Oct 9, 2019
Chicks and Tricks VR - YakkoM
Howdy y'all!

We've just released an update, featuring some much requested improvements and additions!

Check out the patch notes here!
Oct 9, 2019
Chicks and Tricks VR - YakkoM
Howdy y'all!

It's been a short while since we released the game, and we wanted to express how excited we are at the response!

There have been a couple of comments and suggestions to improve the gameplay experience, and today we're happy to announce our first update for the game!

One of our primary goals in this update is to tackle the difficulty balance between the Farmer and the Fox. To that extent, and thanks to our diligent programmers, our chickens will now experience fear. If the fox gets too close to a chicken, it will instinctively run away from it, making the task of eating them somewhat harder.

Thanks to ground-breaking DNA alchemy, we've also managed to create golden chickens. These chickens, when collected or eaten, will award five points instead of one, so go gettim!


In addition, it's now possible for the farmer to switch hands in-game, simply by using the trigger function on the controller.

This, along with some other minor bug-fixes and tweaks, has resulted in much closer games between the Farmer and the Fox in our testing grounds.

Furthermore, we've added some much-needed controller support for the Fox!

That's all for this update. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to let us know!


1.01 Patch Notes
- Added controller support for the Fox.
- Chickens will now run away from the Fox, within the boundries of the field.
- Golden Chickens now have a 30% chance to spawn with each wave (up from 0%).
- It is now possible to swap 'net hands' as the Farmer, by using the trigger button on the desired VR controller.
- Art update to the boundry area of the map
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

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