Future Snooker - Cornutopia
Hello everyone,

Future Snooker is all set for release in two weeks on Friday November 15.

This is one of my finest games of my 20 years of game development, Future Snooker has been remastered for 2020 with new hires graphics, a new 12-track soundtrack, plus all of the latest updates to my game engine, full controller support, and more.

Future Snooker is a snooker game played on a circular table that has all of the tactical play and skill of real snooker. A perfect game for Steam's Remote Play Together feature, the game supports up to six players, any of which can be human or computer opponents, as well as a solo player tournament, and lots of customisable rules. A perfect couch multiplayer game.

Here is the Steam store page:

Available from November 15th for $8.99 with a 10% launch discount. Wishlist your copy today.


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