Smash Dungeon - simon
In Smash Dungeon you will face a number of different enemies with Melee and/or Ranged attack. They come in a variety of sizes from small and medium to big mofos, and Bosses. Some types of enemies you will encounter include skeletons, golems , archers, demon wizards, beholders, spiders and many more. While some deal damage via melee or ranged attack, others have special ways in which they can do you harm. Lets take a look at some of these enemies and how they can hurt you.

The Mutant
[img width=100px;][/img]
Being one of the smaller enemies it doesn't take much to kill a Mutant, a single strike and he's a gonner but make sure you stand well clear once you've hurt him as his explosion will cause damage.

Pig Man

A medium sized enemy who as well as being a strong hitter he can also leap at you from a distance and emits poisonous gas on landing.


Another medium sized enemy with a decent melee attack that is faster than the average. He also starts with a spear which he can use to attack from a distance.

The Charger

This Mech enemy is another strong hitter that is not easy to bring down. As well as a good melee attack he can also charge at you and knock you off your feet. Make sure to get out of his way once he starts running at you.

The Slayer

One of the Big Mofo's in Smash Dungeon. A melee unit with a huge sword and shield, his shield will absorb most of your attack from a frontal attack so you'll have to time your movement and strikes with this one from the side or rear to do decent damage. Get too close and he'll sit you on your backside with that huge shield.

Be aware that it is rare you will come across these enemies in a one on one situation so you will have to work out a strategy for who to take out first!
Sep 30, 2019
Smash Dungeon - simon
Smash Dungeons levels comprise of a number of rooms, most of which contain enemies that you have to slay in order to progress, most rooms will contain enemies but not all.

The Chance room is one such room where you will be able to catch your breath and choose to open one of 3 chests, provided you have a key. Once a chest is opened a magical orb will grant you a "gift", but not all gifts are good. Will you take a chance?

Sep 19, 2019
Smash Dungeon - simon
Hello All! I wanted to share the development of Smash Dungeon with you so you know where it came from and where its going.

My Son and I started Smash Dungeon over 18 month ago with a view to creating an action based dungeon crawler of the type we would play on PC but bring it to high end mobile devices, pushing them as hard as we could.
Today we have something fast approaching those goals for mobile which plays super sweet on a controller and at the time of sharing this update the mobile version is about one month away from beta. The initial launch of Smash Dungeon will be on mobile and will include 3 melee based characters with a later update to introduce ranged based characters for the player.

Its been a long road and we've had to make some sacrifices along the way for the mobile version, such as a lack of real time lighting, a limit on how many enemies we can throw at the player, visual effects etc.

Mobile??? What about the PC version?
For the PC version the shackles are off and we're sooo looking forward to adding the features we've had to remove and hopefully fully show the vision we had Smash Dungeon. Apart from the obvious visuals improvements there will also be a couch co-op mode.

We've taken our time over the mobile version of Smash Dungeon because we don't want to release something half arsed. Rest assured we'll be doing the same when it comes to the PC version.

Note the visual improvements have not yet began hence the mobile screen shots above.
A trailer and game play video will be added in the next few weeks!

Thanks for reading!

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