Aug 8
In Sound Mind - We Create Stuff
Dave likes to be helpful 🔑 Right Dave?... Dave?
Dave is one of the characters you'll meet as you explore the corridors of In Sound Mind. He is an independent, strong mannequin that tries to break from the stereotypes -- not every mannequin in the dark is out to get you!

We're going to show a playable demo of In Sound Mind in the upcoming Devcom conference in Cologne later this month (just prior to Gamescom). It's a small cut from the game, and we wanted to share some footage with you if you couldn't make it to the show.

Also check out the game teaser we published last month, featuring bits of the soundtrack produced by The Living Tombstone:
It's important to mention we're still in early development. User interface is still being implemented (so it's not in the video) and we're balancing some systems out. We will have more stuff to show soon. Wishlist In Sound Mind on Steam to help us get the word out!

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