Ope - SpicyWasabi
This update contains different bugs fix and improvements. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

We are finally releasing the English localization. Although this is only the interface and the subtitles it should make the experience better for a lot of people. Since this is a different build players will not be able to switch their language in-game and will play by default with the English version. Players who wish to play with the French version will have to follow this step-by-step guide.

Please notice that the following bug fixes and improvements are only for the English version. They will be included in the next update of the French version in addition to other fixes.

Bugs fix and improvements:
Dev Tool
  • Fixed the movements of the Dev Tool
  • Fixed the level switching of the Dev Tool
  • Addition of subtitles for the cinematics of the level 1 and 10
  • Fixed the loading screen hiding the first seconds of the cinematic at the start of the first level

List of known bugs:
Main menu
  • The "Continue" button doesn't work
  • The subtitles of the cinematic of the level 1 and 10 have a weird scale

We are taking a break for the holidays and will come back after to work on these bugs. We will also have a little bonus surprise with the next update!

Happy holidays!
Dec 9, 2019
Ope - SpicyWasabi
This update contains different bugs fix and improvements. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!

Update on the English localization
We're still working on the English localization (interface and subtitles only). We've almost finished it and will release it soon. The button "Options" is removed from the main menu since we can't change the language in-game. But don't worry we will have separate builds! Players having their preferred language at English will automatically have the appropriated build. We will see how we can make it easily accessible for players having other languages set in their Steam's preferences. You can expect this update to release before Christmas.

Bugs fix and improvements:
  • Fixed a bug where the character was sometimes floating in the air at the start of a level and players had to pause then unpause to continue playing
  • Addition of music and ambient sound for the bonus level
  • Fixed levels after the cinematic of the level 6 not playing music and ambient sound
  • Fixed level 3 not showing the appropriate level when pausing
  • Fixed the Deer Shaman in the level 3. Players will not be able to push her around anymore
  • Fixed a collision in level 8 to prevent players from going outside the map with the ability acquired at the end of the level
  • Fixed many scripted events
Main menu
  • Fixed some issues in the main menu
  • Removed the "Options" button from the main menu (see Update on the English localization)
  • Addition of a banner in the Config Dialog
  • Addition of a video when the game starts to show a little animation with the logo of our school
  • Addition of a video when the game starts to remind the players that a controller is required to play
Pause menu
  • Addition of the "Controls" button in the pause menu. It only serve as a reference for the controls as players will not be able to personnalize them
  • Removed the "Options" button from the pause menu (see Update on the English localization)
Nov 29, 2019
Ope - SpicyWasabi
Our student game is finally out and is free so don't hesitate to grab your controller and try it!

Localization, customer support and updates

We aren't planning to do frequent updates and to do customer support. We do plan to add an English localization soon for the interface and subtitles. This update will also include bugs fix. We will make another post once it's out as well as updating the store's page.


The original title was developed in 15 weeks by the students of Campus ADN of 2018-2019 in Montreal, Canada. This videogame school made Blank and Ôpe productions possible. Each game was created by about 30 students in total from Animation, Level Design and Modeling programs during their third semester under the supervision of professionals from the industry. The Steam procedures and last fixes were done by about a dozen students in their free time.

You can find the game in your library under the name of Ope. We decided to change it's name so everyone can find it easier than if it was Ôpe.

Thanks for taking interest in our game!

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