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Jan 23, 2014
Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
01/23/14 Patch Notes

-Fixed a bug where loading a french profile gives english keys.
Jan 15, 2014
Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
Greetings GOME community,

In the most recent update to the game an issue with the Smaug’s Treasure DLC came to light resulting in some community members having the amount of 160,000 gold deducted from their account. We have now addressed that issue. To make sure that all players have their gold balance restored and to apologize for the inconvenience we are awarding all current community members that have played before 01/07/14 a sum of 300K gold. The 300K will be added to your current total. Please keep in mind, this fix may take a few hours to populate.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

*Edit* It's taking a bit longer than initially expected to give out your gold, but please rest assured it is coming.
Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
GOLD LOSS BUG Questionnaire
Hey everyone, we're working on fixing the gold loss bug and would like some more information from any of you that have experienced this issue.

Was your XP reset as well?

If you quit and relaunch the game, is your gold restored?

When was the last time you updated GOME before this most recent patch?

What bundles do you own?

Was the match before you experienced the glitch completed or did you quit before completion?

What type of match were you playing?

How many matches did you play after the new update before experiencing the glitch?

When your balance glitch happens does it instantly go to zero/negative, or does it happen gradually over time?

The more information we get from you, the quicker we can get out a fix. Thanks for your patience while we get it resolved!
Jan 7, 2014
Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
01/07/14 Patch Notes

-Implemented custom keybinding support for QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards.

(Changes can be made through settings menu)
Guardians of Middle-earth - MelaneeofGOME
Hi Everyone!

Just a note for those of you that also play the game on XBOX: there is a group putting together an event for New Years Eve!

Information about the event can be found on the GOME Forums via the link below for your convenience!

Go on over and read the info and RSVP there if you're interested!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Guardians of Middle-earth - MelaneeofGOME
Hi Everyone!

Player Hippocratestes the Phallusopher came up with the idea of hosting a weekly Guardians of Middle-earth night. For all those that would like to join the group it can be found here:

The first event, Riding into Rohan!, is scheduled for this Sunday, December 8th at 22:00 UTC+1. Adjust accordingly for your own timezone.

Have fun everyone!


NOTE: This is not the location for negative feedback and/or commentary. Anything of the sort will be considered off-topic and a violation of Steam Forum Terms of Service.

Nov 1, 2013
Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
-Fixed a bug that would cause the mouse cursor to freeze during end of match summary screens.
Guardians of Middle-earth - MelaneeofGOME
Hey Everyone-

Melanee here - newest additional community manager on the GOME block! I just wanted to pop in to give you all a quick update on the above issue. The current status is that we are definitely aware of the problem with the mouse freezing and have been working on a fix which I'm told is progressing nicely. That fix is now being tested and will release as soon as it's been cleared by QA. In the meantime our advice is to employ this temporary workaround: Navigate through the summary screen using the ENTER key and arrow keys to navigate.

You should regain cursor functionality in the main menu, and have it for the next match.

We're sorry for the inconvenience & are working quickly to clear the issue!

Guardians of Middle-earth - ZombieStudiosKyle
Hey folks,

There's a bug some users are experiencing that causes their cursor to disappear after a match. We're working on a solution right now, and should have something ready very soon.

That being said, here's a temporary work around that can be used until we patch in a fix. Move through the summary screen using the ENTER key and arrow keys to navigate. You should regain cursor functionality in the main menu, and have it for the next match.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve this issue.


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