a huge step. It forces the re-balance of all the powers, characters, the creation of new sounds for the improved Brainclap, new smoke codes and, new tools for the enemies to counter that new power.
After a lot of work, the new Brainclap Stacking worked... more fun, and way prettier.
For the OMEGA volume, now we have smarter thugs. How smarter? The way they move and how they fight is looking more "veteran-humanoid-like". Smarter flanking, better trigger timing..., less predictable, and they will react a bit more aggro after some blood painted the ground.
Still OMEGA, but so far from 1.0 that I like to call it a REDUX (updated version with some core elements re-made).
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Many many thanks for the awesome support!
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Dec 22, 2019
UBERMOSH:OMEGA - Walter Machado

When UBERMOSH:OMEGA launched, it was my best work ever. Until now...because today I am updating it to ...UBERMOSH:OMEGA version 1.5!
The main focus of this update was to tweak it a bit more to make it even closer to the players' reflexes during gameplay.
How weapon follows the cursor, how much Brainclap animation will cover the screen, better Gamepad Support and fine tweaks to make it run smoother on slower machines (or people multitasking while playing).

Please test it. Have you tried finishing it with the gamepad? And hybrid controls...? Mouse aiming and gamepad running?

The game got amazing community support and feedback so far. Player's reviews are a balm to the developer's soul after hours and hours polishing content for your entertainment!

Many many thanks!
Nov 13, 2019
UBERMOSH:OMEGA - Walter Machado

Howdy folks, and many many thanks.
UBERMOSH:OMEGA launched, and I can not describe how fueling, rewarding, orgasmic, and emotionally healthy is a solid launch.
No bug reports, the community liked the shredders, the difficulty, the "Saint tunning" and the balance.
If you are an enthusiast of how indie games are done you already knew how "adding different characters that should make a similar final score" starts the developing journey to balancing hell.
Kore moves the gameplay to the "bullet hell inspired" ground, where you shoot a lot and have to evade a lot... contrasting a lot to the characters that can counter bullets, like Aya and Reez..., different powers, different pacing, different power curve during the match.... and a similar final score! Aya, Wook, T7, Q, Kore, and Reez! It worked, for every character. All tunes can get you to the OMEGA achievement... but the tune that gets you closer to your fight style will make all the process smoother.

The game will be ported to console in the near future, but it would not even exist without this awesome and supportive PC community, that during all these years, kindly guided the series development via Hub feedback and Steam reviews.
Oct 24, 2019
UBERMOSH:OMEGA - Walter Machado

The Omega, the End, the Final Volume of the arcade series UBERMOSH will launch soon, ...it will not be my last game, but this 2015' code framework can not handle more content, and I am glad to close the series with the superfine polished gameplay of UBERMOSH:OMEGA.

To enable more enemies, with the game keeping playable, collateral changes had to be done, like power triggering balance, background saturation, hud colors, enemy AI and, editing all sounds (because more events will happen during the same time and the reverb of each sound started to muffle the others, ...it took a lot of work, but now the game is sounding better than ever, and you will be able to notice new sound elements, like bullets crashing on shields).

The new challenge asked for more gameplay flexibility... now players can tweak a bit the Saints to fit different styles of gameplay... like adding floating guns to Q, a huge sword for REEZ, a moving shield for AYA or making KORE moving blazing fast.

Instead of unlocking progression, the "Rank S inspired" system returned, with the final milestone set to 5200 KO's.
A "Perfect" match can deliver scores from 5500 to 6000, to get the final rank players will have to perform very close to perfection, but the possibility to tune the character to the players' style helps to extract the best of skills.

Visually the menu presents "grunged" versions of the characters cards, during gameplay, veterans will see that the Saints are a bit improved since Vol.7, like WOOK having autofire, a way to shoot the gun and have a 50% chance to trigger the power, the skill to cut some shields and a rare Brainclap during the match.

The OMEGA gameplay calls for more enemy management and evasion due to the increased number of enemies and a new class of enemy that can viciously use the Shredder.

It is harder, faster, more flexible and sounds better than the previous versions. I hope you enjoy to play it as much as I enjoyed making the series. Many many thanks for the amazing feedback, constant support, and overwhelming community kindness during this long journey. It is the last volume, if you have not reviewed a UBERMOSH game, the best time will be with OMEGA. Have fun!

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