Easy Bug Manager - xujiang
What's new in v1.1.0.0:
1. [Fix]When the transparency data change, the transparency of the foreground mask of the main interface will also change.
2. [Modify]When creating a bug, if the bug is not on the current page, and the page number of the bug is before the current page, then the last bug of the previous page is displayed in the first position of the current page
3. [Modify]Sort data is saved when the software is closed
4. [Add]"Lately Projects" function——Thanks: 踏长安
5. [Modify]Center the window position when opening software, opening a project, or closing a project——Thanks: 小段_d
6. [Fix]Solve the problem that Windows 8.1 system and Windows 7 system cannot open the software——Thanks: Mr_Specter
7. [Modify]Changed software from .Net4.7.2 to .Net4.5
8. [Fix]]When creating a new bug, click the "Look" button twice in succession, the page number will be wrong
9. [Fix]]Solve the problem of missing dll files after downloading source code from github


1. [修复]当透明度改变的时候,主界面的前景遮罩的透明度也会跟着改变
2. [优化]当创建Bug时,如果Bug不在当前页,并且Bug所在的页码在当前页之前,那么就让当前页的上1个Bug,显示在当前页的第一个位置上
3. [优化]关闭软件时,保存排序的数据
4. [新增]"最近项目"功能——感谢:踏长安
5. [优化]当打开软件、打开项目、关闭项目时,让窗口位置居中——感谢:小段_d
6. [修复]解决Windows8.1系统、Windows7系统打不开软件的问题——感谢:Mr_Specter
7. [优化]把软件从.Net4.7.2改为.Net4.5
8. [修复]当创建一个新Bug时,连续点击2次“查看”按钮,会跳转到第一页
9. [修复]解决从github下载源代码后,dll文件丢失的问题
Easy Bug Manager - xujiang
We have fixed an issue where DLC does not download normally.
Very, very, very sorry, very sorry everyone ...
The DLC can now be downloaded normally ...

I'm really very sorry ...

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