Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-fixed quests
-fixed white nothingness
-fixed arena
-fixed save sytem

To eliminate the "white nothingness", I had to force loading everything, which increased the loading time of the game.

Arena is behind the upper city. If you load the game after save you gonna lose arena progress, you will have to play from round 1 again, but exp and reward is saved. And remember, don't save when you will be on arena battlefield or between bars or you will stuck when you load the game. This is just a temporary version of the arena.

Some old save may be incompatible (can cause bugs) with the newer version of the game.
Oct 30
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
- the mission in the cave has been completely rebuilt (code rebuilt, not story), should be bug free (i hope)
-added few quest to "outside" world,
-new npc, new monsters in "outside" world,
- swapped help at the beginning of the game to small tutorials (F1 for open old help)
-transferred "arena" mode to the campaign (I haven't checked if the arena is fully functional)
-fixed bug with map markers.
-increased npc "orion" speed by 100%

I haven't checked if everything works because, I have technical problems with my computer.
That's why I made such the small update.

I do not know when the next update will be, but probably in 2-3 weeks.

Oct 11
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-all skills / spells now have a description when you hover over them in the inventory.
-destruction magic has been renamed to elemental magic
- fixed bug, with changing weapons bow / spell
-the tree with the summoning spells has been filled
-65 new enemies, the balance will probably need some work.

Now i will focus on quests and world ( it will take few moths), after that the game will (theoretically) be finished.

Next update in 1-2 weeks

Sep 30
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-6 new sets armors
-a lot of new items for npc, too many to count (clothes and etc.)
-fixed bug with bottle, and some other small bugs in a cave.

All items are finished, now I plan to add new enemies (it will take 1-2 weeks), and then I will focus on quests.
Sep 21
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-11 new sets armors, more on the way.

Next update! Next week!
Sep 15
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-new music
-several small bugs fixed
-new character sounds (jump etc.)
-improved save system to be more compatible with future game updates (incompatible with old saves, if you have old save, delete it and start the game from the start again)
-new part of the world: city - Not finished! (I finished only castle, upper city for now).

Next update! Next week!
Sep 7
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
-22 new rings
-19 new amulets
-29 new artifacts (two artifacts in the test world have wrong names, but only in the test world)
-10 new potions recipes + recipe for creating an empty flask,
-new craft station: goldsmith table
-25 new jewelry recipes
-20 new schemes weapons (7 one handed, 7 two-handed, 6 bows)

All items (except clothes and armors) are finished. If you feel that the current quantity is not enough, do not worry, more will be added in the future.

To test all new items, go to the test world. The entrance is located on the arena. When you load the arena, turn 180 degrees and enter to the black hole.

In next update i will add city (without npc), after that i will add armors and clothes.

Next update! Next week!
Aug 31
Bandit the game - ☜ LEGION ☞
- 36 new melee weapons
-9 new range weapons
-9 new shields
-new mouse cursor
-2 new plants
-2 new plants to collect
-new potion: antidote - Cures poisoning
-new material to collect: glass - can be used in crafting or construction
-small fix ai: Artificial Intelligence will no longer change target during combat while the target is still alive and within range.(not fully tested)
-the poison of small spiders in ruins has been reduced
- the difficulty level in the cave has been lowered.

To test all new weapons, go to the test world. The entrance is located on the arena. When you load the arena, turn 180 degrees and enter to the black hole.

Next update! Next week !

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