Necronator: Dead Wrong - case
Hey Necromancers, thanks for your bug reports and feedback on Sand and Deliver! Some of you reported some problems and we cracked into them!

Early Access v0.4.3 Apr 03, 2020
Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue where Mana is not regenerating if player loads a game after quitting from a Battle
Fixed an issue when player redraws into the card Drained
Fixed the text for Deadly Abomination (They are not Budget)
Fixed issue regarding unit assets in battle
Fixed Inspiring Finger of Death to actually decrease mana cost by 5 (Thank you to Burn for the report)
Fixed Skeleton Bell description to reflect the current effect (Thank you to MrCubez for the report)
Fixed an issue where player can't initiate Boss Battle
Fixed Budget Blunderbuss Mana Cost

Thanks as always for your reports and feedback! Keep them coming. Watch out for news about the next major content update soon.

Be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case

Hey Necronancers, we hope above all else that you and your friends & family are safe and healthy right now.

If you're up for some Necronator: Dead Wrong, then we've got one heck of a big update for you today; if you thought last month's Infinity Update was chunky, wait until you see this.

The Sand and Deliver Update (Early Access v0.4.0) is live now, and you will find a whole new sector to conquer in it. The desert realm of Al'Noobi awaits those who defeat Lord Balderdash in the first sector.

Al'Noobi's genie overlord has a whole host of surprises for you (and even Lord Balderdash has picked up a few new tricks) so we've armed you with a host of new spells and squads: some of your new squads have never-before-seen-powers. Check out the notes below!

  • New Sector: Al'Noobi
  • New Desert Maps
  • New Desert Enemies: Al’Noobi Militia, Venomspitter, Warrior, Champion, Sandbender, and Pyromancer
  • New Enemy Commander: Sultana Al'Noobi
  • New Boss Units: Snowfall Yeti and Al’Noobi Genie
  • New Squads: Plague Doctor (Field Healer), Blunderbuss (Light AOE Unit), Warlock (Summoner Unit), Abomination (AOE Tank)
  • New Spells: Sword and Board, Halt, Shadow Shield (More Field Buff archetype support)
  • New Utilities and Perks: Pot of Overdraw, Quickening Overload, Overloaded Offensive, Overloaded Agility, Overloaded Fortification (More Overdraw archetype support and build-around card)
  • New Epic Relics from Bosses which passively increases your hand size or mana regeneration
  • New Economy Relics such as Shop Discounts
  • New Battle Relics
  • Event Battles now have unique enemy armies in theme with the events
Balance Changes:
  • Changed Frost Nova Damage from 50 to 100 (Powerful to 200 damage)
  • Changed Frost Nova Cost from 30 to 25 Mana
  • Changed Armor Up Cost from 10 to 15 Mana
  • Changed Phalanx Cost from 20 to 25 Mana
  • Changed Demonic Strength Cost from 50 to 40 Mana
  • Decreased Enemy Relic amount, each "tier" of enemies should have 1 fewer relic each now (Except Bosses)
  • Changed some Common Relic rarity to Uncommon

You may have noticed that we talked about spells for summoning units directly to the battlefield; we're holding on to those spells for a new commander, as they didn't really fit with our intended playstyle for No. 7. Hmm, I wonder when that new commander will be arriving...

As always, be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Stay safe out there!
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case
Get ready for Necronator: Dead Wrong's second big content update, Sand and Deliver, landing April 2nd!

The headline feature in Sand and Deliver is the new desert sector, Al'Noobi, two which you'll travel after defeating Lord Balderdash at the end of sector 1. In Al'Noobi you'll find a new boss, loads of new enemies, and game-changing spells and relics.

Al'Noobi's hot but it's a dry heat.

Here's the full list of what to expect:
  • New Sector: Al'Noobi
  • New Biomes: Desert and Cave
  • New Enemy Sets: Al'Noobi Combatants
  • New Boss/Hero Units: Snowfall Yeti and Al'Noobi Genie
  • New type of Card effects: Spawning Squads in the middle of the battlefield
  • New Spells such as Skeleton Surprise!, Summon Tombstone
  • New Squads such as Abomination (Spawns Demon Fiends on death), Warlock (Periodically spawns Skeletons)
  • New Utility Cards
  • New Status Effect Cards
  • New Relics

Sand and Deliver is just two weeks away! Keep your feedback and reviews coming, and follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case
Greetings Necromancers,

Everybody here at Modern Wolf and Toge Productions hope that you're staying safe and doing your part during the epidemic. Come hang out on the Toge Productions Discord if you're looking for company!

Here's the notes on what's in today's update:
Early Access v0.3.35 Mar 18, 2020
- Removed some new relics that weren't intended to be included in the game yet, oops!

Developers' Note: We are working on some new relics, almost all of them aren't properly balanced and/or tested yet, but somehow they've managed to snuck their way through into yesterday's update. So, for balance and technical reasons, we are removing them from the game so they can make their grand entrance properly :)

Warning: Your save data might be corrupted if you have these relics in your on-going game save data, you might have to start a new game to fix this issue.

If you wish to continue your on-going game, you can go to the ‘secondary’ branch on steam to play version 0.3.34, which will still have the relics.

Early Access v0.3.34
- Enemy Buildings HP and Attack now scale according to how far the player is into each run:
- Approximately every 3-4 battles the enemy will receive a Level of Relic which increases their Building HP and Attack by 25%
- Enemy Building Base HP and Attack are reduced to compensate this for early game
- Player can now Scout the enemy before entering a Battle
- Scouting reveals the Battle's Objective, Enemy Squads, and Enemy Relics
- Don't mind the Mini-Bear sprite for now
- Increased the down time between enemy Reinforcement, starting after the first
- Decreased the HP and Attack of Enemy AOE Ranged Unit
- They're practically glass cannons now :)
- Fixed Finger of Death not able to be upgraded (Thanks to SteelSoul!)
- Fixed Rain of Arrows can be upgraded into unupgraded Rain of Arrows (Thanks to Foxy Hydra!)
- Players can't escape getting Injured in Events now
- Improved the Campfire UI
- Improved the Upgrade UI
- Changed Injury: Cost 50, Exhaust (Removed While in Hand effect)
- Added Event Text to Campfire actions
- Fixed the cost of Zap

As always, thank you for playing and for your feedback! It's super important to us.

Follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest Necronator: Dead Wrong news.

Necronator: Dead Wrong - case
Hey Necromancers! We've got an update chock full of smaller fixes for you; see the details below.

Meanwhile, we're plugging away on the next major content update following on from last week's INFINITY UPDATE. Expect more details about that next week!

Here's the notes for update that went live today!

Early Access v0.3.33 Mar 10, 2020
  • Fixed player not able to open Inventory in battle
  • Fixed Swift Demonblade Move Speed to 5
  • Fixed Resourceful Demonblade Move Speed to 4
  • Fixed Upgraded Special Delivery not having golden borders
  • Tweaked Reinforcement System:
    1. Normal Spawn Rate: 240 seconds
    2. 500% Spawn Rate: 10 seconds
    3. 25% Spawn Rate: 30 seconds
    4. Normal Spawn Rate: 60 seconds
    5. 1000% Spawn Rate: 15 seconds
    6. 25% Spawn Rate: 60 seconds
    7. Normal Spawn Rate: 60 seconds
    8. 1000% Spawn Rate forever
    Developer's note: We are tweaking the reinforcement system again to provide players with more challenges earlier in the battle, please visit our Steam Discussion Forums or to discuss and give us feedback :)
  • If all of player’s cards are Upgraded, the Upgrade menu will allow player to skip Upgrading now
  • If players have all available Relics, they will receive a Fishy Fish
  • Fixed game behaving weirdly because of analytics error
  • Decreased the HP and Attack of Enemy AOE Units a bit
  • Decreased the projectile speed of Enemy AOE Units
  • Changed Meteor Strike Mana Cost from 40 to 35 (Budget from 20 to 15)
  • Changed Meteor Strike Damage from 150 to 200 (Powerful from 250 to 400)
    Developer's Note: We've been getting feedback about the power level of the Enemy AOE Units, we are nerfing their combat capability a bit and buffing Meteor Strike which is intended to be their counter (as well as other damage Spells)
  • Added more time between Reinforcement waves, with proper timer between waves
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to Zoom In and Zoom out (= and -)
  • Changed the zoom level of initial camera at the start of battle
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case

Like a horde of Demon Fiends rushing out of the infernal portal, here comes the INFINITY UPDATE for Necronator: Dead Wrong!

Back when we launched Necronator: Dead Wrong a few weeks ago, we promised you big content drops every month, and this is the first of those!

The INFINITY UPDATE is packed with new features, like the Eternal Quest mode that lets you take a victorious deck back for another run at a buffed Lord Balderdash. We've revamped the enemy reinforcement system to give you a fairer fight when battles run into overtime. There's a whole new enemy relic system to increase variety in your battles. All this plus new cards, new status effects, new maps, and TONS of UI improvements and balance tweaks.

The full update notes are below:
Early Access v0.3.30 Mar 05, 2020
Infinity Update
  • Players can now access Chubat's Eternal Conquest in the Commander Selection screen. Defeating the final Boss in this mode will take the player back to the start of the scenario, keeping all Cards and Relics in their inventory.

  • Enemy Relic System: Enemy can now have enemy-unique relics to aid them in battle.
  • Added Enemy Relics: Holy Blade Shard: Increases Enemy Attack by 20% per Level
  • Added Enemy Relics: Hero Shield Shard: Increases Enemy HP by 20% per Level
  • Added Enemy Relics: Champion Horn Shard: Enemies spawn faster per Level
  • Developer's Comment: Each time the players beat a Sector, all of the Enemy Relics will gain a Level, increasing their effectiveness. Currently this system is only used for the Endless mode to increase the difficulty of Combat every time players complete a sector, but we will expand its usage in the future.

  • Improved Reinforcement System: Reinforcements will come in waves after the initial timer is up, 2 smaller reinforcements will come before an endless one to put the final nail in the player's coffin. Enemy spawn rates are reduced between these smaller reinforcements.
  • Developer's Comment: We are testing this new functionality for the reinforcement system, we want your feedback!

  • New Card Type: Status Effect: These are harmful cards with “While in Hand” effects, players can play them to remove their effects temporarily.
  • New Status Effect Cards: Injury, Demotivated, and Drained
  • Added Status Effect cards as Forced Rewards on some existing events.

  • Increased Commander’s Max Level to 10
  • Added a new Starting Deck at Commander level 10
  • New Spell Cards: Finger of Death, Mark of the Titans, Rust to Rust
  • New Utility Cards: Special Delivery, Tactical Mind
  • Changed Budget Skeleton from 15 Mana to 12 Mana
  • Changed Budget Demon Fiend from 10 Mana to 8 Mana
  • Added new Medium sized Maps
  • A lot of UI improvements
  • Events will now correctly display “Squads with 50 or more Mana Cost” instead of “50 or less” (Thank you to our Discord server members for pointing this out!)
  • Fixed seeding bug regarding randomizing Spells in Events (Thank you to Akemi for pointing this out!)
  • Decreased the HP and Attack damage of Enemy’s Strong AOE units
  • Event-only Relics won’t appear from Combat Rewards anymore

As you can see, your feedback is hugely important to us; we implement more of it with every update. So please keep your comments and feedback coming on the Steam forums and in Toge's Discord.

There are more updates coming, so be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case

This dark lord gets it.

Hello folks, we're back from PAX East where Necronator: Dead Wrong was playable on the Modern Wolf stand along with Kosmokrats and Ostranauts.

Thanks a million to all the folks who came out to play it! If you missed us, fear not: Necronator will be at other shows around the world this year. We'll give you a heads up on the Modern Wolf Twitter and right here on Steam, too.

While some of our team was manning the floor at PAX, the rest of the Necronator: Dead Wrong crew was working to get the INFINITY UPDATE ready to drop tomorrow. Check back here for more news in the morning UK time.

Be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case

Hey Necromancers!

We're busy getting ready for PAX East, where you can play Necronator but also two more Modern Wolf games: Ostranauts and Kosmokrats. We're also cranking away behind the scenes on the big Necronator: Dead Wrong INFINITY UPDATE that's dropping March 5th.

But we can't keep you waiting all the way until March 5th for an update, so here's just a little one to keep you going until next week: v0.3.20, The GPS Update!

This update tweaks pathfinding and maps, which will hopefully mean that units won't get stuck on terrain or turned around anymore. ("Hey Siri, give me directions to destroy this village.") Please let us know what you experience after this update; we'll keep tweaking it if need be.

The GPS Update also includes two new cards, some big UI improvements, and loads of tweaks and bug fixes. Full details below:
Early Access v0.3.20 Feb 24, 2020
  • New Spell Card: Rain of Arrows
  • New Utility Card: Mana Potion
  • Added a proper Reward Screen after completing a playthrough
  • By popular demand, added a Back button to the Upgrade menu, allowing players to cancel an upgrade. Thank you to all players in the Steam Discussion Forums and our Discord Channel for the feedback!
  • Added the amount of Souls that player would gain on “Convert to Souls” button
  • Added confirmation UI when converting to Souls
  • Changed Inspiring Command from Cards in Hand: -10 to -3 Mana Cost (Thank you to Akemi who pointed this out)
  • Tweaked the Health of Enemy Ranged AOE Units a bit
  • Tweaked the Attack Speed of Enemy Melee AOE Units a bit
  • Tweaked Chubat’s Gift at the beginning of each playthrough
  • Tweaked some Maps to prevent malfunctioning AI pathing
  • The Witch’s Cauldron now properly checks for the Player’s Soul amount (Thank you to Feyolen for the report)
  • Fixed players getting a different card than they choose from Events
  • Fixed typos
  • We would like to say thank you to our Discord Server members for their continuous feedback and suggestions: McJagerPants, Akemi, Feyolen, Denaton, Macarthius, lawyit, Tinskin, any many more!

Join the Toge Productions Discord to give us more feedback, or keep posting right here on the Steam forums: we're definitely listening.

Don't forget to come visit us at PAX East if you're in Boston, and get ready for the INFINITY UPDATE next week!

Be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!

Necronator: Dead Wrong - case
The first major content update for Necronator: Dead Wrong lands on the 5th of March: the Infinity Update!

Hey Necromancers! The Chubat says hi, by the way.

We've been taking your feedback on board and putting it into action: we've made 4 updates to Necronator: Dead Wrong in the week it's been available. We've tweaked balance, added enemies and cards, and more. But that has been relatively small potatoes next to what's coming! Now it's time to get ready for the first major update we promised in our Early Access roadmap.

The Infinity Update will add:
  • Endless Conquest: So you've assembled a formidable deck and smashed Lord Balderdash... can you do it again? Take a deck back into a harder New Game+ run and see how long you can last. We think Endless Conquest will make Necronator: Dead Wrong even more fun while we await the Second Campaign, coming soon.
  • Revamped Enemy Reinforcement system: We've heard you loud and clear: some folks think Enemy Reinforcements aren't fun right now. We're tackling that head-on and we'll have a new spin on long-running battles on March 5th.
  • More Maps
  • More Balance Tweaks
  • New Cards
  • New Relics
  • More UI Improvements
  • A necromantic secret (?)

All that and more in the FREE Infinity Update!

We're gearing up to wow you with the Infinity Update on March 5th, but that doesn't mean that there won't be smaller updates between now and then: expect a smaller update early next week with a new post-run reward screen, some balance tweaks, and a couple of new cards!

If you're going to be at PAX East, come on down to the Modern Wolf booth! You can play Necronator: Dead Wrong there, but also the newly-announced Kosmokrats and the soon-to-be-released Ostranauts!

Be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!
Necronator: Dead Wrong - case

Hey folks, we've got a chunky update for you today: the YEETING AND DELETING update adds four new enemies with AOE attacks like these smug little elf mages over here.

Even more importantly, you can now delete cards from your deck at rest sites, allowing you to achieve the sleek, streamlined build of your dreams!

Here's the full patch notes:
Early Access v0.3.13 Feb 18, 2020
  • Added Chubat animation :D
  • You can now Remove cards from your Deck at Campfires and Shops!
  • Added 4 New Enemy Units with Area Attack
  • Added New Enemy Units Upgrades with Area Attack
  • Fixed Unstable Demon Fiend not Self Destructing properly, resulting in Super Demon Fiend instead
  • Changed Phalanx from +4 to +3 Armor (Strong from +8 to +6)
  • Changed Phalanx from 10 to 20 Mana
  • Changed Armored Demonic Strength from +4 to +2 Armor
  • Changed Strength in Numbers from 10 to 20 Mana (Budget from 5 to 10 Mana)
  • Changed Double Cast from 15 to 10 Mana
  • Double Cast now has Exhaust
  • Changed Triple Cast into 2 iterations: one with Destroy (Removed from your deck when played), one which increases the Mana Cost of the next card by 100%.
  • Removed Enrage from Grunt
  • Tweaked a lot of card Rarities, Double Cast and Perks should not appear as often now.
  • Changed Rusty Ring from 10 to 5 Mana reduction
  • Changed Ancient Engraved Ring from 20 to 5 Mana reduction, and condition from 60 to 70 Mana
  • Commander Level is capped at level 6 now, more content coming soon!
  • Decrease the amount of Souls gained if player decides to Convert to Souls
  • Enemy Reinforcements now slows down after 10 seconds, maybe you can win if you defend well?

As always, thanks for your feedback and suggestions: we're definitely listening. Stay tuned because later this week we'll be announcing a major content update coming later this month.

Be sure to follow Modern Wolf and Toge Productions on Twitter for all the latest.

Cheers, from Toge Productions and Modern Wolf!

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