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Hey there folks!

We’ve received so many nice messages about the beta, but unfortunately so many messages from folks who missed it! We’ve listened, and we’re RELEASING A YES, YOUR GRACE DEMO ON STEAM!.

From today, you’ll be able to download and play the first chapter of the game, totally free. It was a real shame to see so many people wanting to play the game just after we’d closed it down, so we’ve brought it back for everyone! Click the image above or head to the Steam Store Page to install and play!

For those who played the beta, your feedback has been INVALUABLE. We’ve read through it all, and here’s what we drew from it:

We've ALREADY started work on acting on all the feedback we received - we want to make sure the game is the best it can be, and we're glad to know we're on the right track! We've been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of support that we've received, and we cannot thank you enough!

Don't forget, you're always more than welcome to send feedback in the discussions or on Discord - we're always happy to listen and help where we can.

It's time, your Grace. What kind of king will you be?

Yes, Your Grace - No More Robots

The Yes, Your Grace BETA is LIVE! You can now play the first hour of the game for FREE this weekend! If you've signed up through the Discord then you'll have a key in your inbox really soon. Missed out on signing up? We'll be sending out more keys tomorrow, so head over and fill out the form to secure yours!

It's time to put on your crown and take to Davern's throne - your people need you, King Eryk! With the Radovian brutes from the North on their way, in-fighting between your daughters and an offer you cannot afford to refuse, you'll not have an easy time of it, but you must protect your subjects at all costs!

We're so excited to welcome you into the Yes, Your Grace world and introduce you to some of our favourite characters - hopefully you love them all as much as we do!

Once you've given the game a playthrough (or three!) feel free to send us some feedback through this FORM - we want to make sure Yes, Your Grace is the best it can be for launch!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask them here, in the forums or on our discord!

See you in Davern, Your Grace

Brave at Night & No More Robots xoxo

Yes, Your Grace

Developer Brave At Night's striking pixel art kingdom management sim, Yes, Your Grace, might still be some way off its 2020 release, but those eager to experience it have a chance to do so from this Friday, 15th November, when the game's previously teased beta gets underway.

Yes, Your Grace casts players as the put-upon King Eryk, charging them with juggling their royal responsibilities in order to bring peace to the medieval kingdom of Davern. Chiefly, that involves listening to the plight of visiting petitioners - from kings and lords to penniless peasants - and deciding who deserves to walk away with some of the kingdom's gold and resources.

"There won't be enough for everyone," warns Brave At Night, "but those savvy enough may be able to work out who has the kingdom's best interests at heart."

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Yes, Your Grace - TinyPixxels

Ready to put on your crown and take over Davern? Your rule begins on NOVEMBER 15th in the Yes, Your Grace BETA! Head over to the Discord to sign up > Yes, Your Grace Discord

You'll take on the role of King Eryk, who must bring together his Kingdom and wayward family. Not everyone can be appeased, but hopefully, you will be able to bring some peace to Davern.

With a war brewing, every day will bring new people to your throne room. From neighbouring Kings and Lords to the downtrodden and homeless, it'll be your job to work out who is the most deserving of the kingdom's gold and resources - there won't be enough for everyone, but those savvy enough may be able to work out who has the kingdom's best interests at heart.

You'll also need to try to bring your family together as their own personal struggles roll on - with three fighting daughters and no sons, you'll have to act carefully to preserve the reputation of the kingdom!

If you think you're up to such a royal task, make sure you sign up at the Discord and keep watching those emails, the 15th is right around the corner!

Take a look at the trailer to get you in the mood HERE >> BETA Trailer
Yes, Your Grace - TinyPixxels
Hi there folks, and welcome to Yes, Your Grace! We can't wait for you to get stuck with us through our upcoming BETA and onwards to release in 2020! Don't forget to give us a wishlist so you don't forget about us!

If you're looking to get involved with the game SOONER, stop by our DISCORD!


We'll be running a BETA for the game in a little while and starting Monday we'll be running a meta-game as well as keeping everyone as up to date as possible - if you want to be in the loop, the discord will be invaluable!

We were also SO excited to have announced it alongside this AMAZING trailer:

Having seen the reaction to the game so far, we're totally overwhelmed by the amount of support! If you have any questions feel free to leave them here, in the forums or over at the discord, we're always happy to help!

We'll be back with an update before you know it - what would you like to see?

Cheers, your graces!

Brave at Night & No More Robots xx
Yes, Your Grace - (Natalie Clayton)

Kings and Queens, eh? What are they good for? I don’t recall the last time Queen Elizabeth sat in front of the people and promised to help them fund a new fridge or rescue their turnips from goblins, that’s for sure. It’s time someone kicked these crowned clowns off their plush seats and got them into the thick of the action. Developers Brave At Night are preparing to take the monarchy to task with royal family resource manager Yes, Your Grace.


Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace is a handsome pixel art game about being a king. A king who sits on a throne while lines of people ask for things. Can you spare some gold and supplies to help a village after it was raided? Can you send someone to help find a lost boy? Can you help a farmer pay for his daughter's wedding? Wait what? Get on with you, you rascal! Lowborn or high, they all want something from you.

Help and your realm's Contentment will rise - but you can't help everybody. You barely have enough gold to get by, let alone repair your dungeon, and your supplies are dwindling. What's more, you don't have an army - and you know you will need one. You know because you've seen what's coming three years hence: an enemy at your walls. If you're not prepared, it will crush you.

Will your preparations be enough? Will you be able to muster the defences you need while juggling the happiness of realm, alliance and family? That, in a nutshell, is Yes, Your Grace - part adventure game, part strategy. Week by in-game week, you make your choices.

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