Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke
We had the pleasure to have a brief chat with Julian Huguet from NIVIDIA about our upcoming cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner.

Check out the video and find out what Damian Tłuczkiewicz—Lead Artist—has to say about:
  • The plot, mechanics and the story of Ghostrunner
  • How it differs from One More Level’s previous game: God’s Trigger
  • What ray tracing technology added to the game
  • What the path forward for Ghostrunner is

Thanks for tuning in!
Sep 5
Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke
Together with One More Level, we’ll hold an Ask Me Anything session this Friday on Reddit.

Would you like to know what the inspirations behind Ghostrunner are? How often do we die in the game on average? What does cooperation between devs and publishers look like? Feel free to ask these and other Voight-Kampff test questions.

We’ll be answering your questions this Friday (September 6) from 1:00pm to 2:00pm UTC, but you can already start posting questions to give us a head start. We’ll do our best to answer as many of them as possible.

We’re waiting for you on r/Games!
Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

The Gamescom dust has settled, but our emotions have not. After a buzz like that, it will take some time to come back down to Earth. What an amazing event it was. We've only been back for a short time but we’re amazed at the community that has already gathered around Ghostrunner! We knew we were going to get some attention, but WOW….

The numbers tell part of the story. Here are some quick stats that show the interest (and the death…) around Ghostrunner during our time at Gamescon, shown both in person at our booth and online:
  • 850 players
  • 22 min. average playthrough
  • 25500 deaths
  • we stopped counting the “OMGs”
Big thanks to everyone who visited us, both personally and digitally, and you can look forward to regular updates until the big launch. Stay tuned right here for all things Ghostrunner.
Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

A collaboration that will send an electric jolt up your spine and into your ears!
ONE MORE LEVEL has joined forces with Daniel Deluxe, who will be making the official soundtrack for Ghostrunner. You could have already heard his pieces in the demo and the trailer:
A fitting, awesome music for the dark, cyberpunk world of Ghostrunner.

Check out Daniel Deluxe on Spotify and get hyped!

Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

If you didn't get a chance to play Ghostrunner at Gamescom, we’ve got you covered. Just go to our YouTube channel and watch the official gameplay from Ghostrunner - a new cyberpunk action game that took the event by storm.
Developed by One More Level, Ghostrunner takes place in mankind's last shelter, a city-sized tower. Use your high-tech sword and special abilities to maneuver around the area and slice through trouble.

Danger lurks around every corner of this neon-lit superstructure that the remnants of humankind call home. Use body modifications and implants to your advantage, as revealing the hidden mystery depends on your ability to stay alive.
Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

The 2019 edition of Gamescom, the industry event in Cologne, will be an important page in Ghostrunner's history as the place where it was first revealed.

Big reveal
Ghostrunner—with its fast paced action game with fierce, dynamic combat and bullet-time mechanics—was developed in secret before the big reveal at Gamescom.
The hardcore, cyberpunk world quickly attracted media attention:

Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk-style mix of Dishonored and Mirror's Edge
The wall-running parkour revolution has kind of fizzled out in video games, and that's a sad thing. Fortunately, an upcoming game called Ghostrunner seems to remember the heady days of Titanfall 2 and Mirror's Edge as fondly as I do, and developer One More Level seems keen to pack as much of that stuff into one trailer as they can fit.
- PC Gamer

Ghostrunner Gameplay | Gamescom Demo Walkthrough And Impressions
- Rock Paper Shotgun

Ghostrunner - 7 Minutes Of Cyberpunk Slashing | Gamescom 2019
- GameSpot

Hands-on experience
The reveal of Ghostrunner was accompanied by the presentation of the playable version of the game.

If you’re into cyberpunk action games, you can still play the Ghostrunner demo hands-on at Gamescom. Just head to Hall 10.1, Booth E052 and begin your hunt for answers in humanity’s last remaining shelter—a dark tower-city full of deadly surprises.

Heading into the future with Nvidia
Ghostrunner was the only new IP presented at the Gamescom NVIDIA event to incorporate the advanced RTX technology. Enjoy bright and colorful neon lights as they illuminate the dark post-apocalyptic reality. Ghostrunner takes advantage of NVIDIA’s high-tech ray tracing to bring you such stunning visuals of the dark futuristic world.

Immerse yourself in the world of Ghostrunner
Fast and determined enemies, strangers willing to kill you for what little resources remain and an environment full of deadly traps—all this and more await you as you make your way, level by level, towards the top of the tower. Survival is only possible thanks to the high-tech blade that slices through trouble while delivering bone-crushing one-hit kills. Bullet-time mechanics give you an edge in fast, high-adrenaline combat. Unique cybernetic skills help you cope with enemies and an environment that can end your life at any moment.
Ghostrunner - (RPS)

Have you heard of the new cyberswordman who’s getting all the Mirror s Edgelords excited? Ghostrunner is an arcadey slice em up where you play a cyberpunk ninja who does Titanfall-style parkour between bullet-dodges and decapitations. It looks slick. The RPS video battalion have sent two commandos to Gamescom to take a look, and we have just received their scouting report. In short, it s pointy and dangerous and Matthew was called average by the game s presenter.


Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

We're streaming Ghostrunner and other exciting new games from All in! Games live at Gamescom. Don't miss it!

Tune in:

About Ghostrunner
You are a living weapon, a cyber-warrior capable of fighting both in the physical world and in cyberspace. Thrown into the middle of the conflict, hunted for the tech under your skin, you must rely on your unique bond with technology to ascend the tower.
Ghostrunner - All in! Games || Luke

You know death better than anyone. You’ve seen it. And you’ll see much more of it before it all comes to an end.

Get ready to unleash your inner cyber-warrior:
Coming to Steam, Ghostrunner is a fast-paced action game set in an intense cyberpunk world that will challenge your combat skills. A single hit from an enemy can end your life instantly, so you'll have to master each level by trial and error.

Answer the call to save humanity from a dark future and prepare for the fight:
Become a living weapon. Become the Ghostrunner!
Add the game to your wishlist:

The wall-running parkour revolution has kind of fizzled out in video games, and that's a sad thing. Fortunately, an upcoming game called Ghostrunner seems to remember the heady days of Titanfall 2 and Mirror's Edge as fondly as I do, and developer One More Level seems keen to pack as much of that stuff into one trailer as they can fit.

The reveal trailer above gives you about as much information as we have on Ghostrunner. It's a first-person action game featuring someone with an electric knife wall-running, whip-swinging, and neck stabbing their way through a grubby, neon lit future cityscape.

The Steam page is live now, and it provides some additional backstory for Ghostrunner's setting. Humanity has faced a global cataclysm, forcing everyone to live in a single superstructure designed by someone called The Architect. It's a very cyberpunky story, with implants determining the social class of everyone in the Tower, and it's your job to flit between reality and cyberspace in order to make your way to the top of the Tower and unravel its mysteries.

Along the way, it seems you'll be doing a lot of dashing along walls and using an energy whip to propel yourself over gaps, plummeting to the ground long enough to sink a dagger into an enemy's unsuspecting neck. Fun stuff.

Ghostrunner is scheduled for launch next August, so we have a while to wait. In the meantime, maybe it's time to replay Mirror's Edge.


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