The Legend of Bum-Bo - (Matt Cox)

Bum-bo has to deal with a lot of crap. Sometimes that crap is very literal, sentient, and coming straight for him. Sometimes, the crap is still literal, but it’s his tool and his shield. It fuels his nightmares, and his special abilities. It’s his deuce in the hole.

Crap jokes feel inevitable here, because The Legend Of Bum-Bo is a prequel to The Binding Of Issac. It’s set in the same universe, which is one governed by pee and sweat and poo. Despite this, however, it’s a very different kind of roguelike, which swaps out twitchy exploration for turn-based, match-four puzzle grids. I’ve grown to quite like it, even though at first it made me want to tear my hair out and throw clumps at Edmund McMillen’s disgusting menagerie, potentially adding to it in the process.


The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
Legend of Bum-bo v1.0.6 Patch Notes:
-Black magic trinket bug fixed!
-Bug causing the Dead to not win 20 coin jackpots fixed!
-Fixed issue with puzzle combos caused by enemies to not go off (usually curse tiles)
-Blue and Purple Bonys in ch3 now have veins (showing their bonus movement)
-Fixed visual bug that caused Burfers and Mirror Haunts to appear on lanes they arent actually on.

-Re-worked the fool card trinket so it acts more like a forget me now from isaac.

New Additions:

all common-uncommon soft locks are 100% gone now. there are some lose ends still but this week we are moving onto minor bugs, balances and requested polish.

we also hope to add steam cloud in the next update as well!

thanks again for all the love and support. we have something neat planned for new years.. stay tuned!

The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
Legend of Bum-bo v1.0.5b Patch Notes:
-Reworked the tile match system ( this should fix any bugs or issues with more complex combos or huge combos that cover the board and all go off at once)
-Bumbo the Dead no longer gets screwed over when he gets a 20 coin jackpot.
-Trap door no longer kills you if you use it to get to a chapter that doesnt exist. ( i thought it was cute, but you thought it was a bug, so... )
-Fix bug that made it so your turn was skipped even if you gained mana from a spell that was enough to cast another spell on your turn.
-Curio trinket no longer effects passive character abilities.
-Fixed bug that caused a lagging attack when attack flys set off gas.
-The visuals of everything is terrible and bumbo the dead unlock screens are correct now.
-Fixed Shy Gal bug where poisoning them caused bugs.
-Fixed visual bug on Daddy Tado guys caused by boogering.
-The reward bag popping no longer gives the weird an extra movement.
-IBS trinket now has the correct art.
-Fixed the bug where pepper caused your turn skip after you used it even if you had mana to cast another spell.
-Fixed the fast click bug caused end turn sign to stay around after clicking it.
-Fixed bug that lower chance of slot machine ending too much.

-Golden tick no longer reduces useable item charges and has a charge of 3 now.
-Black blobbys now alternate between doom spell and normal attack.
-Trash can lid now blocks 2 attacks and its text reflects this.
-Using tooth pick on a cursed tile no longer yields mana.
-Fixed the Weirds stat wheel so he has 2 puzzle mana instead of 2 spell mana sections.

New Additions:
-re-implemented sound options to the options menu (hooray!)
-added intro credits.
-added bonus mini alt intro for 100% completion.
-added in some sfx changes to the weird and empty.

Monday-friday we will be focusing on small bug fixes (and any remaining big ones) and then start implementing requested changes/polish ideas as well as the rest of the features on our previous lists.

thanks again for all the support! keep spreading the word of bum-bo!

The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
Legend of Bum-bo V1.0.4 Patch Notes:
-Fixed soft lock when having 4 trinkets with the empty and gaining another.
-Fixed soft lock when gaining over 4 trinkets in the casino.
-Fixed soft lock when getting a curse + other tile combo at the same time.
-made it so you can no longer use useable trinkets in the casino.
-Fixed soft lock with the empty that caused 2 treasure rooms to load.
-Fixed the fool bug.
-Fixed 20 coin wheel payout bug.
-Fixed Double Treasure room bug.
-Fixed bug where the deads spells cost would reroll if you canceled the spell (sorry)
-Fixed bug where you could still click things in the casino if the games menu was open.
-Temporarily removed egg beater ( was the cause of a bunch of soft lock issues when killing multiple enemies while holding it )

New additions:
- new item purchase sounds added
- new item upgrade sounds added

at this point we should have 99% of all soft locks removed from the game, but minor visual bugs and item combo effect bugs may remain. we will continue our quest on Monday! so expect an update at some point then.

we hope to expand to additional features as well as start a polish pass based on your feedback mid next week.

thanks so much to everyone who submitted ideas and wanted features on my forum post. you guys have great ideas especially about how the game could control with a gamepad, so thanks a ton for that.

currently after we are 100% these are some of your suggestions id like to explore in the future.
-add end turn button ( if we add it it will be added as an option you can turn on/off )
-add toolkit pop overs ( mainly for mouse over states on trinkets )
-make sure spell hud is visible in treasure rooms.
-being able to pass on spells in late game.
-general quality of life mouse over states for the board and hud.

im also having Ridiculon do a new custom final boss track next week, since i think it deserves one :)

see you monday!
The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
Legend of Bum-bo V1.0.3 Patch Notes:
-Fixed Curse tile matching soft lock
-Fixed Curse tile chaining bug
-Fixed audio sfx bug in Casino
-Fixed skull game bug. (sorry)
-Fixed Burfer visually in another lane bug
-Fixed Meat Hook bugs
-Fixed soft lock that was caused by using ecoli on gibs boss
-Fixed Black magic trinket bug
-Fixed 0 charge usable item bug
-Fixed usable item reducer over charge bug
-Fixed fast click character select bug
-Fixed final boss freezing when being counter attacked
-Fixed Moms pad passing turn when used

possible fixes:
- possibly fixed soft locking on shy gals, hard to replicate, but high chance its fixed now

balance notes:
- reworded unlock text for bum-bo the dead
- raised cost of charge reduce needle to 7c.
- made it so the dead no longer can use mana reduce needles in shop ( they no longer spawn for him )

new additions:
- Started additional sound pass ( we noticed people feeling that sfx sounded sparse places, especially bosses )
you should notice more added sfx in the coming updates.


Next on the list:
general bug fixes and quality of life updates.
add ability to pass on a spell if you have max spells.
an extra bonus at 100%.
add steam cloud support.
add sound options.
add saving and loading ( so you can quit a run and come back to it )

we should have most or all of these in by the end of next week but will update as much and as often as possible. we have another general fix/update planned for tomorrow that should put them game at 99% bug free and we will start working on the additional features listed above next week!

i also want to say how much we appreciate those who are understanding about our situation, the praise is amazing, but its obvious the general consensus with fans seems to be that the game feels more like early access to them and unfinished/buggy. we are doing our best to address these issues and hope to really change how you feel about the project soon. i believe strongly in bum-bo and James, im positive we can get it to a near perfect state soon enough.

till tomorrow!
The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
Legend of Bum-bo V1.0.2 Patch Notes:
- Picking up the trinket from later chapters no longer locks up the game.
- Poisoning enemies resistant to spells no longer locks up the game.
- Bug causing music in the wooden nickle to be muted fixed.
- Usable trinkets going infinite with other spells fixed. ( Thermos/Rainbow Tick etc)
- Mirror Ghost updates so they no longer have the ability to cause a stalemate.
- Using Refresh with no usable items bug fixed.
- Using Ecoli or D10 on bosses bug fixed.
- Removed Debug key that caused death!
- Craft Paper bug fixed.
- Quake temperately removed ( it caused an unknown bug we are still trying to nail down )
- Secret characters now appear in boss VS screens.
- Edits to 3-4 items that caused small visual bugs and other issues
- misc. bug fixes that were tied to most of the more general bugs listed above.

- unlock wording for the Forlorn Hollow and Halls of Belial updated
( beat ch1 with bumbo the brave to unlock forlorn hollow, beat ch2 with bumbo the nimble to unlock the halls of belial )

Tomorrow / Future updates, what on our list:
- general bug fixes and quality of life updates.
- add ability to pass on a spell if you have max spells.
- an extra bonus at 100%.
- achievements.
- add steam cloud support.
- add sound options.
- add saving and loading ( so you can quit a run and come back to it )

Other Notes:
we are blown away on how much people instantly love bum-bo and we will continue to fix and update the game till its perfect! here are a few non fix type things we plan on doing in the coming weeks.

- we notice people want more visual tells and mouse over states for the hud/board. once all the general stuff is done, we will do big quality of life update that should make you all very happy!

- since this game isn't exactly Isaac, i want to make sure all the items are totally balanced to the best of my ability. what that means is i want to take a poll soon on what you guys think are the top 10-20 worst items, then ill do a balance pass on them and make sure they no longer suck!

- i can say that even after less than 24 hours of release, the game has enough of a fan base to warrant an expansion. so dont be surprised if we announce something dlc wise after repentance release ;).


James and i are super grateful for all the support and how kind and helpful most of you have been when it comes to the bugs, i hope the next week or 2 show you how dedicated we are to making sure this game is as perfect as we can get it!

see you tomorrow!
-Edmund & James

The Legend of Bum-Bo - Blue
The Legend of Bum-bo is a puzzle based "deckbuilding roguelike" by Edmund McMillen (The Binding of isaac, Super Meat Boy) and James Interactive, where players collect hordes of items that can be modified, upgraded and comboed with others in many interesting ways. Play as one of many Bum-bo, each with its own unique abilities, as they smash, bash and splash their way through a variety of cardboard monstrosities, giant bosses and dark personal urges...

When Bum-bo's only coin is stolen by a mysterious entity and pulled down into the sewer, Bum-bo finds himself facing droves of deranged enemies, lost children, his fears, and eventually the beast that stole his beloved coin.

- 100+ unique items that can be modified and upgraded.
- 80+ unique trinkets that give neato passive abilities.
- 4+ playable characters each with their own unique abilities.
- 10 ugly, yet cute bosses.
- 30 enemies
- Amazing music by Ridiculon!
- loads of unlockables!
- Animated cut scenes that will make you feel bad!
- Cardboard Poop!
The Legend of Bum-Bo - souldescen
The Legend of Bum-bo launched only a few hours ago and it has easily become one of my most successful launches of all time when it comes to sales! so i want to give a huge thank you to the fans who supported us!

James spent the past few days crushing bugs for release and got through our list, but as expected, there are still quite a few more you guys have run into and reported.

i just wanted to do this update so you all know how important making this game perfect is to us and we will be updating the game daily with bug fixes, balances and general quality of life updates ( sound options / saving and loading / mouse over functionality / etc ).

i think we made a super special game, and with time i think we can make it near perfect!

be sure to set the game to auto update! ( and for now avoid poisoning enemies with spell resistance and try not to take 3+ trinkets )

ill post patch details when each go up!

have fun and i hope you avoid bugs! ( i think we have all the current ones listed but in case you want to report some tweet them at me @edmundmcmillen )


oh also here is the launch trailer i made!
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - (Natalie Clayton)

By my estimates, roughly seven trillion so-called roguelikes have come out since Edmund McMillan first offered up The Binding Of Isaac back in (oh no) 2011. But you can’t keep McMillan and his naked infant children out of the basement for long. The Legend Of Bum-bo, a strange deckbuilding/match-four mashup painted in cardboard, embarks on its gross-out adventure today.


The Legend of Bum-Bo - Valve
The Legend of Bum-Bo is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

A puzzle based deck building rogue-like prequel to The Binding of Isaac... Made of cardboard!

*Offer ends November 19 at 10AM Pacific Time

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