RISK: Global Domination - SMG Studio
We found the most popular map is the Classic. This isn't surprising as most people are familiar with it and have their own strategies for how to play.

For the New World Views map pack we added four variations of the classic with Simple and Complex being the closest to the originals.

For simple we've reduced the territories and added a connector for Australia on both sides. Because Australia was OP (hey we live here we know it) we didn't want to compound this in the new maps.

For Complex we've added a bunch of new connections and territories to make the classic map even more interesting.

So weather you want a shorter game or a longer one we've got you covered.

We've also added River-town Advanced to the Fantasy pack (so the pack now has 5 maps) which increases the territories for this map while keeping the overall design of it intact.

For future maps we're always keeping an eye on if we can do variants as it means more maps for you and only a slight amount of extra work for us. More maps the better right?
RISK: Global Domination - SMG Studio
We've decide to delay the launch on Steam until early 2020.

We've done this for a two main reasons.

  1. Ensure we've had enough time to test
  2. Give the team a proper holiday period. As releasing just before Xmas seemed dangerous if something goes wrong but also wouldn't allow us to implement feedback for weeks

We'll have a firm date when we're confident of a release. We'll pick a date that allows us to not just release but then roll out fixes/support quickly soon after.

In the meantime you can join us on Discord or download the game on your mobile. Any purchases on mobile will carry across to Steam and visa versa.

RISK: Global Domination - SMG Studio
In preparation for the Steam release we've been updating existing map packs.
The goal is to have each pack have at least 4 maps each. We wont get them all updated by release but want to let players know the plan.

The latest update this week was Britannia which has two versions: Standard and a simplified one for faster battles.

Below is the standard map which has more territories than the simple one. The continents stay the same across both maps.

The variations is something we've been trying to do more as we have a split audience who want large maps and those who want smaller ones. So we thought...

We also just added Germany to the European Map pack for all existing owners.

Our focus now is on Steam and getting that version right but expect one more Map Pack to be released before Steam as that's in final testing now.

RISK: Global Domination - SMG Studio
Happy to present an upcoming reverse world map design for RISK 🤯

This is just one of the original maps that will be available in the game to purchase. We had fun designing this one. Also this is one of the largest maps with, wait for it.... 69 territories. Nice!

The largest has 87 but we havent revealed that yet. Mall of the Dead is 72 and the current largest.

For comparison Classic RISK map is 42. Aka: the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"
RISK: Global Domination - SMG Studio
We're adding Germany to the European Conflict map pack soon on mobile.

And some good news: we're circling back on ALL previous packs released to get them all to at least 4 maps. Some will have 5 but these will be advanced versions of the same map.

Hoping to do this before the Steam release this year.

If there's a map, country, battle, planet, story or scenario you'd like to see in RISK comment below. Or if you want to discuss with RISK fans in depth join the community run Discord channel.

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