Dec 29, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #14 v1.1

-Time Shifting – Time Shifting now only Shifts you to [/b]half of your MAX stages reached[/b]. For example if you reached a max stage of 800 and you time shift you will only go to stage 400 on your time shift ((Your mage level will also be 400)). Everything will reset as normal, but you will have skill points of the same Mage level’s worth (400 levels worth of skills points to spend in this example). You still have to spend everything like a normal time shift. This is mainly to speed up your climbing back up to your max path and MP/KP gains/farming.
-- This should still allow you to have your burst killing speed of time shifting without making the grind of getting back up to your max stage quite as much of a hassle. It also has an added benefit of making your Master of Time buffs useful regardless of your distance into the game.
-- Also note - After time shifting you’ll have 0 MP as you would normally but your rate of building it back up will be over a much shorter amount of stages. Your multiplier (The 3x 9x etc over you mp/kp on the main screen will act as it normally would, if you time shift and are above stage 250 you’ll remain at a 3x etc).
-Skulls – Skulls and their experience deficit have been removed.

-Offline Progression – Offline progression has now been added to the game. You can now advance STAGES while offline.
-- If you were offline long enough to progress stages you’ll see a message in the Offline Rewards window in orange. If you did not progress any stages you will not see the message.

-Idle Chest – An IDLE CHEST has been added to the game. You can find it in the bottom left hand corner under the Curse Eater window icon. The Idle Chest generates additional loot (Liquid Gold, EXP, and Arcane Scrap) while the game is running. (It does not generate loot while offline). You can see how much it is generating from the numbers next to it. Increasing in stages or increasing your bonuses (for example through the liquid gold window) can increase how much your chest generates.
This loot stacks up in the chest. Hovering the chest will show you how much loot is stored in the chest. Click the chest to grab all of the loot that is stored up!
Note: Time Shifting will empty your chest! Remember to grab it and spend it before time shifting if you want to use it.

-RUNES/Boons – A new Boon has been added to the Fairy Runes tab. OVERCHARGE . This Boon gives you a small amount of HP/DMG when you add Runes to it. Note: You will only see this new Boon if you have all of the current Boons you own maxed out. It was added as a way to spend runes if you had all of your current Boons maxed. It has an exceptionally high cap.
- As stated this is a way to spend extra runes once you have maxed all of your currently unlocked Boons. If you have not unlocked the 3 extra boons you can still access this, it works for currently unlocked boons. If you only have the base 9 and max them all you will see this new Boon. If you have 10 boons unlocked and max them all, you will see this Boon. If you have this boon open an unlock a new boon, it will be temporarily disabled (you will still have the bonus from it) until you max your newly unlocked Boon and then it will reappear.

-Window Factions – The level cap of all Window Factions (with the exception of the Dragon Eggs) have been raised.
The Dragon Eggs window faction will currently remain capped at level 25.

-Liquid Gold/Runes – The Liquid Gold and Fairy Rune windows now have a toggle for Spending different amounts. You can find the toggle in the top left corner of the window. It toggles x1, x10, x25, x100, and x1000. The two toggles are separate so you can set them separately for each window.

-Offline Gains – Offline gains (As well as offline progression) can now be gained for up to 7 days of offline time. -- This is up from the previous 18 hours.
-Shop – Shop Item: Booster added. We got a lot of requests for the perm bonuses from the value pack to be available for philo stones. Booster has +10% HP/DMG +10% Liquid Gold drop amounts, and +10% Arcane Scrap drop amounts. 1000 Philosopher Stones.
-Shop – Lost in Time weekly limit removed.

-Saving Messages – Saving Messages can now be found in the top left corner under the window buttons.
Nov 30, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #12 v1.0.9
-New Mage – The Newest Mage The Druid joins the halls of the Mage’s Guild. He can be viewed in the Mage’s window and is available in the Shop for Philosopher Stones. He has a special bonus for having him as an active or support mage of an Ingredient find chance for making Alchemy buffs. He also has a permanent 30% HP/DMG bonus for owning him once he’s purchased, regardless of if he’s selected at all or not.
-Fairy RunesThree New Fairy Runes have been added to unlock!
Once you reach the stage to unlock these, they are permanently unlocked. They will be available that same Time Shift and any future Time Shifts from T0 Stage 1! This will allow you more freedom in your strategies as you open up more Boons to play with, especially paired with the adjustment of the Boon leveling below.

-Skulls – The EXP deficit of skulls have been relaxed quite a bit. Even at 5 skulls now you will be able to continue pushing. We didn’t like the hard line it was creating on forcing you to Time Shift so we eased back on it. This allows you to continue pushing if you’d like, while still giving you goals of where you like to Time Shift at.
-Fairy Runes – Adjusted Fairy Rune / Boon leveling. Base Boons start at 25 levels available (up from 10). Runes needed to spend to raise the cap have been lowered. The cap raises by 25 each time it rises (up from 10 as well).
This should help take care of a bit of the tedium of spending your runes if you had a bit stacked up.
-SCIENTIFIC NOTATION – Scientific Notation option has been added. You can find it in the options window if you wish to switch to it. It will be on by default for new games.
-Arcane Scrap – Changed the way both of the x10 and x100 Arcane Scrap buffs work. Previously they averaged out as you gained them so that you’d gain their benefits all of the time. We keep getting feedback that you guys would rather see the actual x10 and x100 proc so that’s what it’s been changed to.
- Fixed an issue with the weekly/daily popping up if you had the leaderboards open causing odd layering issues.
- The Arachnid Queen should now be back to saying her correct phrases when speaking.
- Various bugs and balancing
Nov 19, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #11 v0.0.8
-Badges – More badges have been added to Tier 1 and higher
-Mini-Badges – Mini-Badges have been added to the Tiers. These can be found on the right side of the tiers in the Liquid Gold window, and much like the normal badges, once unlocked, work from Tier 0 Stage 1. These give HP/DMG bonuses for reaching them. You can unlock one for reaching STAGE 250, 500, and 750 in each Tier.
-Shop Item: Lost In Time - Returned at request but with a weekly limit of 2.
-Bugs – Various bugs and typos fixed.
Nov 15, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #10 v0.0.7
-Sale – You can now find a First time buy sale in the shop for double philosopher stones. The sale only works one time. (You can use this sale even if you have purchased previously it will just count towards your next purchase of philosopher stones).
-Offline Gains - Fixed a bug causing offline gains not to happen if you were getting the Daily Login rewards at the same time.
-Trophies - The difficulty of Rank 2 trophies have been decreased
-The Arachnid Queen - Passive bonus from owning her raised to 30% HP/DMG (Up from 25% HP/DMG) - You get this increase if you already own her.
-Shop Item: Monster Hunter - Added to the shop. Monster Hunter gives a permanent bonus of +5% to Monster Population gains starting from the point of purchase. (This is only for future gains not for anything stored. It does affect anything in your “current” run. - anything you would get if you time shifted after the purchase) It is 500 Philosopher Stones.
-Shop Item: Lost In Time - Removed
-Shop Item: Master Of Time - Cap Raised to 12 (up from 6 - Up from 1 hour of maximum buff to 2 hours).
-Skulls - Tweaked the skulls system a bit to be more lenient.
The addition of the Skulls were based on a lot of feedback that people didn’t really know ideally when to Time Shift each run. There are, in general, 3 different types of strategies for Time Shifting if you’re pushing (not farming). These are to time shift after pushing a short amount where it starts getting a bit more difficult (short optimization - 1 to 2 skulls), Challenge pushing where you want to push into a harder area and see how far you can get but still don’t want to be in a super slow area (challenge optimization - 2 to 3 skulls), and then the person who doesn’t like to Time Shift until they see very very little to 0% EXP gains (exp optimization - 4 to 5 skulls). The skulls are there to help you have a general sense and goal of what you enjoy and what you personally want to Time Shift at without having to deep dive into thinking about it. ~ I personally like to Time Shift at 3 Skulls, so now I know that I can generally start thinking about it around 3 skulls each Time Shift that I’m pushing.
-Skulls - Updated tooltip on the skulls to be more clear about the system.
-Displays - The EXP % Displays in Curse Eater and Arcanist now correctly reflect your Skulls EXP reductions.
-Cursed Amulets - Cursed Amulets can now temporarily go over their cap. If you do go over their cap you will no longer gain cursed amulets until you spend down beneath their cap.
-Cursed Amulets - If you’re over cap, whenever you collect amulets the display for collection (left side text) will tell you that you are over cap and that you need to spend below cap to continue collecting them.
-Wisps - Wisps can now temporarily go over their cap. If you do go over their cap you will no longer gain wisps until you spend down beneath their cap.
-Wisps - If you’re over cap, whenever you collect Wisps the display for collection (left side text) will tell you that you are over cap and that you need to spend below cap to continue collecting them.
-Stats - Faction Bonus for HP/DMG can now be seen in the Stats page. This bonus is multiplicative.
-Alchemy - The display for alchemy buffs timer will now correctly display if you go over a certain time.
-Alchemy - Further tweaked alchemy drop rates from caches and increased their chance to upgrade into rarer ingredients.
Nov 7, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #9 v0.0.6
-Balancing - There were a lot of buffs to your progression implemented in various forms.
-Faction Levels – Each faction level you gain now increases your health and damage permanently as well.

-Skulls – To help you know when, on a super push run, you’re pushing past when you should realistically be Time Shifting, we’ve added Skulls to between the mage and enemy health bars. You’ll see between 0 to 5 skulls stacking. When you start seeing skulls it means the difficulty of the monster is increasing and your experience gains are reducing. While you might find that you’re alright with pushing into 1 or 2 skulls of difficulty, pushing into 3 or 4 might be beyond what you enjoy. Progressing into 5 means you should Time Shift as you’ve hit the limit of your progression in that time shift with your current bonuses. If you find that pushing into 3 skulls is beyond what you enjoy constantly then you might find that you want to Time Shift during 2 skulls normally and you’ll have more of an idea of when you want to Time Shift as a standard. (If nothing else, it’s at least a helping informational tool).

-Daily/Weekly Login Rewards – We’ve transferred your Daily/Weekly Login rewards (Formerly Daily/Weekly Claims – Then Daily/Weekly Quests etc) to the Daily/Weekly Login Rewards, these will pop up on login now. These reward philosopher stones, the free VIP point (for daily login only), as well as various loots. You will no longer receive philosopher stones from finishing a round of quests, that system seemed to be stressing people out, so we went back to the daily claim system but in a way where it wouldn’t bug out like it was previously. If you’d like to read more about the change to the quest system you can find it below. You also still have a weekly login reward that pops up on weekly reset which is sat night 7pm est. This change also keeps the system fair between those that play longer and shorter amounts of time, where some weren’t getting to complete all of the quests because they weren’t able to play much, now all you have to do in order to secure your daily amount of stones is to long in each day. Additional stones can still be acquired through clicking Caches as normal or from bonus rewards from the quests. Note: The daily will not activate until tomorrow’s reset time at the earliest.

-Quests – Philosopher Stones have been removed from the quest system completions. The way that it was working currently seemed to be stressing people out, now you simply have to log in every day to receive some free philosopher stones and your free VIP points as well as some various loots. Since we removed the philo stones from the quest completions, a lot of the quests rewards have been increased. The drop rate of scrolls has been increased so you can do them more often making them an extra source of farmable loot. Completing a full round of quests will reward some bonus Cursed Amulets that you can trade in for extra loot as well to help with progression. You can still get philosopher stones from the random quest rewards but they will not be raised like the other rewards will be.

-Ingredients – Your chance to find ingredients in caches has been increased.
Nov 3, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #8 v0.0.5b
-Stats Max Stage reached can now be found in stats page in a raw format.
-Stats previously Max level reached can now be found in stats page in a raw format.
-Fairy Runes – Got a visual update. They still function the same, it’s just a visual update to keep them more in line with the game’s appearance and the new liquid gold appearance.
-Skills – We’ve loosened up the requirements for spending skills to unlock the next row of skills, this should allow you to make a bit more decisions when it comes to which skills you want and what strategy you’re looking for.
-Skills – Tier 2 & 3 skill pages have been added.
-Skills – Now show skill points spent.
-Skills – Skills points auto-assigned from Faction bonus should no longer skip the beginning couple of skills it was skipping.
-Background Movement – The background should now appropriately stop moving when you turn it off.
Nov 1, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #7 v0.0.5
-SUPPORT MAGESNEW SYSTEMSupport Mages have been added to the game! Support mages allow you to use additional mages at half value to support your main mage! This also allows you to ‘quick switch’ mages in the main game if you’re an active player who wants to make the most out of using multiple mages. There are a total of 4 Support Mage slots. You unlock the first Support Mage slot at Stage 750. The second at Stage 1500, the third at Stage 3000. The Fourth slot is available for Philosopher Stones in the Store and purchasable starting at stage 300. Using the slots you can mix and match builds and groups of mages to make your own party and strategies!
-Mage Window - You can now see and assign your support mages in the Mage Window if you have the slots unlocked.
-Mage Window - Your selected main mage now has a border around them.
-FAQ – A FAQ page has been added for Support Mages
-Tutorial A tutorial has been added for Support Mages
-Throw the Bones – Have been buffed quite a bit.
-Alchemy – Alchemy buffs timers have been significantly increased. White ingredients now give 15 minutes each. Green ingredients give 30 minutes each. Blue ingredients give 60 minutes each. Purple ingredients give 90 minutes each. Golden ingredients give 180 minutes each. We wanted you to be able to utilize the buffs idly or actively so we extended the timers quite extensively.
-Alchemy – Window faction levels now extend Alchemy buffs by 10 minutes (Up from 1 minute each) – This works for already achieved faction levels.
-Fairy Rune Faction – You now get 5 random runes in boons per level of Fairy Faction (Up from one). NOTE: This will not affect your current time shift, only future levels in the current time shift, or any future time shifts. IE if you are level 5 in Fairy Faction you currently have 5 free runes. After the patch you will still have 5 free runes. If you make level 6 you will have +5 more = 10 free runes. AFTER time shifting you would have -At lvl 6 faction – 30 random runes.
-Liquid Gold – Once you’ve reached Tier 1 for the first time the Tier 1 Liquid Gold spells should now remain unlocked after Time Shifting.
-Badges – Reaching T1 Liquid Gold will allow you to see your first permanent Badge. This will remain after time shifting as a permanent bonus for having reached Tier 1!
-Background – The background now moves when you kill an Experiment. We wanted to add a feeling of progression and exploration.
-Shop Auto-Move Reduction – Reduction increased to 60 seconds per rank (up from 30 seconds). – We wanted a way for you to still be able to remove 10 minutes from the auto-move timer if you wanted with the change to the conjurer. Instead of increasing the number of ranks, we’ve simply buffed the ranks instead.
-Quests –Several quests have been adjusted.

-MAGES –With the Support Mage system we’ve decided to make changes to many of the mages based on feedback from the discord and what we’ve seen from balancing and usage. We only intend to make the mages better and more useful in more situations. If you’d like to leave feedback, we encourage you to join the discord and leave your feedback in the suggestions channel or talk with others in the discord. Discord:

-ENCHANTER – Consume 2 Autoclicks at a time, but they’ll do 250% Damage. (Only Autoclicks).
We’ve heard not many were using his Stun mechanic and were wanting a way to play around with their Autoclicks more, so we’ve changed him up.

-SPIRIT GUIDE – When your Shield activates you take 50% Damage for 5 seconds.
While his mechanic was good for later in the game, we wanted to give him a mechanic, that while still shield based, was more useful early in the game as well.

-WITCH – She now has a 10% Chance when an enemy arrives to deal 5% of their max HP as damage every second for 2 seconds. She will also heal herself for 10% of her HP after 2 seconds if this activate.
We heard feedback that she mostly wasn’t used because while strong, her damage over time effect wasn’t able to be fully utilized except on bosses. The enemies died too fast to use it all and therefore she wasn’t as fun to play. We’ve shortened the DoT affect while also adding a staggered heal to make her more viable for pushing.

-FROST MAGE – Attack Speed bonus increased to 12%
He wants to be faster to make other things look slower.

-NYMPH – Remains the same.
She was already one of the more powerful mages so she’s remaining the same for the moment.

-ALCHEMIST – Remains the Same.
She is one of the most used Mages for idle time so she remains the same.

-CONJURER – He now has a 10% chance every 30 seconds to find 1000 autoclicks.
We’ve been told that most prefer to Idle with the Alchemist as she helps you to farm potions while idle, and that the amount that the Conjurer adds to your Idle bonuses is not an extreme help. Some were wanting a way to be able to farm Autoclicks when out of them (especially if using the Dragon Egg autoclick buff). In conjunction with this we’ve increased the Auto-Move reduction shop item to be 60 seconds per level instead of 30 seconds per level to have a way to make up for this lost time if you preferred this build.

-HARBINGER – Chance increased to 5%.
We thought she could use a slight increase in her chance.

-EMBER DANCER – Remains the Same.
She also was already one of the stronger pushing mages in the game so she’s remaining the same.

-GYPSY – She now has a 10% chance every 30 seconds to auto-collect an EXP note and double its value.
The chance at an extra EXP note was good, but it didn’t help unless you were super active, so we wanted to change it slightly to where you could make some use from it in a slightly more idle manner as well.
Oct 28, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief

UPDATE #6 v0.0.4
[[A reminder that currently all window factions cap at level 25]]
- Leaderboards Now display in the Tier – Stage format.
- Leaderboards We’ve reset the leaderboards, they’ll repopulate over the next few days. Don’t panic :P. We’ll only reset them occasionally.
- LIQUID GOLD System has been updated. You’ll now see each Liquid Gold SPELL has 10 Ranks with increasing level goals and increasing values. This should help you have shorter term goals and feel more progression on them as well. You can now also buy in stacks of x10, x25, and x100. As you level you’ll fill up gold bars and rank up your spells. Learning these spells is what gives you the benefit of the stats!
While we do suggest Time Shifting, you can utilize the patch without doing so. You will retain your current buffs from liquid gold that you had prior to loading in this patch. Using the new liquid gold spells will subtract from those buffs until you equalize your buffs and then provide the new buffs normally (Essentially just making it so you catch up on the new liquid gold system without having to fall back a bunch of stages in order to catch back up). This means you will not see increases in your stats from the new buffs until you exceed your previous buffs if you are in the SAME Time Shift. If you Time Shift you will see your buffs grow normally.
- OFFLINE GAINS To let you utilize the Liquid Gold system update in a more fun way everyone will log in to this update with 18 hours of offline gains! This won’t pop up as a window like normal offline gains.
- LIQUID GOLD – Tier 2 has been added
- LIQUID GOLD – Tier 3 has been added
- Window Icons Hovering over a window’s icon will now quickly show you the currency for that window next to the icon.
- Windows You can now click through most windows to the left icons. (Excludes the Shop window, patch notes, leaderboards, and options).
- The Arachnid Queen Now gives +15% DMG and -5% HP instead as her personal bonus for using her as an active mage. (It was +10% DMG -10% HP).
Oct 24, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
UPDATE #5 v0.0.3
- New Mage The newest Mage, The Arachnid Queen joins the halls of the Mage’s Guild. She can be viewed in the Mage’s window and is available in the Shop. She has a special bonus just like all of the other mages but also a permanent bonus of health and damage simply for owning her. This extra hp/dmg bonus will be active all of the time regardless of if she's active or not!
- Mage Window You now need to hit the SELECT button to choose a mage. This allows you to look through the mages and look through their bonuses and art without switching mages in your main area.

- Monster Population Monster Population now recieves a mulitplier to its gains when passing every 250 stages for that Time Shift. You can see your current mulitplier in the top left next to the stage section in the gold text.
- Monster Population Reduced sliding scale on monster population significantly. You’ll find an increase in how much you’re able to get before getting back up to your previous max path.

- Dailies/Weeklies Daily & Weekly Claims have been removed from the game. They were causing some issues. Also, because of the fact that they gave raw currencies you had to keep them and wait to use them until you were at certain points in your runs and that didn’t feel good because of what they were. The premium currency lost from this was shifted to the new Quests system.
- Quests System UPDATE Quests are no longer on a per Daily/Weekly basis the way they were. They are now labelled as Quests & Campaign Quests. Quests now store up to 10/10 Quest Reset Scrolls. Campaign Quests now store up to 2/2 Campaign Quest Reset Scrolls. Every WEEK (at the same time as the weekly reset –Sat night 7pm EST –) these scrolls will refill to 10/10 and 2/2 (they will not pass it). Using the reset scrolls you can reset your quest logs completely once you’ve completed the full list at your discretion. If you want to use all 10 back to back that’s up to you, if you want to use them little by little, or if you want to save them for the end of your run, that’s all up to you! These quests still give premium currency (Philosopher Stones) for completing all 5 quests each reset. Quests give 50 Philo stones and Campaign Quests give 100 Philo Stones upon the full log completion (all 5 quests). Please note to use a RESET SCROLL you must have completely finished all quests in the list and collected the Philo Stones.
----You can also additionally RARELY find Reset Scrolls for both the Quests and Campaign Quests. Let me emphasize again that these are RARE and just meant to be a bonus find!
- Quests Mission system has been removed in favor of the quest resets.
- Quests Many quest rewards have been adjusted.

- Display Monster Population and Knowledge Point bonuses for what you’d gain on your next time shift can now be found in the top center display next to the stage section.
- Display Font for the currencies is now all larger.
- Arcanist & Bonus Rewards Many Arcanist & Bonus Rewards have been adjusted.
- Display Arcanist now displays Cursed Amulets so you know if you’re maxed on them before accepting anymore from him.
- Bug Fix Clicks should no longer randomly stop working after closing a window.
- Store Daily/Weekly limits have been removed from the majority of shop items.
- Store The WEEKLY DEAL is now called the Value Pack and is purchasable up to 3 times a week (instead of 1 time).
- Stats Time Played This Time Shift is now viewable in stats window. (In minutes). It won’t be accurate until your next time shift.
- Stats Total Time Played is now viewable in stats window.
- Various bugs and typo fixes.

UPDATE #5a v0.0.3a
- Campaign Resetting Reset Scrolls should now properly reset ALL quests for the odd cases where it wasn’t.
- Alchemy Decimal places shouldn’t show more than one or two extra decimals.
- Liquid Gold Tier 1 Liquid Gold now scales appropriately.
- Bugs Various bug fixes.
Oct 23, 2019
The Magician's Research - LadyMischief
Patch Notes v0.0.2b
- UI Update Changed and added to various parts of the UI. Most of the tabs from windows have been removed and made buttons on the main game screen to make them more convenient and quick to use and spend you currencies. You’ll see various other minor UI changes as well. Currencies on the main screen are now all on the right hand screen. Experience percent has moved to the bottom right hand corner.

- Tutorials Various tutorials have been added to the game for windows and systems. Even if you already have the windows or systems you will still get the tutorials that you haven’t seen before. Remember you can click the X to close tutorials or they will auto-close after 60 seconds.

- Locking/Unfolding We’ve locked various aspect of the game around low stage unlocks. We’ve actually had this requested a lot so that the mechanics unlock in a way that make them easier to understand. Each of the unlocks now comes with a tutorial message explaining the important mechanics of the windows as well.
Note: If you have points in a system that is now locked to you, it will still act as if you have points in the system. Such as you have points in Dragon Eggs but now you no longer have access to that system. It will still give you credit for any points you have in there as if you still had access. They will clear on rebirth as normal. You maintain any faction points/levels earned prior to the lock as well.
The following is a list of the Stages you unlock mechanics at:
Stage 1: Liquid Gold/Arcanist
Stage 10: Skills
Stage 25: Fairy Runes
Stage 50: Time Shift (At this point you’ve unlocked any currencies that do not carry through Time Shift).
Stage 75: Quests
Stage 125: Dragon Eggs
Stage 150: Curse Eater
Stage 300: Alchemy

- Mage Window A second page has been added to the mage window. Currently it only holds a preview for the next coming hero.

- Tutorials – Auto close timer on tutorials has been raised to 60 seconds to allow time for reading the messages.
- Stats-FAQStats-FAQ tabs have been added for every tutorial that was added plus a few additional ones for things such as Caches and Throw the Bones information.
- Runes/Dragon Eggs – Tooltips on the buttons were updated to include that you can right click and hold to rapid spend.
- Window Faction – All tooltips updated to include that the faction bonuses are permanent. Some tooltips updated to explain the mechanic or technicalities of how that specific faction works more clearly.
- VIP – You can now see your progress through VIP bars in each of the vip tabs in the VIP INFO tab in the Shop.
- Stats Added hover for autoclick find for an explanation of what the stat does.
- Store Store button and currency have moved to the right side of the play area.
- Store Icons have been updated on the storefront.
- Store Master of Time now specifies it’s a 2x increase to spawn speed.
- BUG FIX Fixed an issue that was causing you to randomly die on bosses that you shouldn’t have (in sections where you were one-shotting things).
- BUG FIX Fixed an issue with shield/health interaction causing you to take less damage overall and shield to not work appropriately when active.

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