Sep 9
Heroes of Shaola - Eric
Changes in version 1.2.5:

  • More user-friendly to casual players and non-RPG gamers.
  • Arrow pointers have been added to a selection of outdoor maps, so that it is clearer on where to go to advance the story (*).
  • Minor balancing to gameplay and battles.
  • Further enhancement to scenes and dialogues.
  • Minor revising to the relationship and interaction between characters.
  • Tutorial and instruction have been modified with more specific details.
  • Sound effect have been improved, minor modification to music effect during important scenes or character’s reaction.
  • A few story scenes and plots have been enhanced to bring each character to life.
  • 2 minor tile issues have been fixed.
  • Minor changes to a few items, weapons and armors.
  • NPC dialogues have been enhanced.
* In a certain parts of the game, arrow pointers won’t appear if they affect the fun of exploration. It is recommended that you don’t depend too much on the pointers. Don’t miss out on hidden areas and loot.

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