Standball - Vinzed
Today I buried my Mom. She died of cancer at the age of 53.

When I just started working on a prototype for this game, Mom was very glad that I was doing something again. Having received support from her, I decided to bring him to a full game. My initial goal was to make an unusual game, but at the same time in a short time.
As a basic message, I wanted to show how a social network can destroy a person’s personality. To do this, I decided to experiment with 5 stages of accepting death (how ironic).
The result was a casual game for 1.5 hours.

Since I have not worked anywhere for the past six months, a month ago I decided to borrow money from Mom to release this game in Steam. Having promised that I, as usual, will definitely return her money. It is unfortunate that I can no longer fulfill my promise.

If you do not want to buy this game in Steam, you can download it for free on the sites: itch-io, Game Jolt

Try it, maybe you will like this game!

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