Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale - Captain Boldbeard
Ahoy! Since the last update posted here, a lot has been added to our alpha build (get free access now by taking these steps).

Here’s a quick summary of the most important new features:
  • Ghostship added for the final zone (3 broken up pieces appear out of the ocean that contain cannons and loot)

  • New starter island added

  • New castle island added

  • New spyglass model

  • Teleporting totems are now changed to platforms. You can now also teleport between island clusters on certain platforms.
  • Spawn selection screen added (you can now choose where your ship spawns when the match starts)
  • Stealing system: Taking enemy resources (from the wood barrel, ammo box and rum crate) now requires you to steal *Stealing is done by holding down the interact button, it takes a bit more than a second to steal some resources
  • Island names added to map
  • Sunken ships now produce a floating barrel which holds all the ships items
  • UI overhaul and new font
  • A few new cosmetics
  • Footstep sounds added
  • New sail visuals
  • New water shader!
  • Fireworks added to treasure chest
  • Resources now spawn in destructible loot crates!

    We’ve adjusted the cannonballs quite a bit:
  • Heavy cannonball damage increased from 8 to 10
  • Heavy cannonball reload time decreased from 3s to 2s (same as normal cannonball)
  • Heavy cannonball travel speed decreased from 7000 to 4000
  • Normal cannonball travel speed increased from 7000 to 10 000
  • Normal cannonball droprate decreased from 3 to 1

We’ve also done a lot of bugfixing, optimisation and balancing but that’s just too long of a list to include in this announcement. You can always join our Discord if you want to know the details and/or play the alpha of course:

Right now we’re working on implementing the dedicated server(s) and in-game voice chat. These will be added to the alpha very soon!
Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale - Captain Boldbeard

Ahoy! We’re proud to present the first official announcement trailer for Blazing Sails (you can now find the trailer on the Blazing Sails store page). Our pirate battle royale will enter early access on Steam Q1 2020!

In the pursuit of releasing a top-notch experience Get Up Games will be partnering up with Iceberg Interactive. A publisher that really understands where we want to go with Blazing Sails and with lots of experience in the field. We’re super excited for the upcoming months!
Oct 24, 2019
Blazing Sails: Pirate Battle Royale - Captain Boldbeard
Alpha version 1.12:

- New weapon added: Sword of the Sea (vampiric, slashing an enemy heals a portion of your health)
- New deadzone effect
- New multi crossbow model
- New hunting bow, crossbow and arrow sounds
- New robinson islands added
- New islands in pirate town cluster
- New blockout cluster
- Titles added (same as Discord + prestige ranks / every 15 levels you will go up one prestige rank)
- New melee block icon
- New clouds (still WIP)
- New cannon VFX
- Cannon sounds tweaked a little
- New cannon fuse
- Hudless mode (activate it by typing /hh in chat, to exit press backspace)
* You can use this for immersive videos or screenshots!
- New cannonball trail particle effect
- Lower hull of a ship is now wet

- Buoyancy ship rocking tweaked, much smoother, less wobble wobble
- Multicrossbow clipsize increased from 4 to 6
- Multicrossbow arrow damage decreased
- Multicrossbow reload time increased
- New sniper scopes (more precise)
- Spawnrate of legendary weapons slightly increased
- Ammo and wood UI indication made a bit bigger and more readable
- Deadzone now does more player damage
- Added background to title in main menu and in-game menu
- Masts are now also part of a ship's color set
- Cannon fire effects tweaked a bit (they were too bright, made a bit more translucent)

- Very big buoyancy performance optimisation

Bug fixes:
- Pump bug fixed
- Skin color bug fixed
- Detach from ship when walking into wood barrel or battle drink crate fixed
- A movement animation bug should be fixed
- Black buildings issue fixed
- Movement animation glitch fixed
- cannonball flyby bug fixed
- Some lighting and texture issues fixed / improved
- Inventory bug fixed

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