Neon Tail - yungyangling

  • Added new area : Bus Station
  • Globalized system for actor Spawn / Despawn
  • Added getting hit system
  • Added a tiny christmas event
  • Brought back the input button in dialogs
  • Added an items shop
  • Remove GamePoints for rework and later reintroduction
  • Fixed conditional loading related bugs
  • Added and polished inventory - storage box - discard item system
  • various changes on add new item system
  • Added 6 new items
  • Preparing more environments
  • Fixed various collider / grind related bugs
  • Drawing concepts arts of our first SFS game opponents : The Acid Frogs
Oct 29
Neon Tail - rocketjuicegames

  • Added new area : Siden District.
    Note for players : Try grinding to the top of the tall building and jump down for the hero

  • Created Halloween mission
  • Make halloween mission start after license
  • Rewrote the Invasion management system
  • Added 3 new locations for equipment to go to
  • Created and Integrated 14 new equipable cosmetic items

  • Make putting on Pumpkin Mask turn day into night
  • Dialog Trigger : Added Names
  • Updated the Creatures system
  • Slapping (either sphere or enemy) now keeps a combo going
  • Mission arrows system updated.
  • Sky system created. Skies, lightning, lightmaps, etc.. can now be changed on the fly
  • Pedestrians can be deactivated and reactivated anytime now
  • Candies particle effect created
  • slap sound created
  • Created little ghosts
  • added the cursed pumpkin mask
  • Added AmbientColor + Fog settings to the SkylightManager
  • Disabled Action Button on Halloween mission
  • Fixed going to ud46 with halloween mask bug
  • Fixed huge bugs tied to mission and job state changed after a dialog. Some old mission saves might be corrupted
  • Fixed Search by yourself looking for job mission
  • Added Hero Landing (Fall faster than 40km/h)
  • Added Storage Box in the Garage
  • Created the Storage box UI Menu and system
  • Fixed cursor movement in the drone menu
  • Created new items icon and descriptions
  • Upgraded the Save Load System
  • Upgraded the inventory system
Rain of Reflections: Set Free - (Sin Vega)

They’re sending me to EGX next week. Playing games is one thing, but talking to people? Talking? With my mouth? The whole point of games is to stay indoors, damn it. I know how it’ll go, they’ll all be there playing proper games that normal people have heard of, and here’s me going “eh um, have you played Bees vs Cops II? It sold almost several copies”. Ridiculous.

Anyway. It’s time for Unknown Pleasures, our regular, borderline masochistic dive into the depths of Steam’s murky new releases, all in the name of retrieving shiny gamepearls for your, uh, play earrings.

Liberated from the clams this week: automata, wheeled acrobatics, and the ball of america.


Neon Tail - yungyangling
- Fixed missions bugs
- Created the Email System
- Fixed Delivery job Bugs
- Fixed load related bugs
- Fixed NPC relationship bugs
- Fixed SFS license F related bugs
- Fixed Job notifications bugs
- Fixed cutscenes related bugs
- Fixed Dialog bugs
- Fixed saving with inventory item equipped bug
- Fixed various niche situations bugs
Neon Tail - rocketjuicegames

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