Dec 12, 2019
Escape the Ayuwoki - Deadlycrow Games
In this update we have added a new christmas mode (it can be disabled in the options), a new mini tutorial at the start of the game (also can be found in the main menu>options).

We also included a new ending, plus a new VERY FAMILIAR chapter, also some tweaking in the AI, so now its not so "erratic", some minor visual changes in some of the scenes.

And we also added a GAMMA slider in the options menu (keep in mind that if your extra gamma slider is above 20% of the bar you won't be able to earn some achievements, because yeah, playing all the game without the flashlight but with MAX GAMMA it's kinda cheating.)

Some minor bug fixes and overall calibration of the game difficulty :)
Nov 30, 2019
Escape the Ayuwoki - deadlycrowgames
In this update we added a new feature to the game!
once you end the game you will unlock a new "Model viewer" mode in the main menu, where you can see the different characters of the game :).

Also since it has been requested so much! we finally added a checkpoint system :), there is only 1 checkpoint per Chapter, roughly placed when you are half-way to end the chapter.

Also there has been a lot of minor bug fixes, collision fixes (and we will keep working on that).
have a nice playtime! :)

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