Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
What's new in this update:

- The bots are improved, they get stuck less, make slide faster. The speed of dragging blocks in bots is reduced.
- Added the ability to watch bots.
- Added the ability to play as a bot if your character has died or escaped. Received points from the game for the bot will go to you.
- The number of items on the map is reduced.
- Fixed errors as a result of the match, now displays accurate information, as well as bots.
- Fixed bugs due to which the observation mode was interrupted.
- Added points for the escape (x3000).
- Designed lighting on the map.
- Added the ability to select a game map for the killer.
- Added tooltip when hovering to change the connection mode.
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
We have been trying for a long time to work out a good balance in the game. If you have ideas, be sure to write to us in Discord, we will look at your options, and maybe your mechanics will appear in the game.

- Fixed a bug due to which the character "Dominic Ross" was not saved.
- Fixed the skill "Dark Side". Skill recovery is now displayed. Recovery time 30 seconds.
- The sounds of steps are now not so loud, it will become much more difficult to hear their killer.
- The effect is made when the victim runs into the portal.
- The tackle speed is doubled.

- Fixed some flaws and errors in the text.
- Fixed positions of objects on the ground. Now picking them up is easier.
- Fixed a bug that did not allow to pick up an item from the chest.
- Fixed all places where it was impossible to make a tackle.
- Fixed positions of objects that hung in the air.
- Fixed errors in the text and translation.
- Added more items, as well as doors and tackles on the maps.
- Lighting worked out. Now a ray of light comes from the lanterns.

- Added the ability to Open and Close the lobby. Everyone can connect to the open lobby. Only friends can join in the private lobby.
- Improved session search system, now finds sessions faster.

If you are at a loss to find people to play, join us in the Discord server, where you can find companions for yourself.
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
<White> VICTIM: </>
- Improved flashlight, now it shines more realistic.
- New character "Dominic Ross".

- Added new skins for Alice.
- Increased radius of interaction with objects. Now picking up an item has become much easier.

<White> OTHER: </>
- Fixed a bug when the butcher did not load the skin and it was invisible.
- Glow sticks now shine a little better, the model of the item has also been changed.
- Fixed some flaws and errors in the text.

<White> LOBBY: </>
- A timer is made for 60 seconds when the "Lobby" is full. After the time has passed, the match will start automatically.
Sep 1
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
Watch the video with the gameplay from one of the players.
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
The killer
- Made indicators for objects that can be broken.

- Added hints (when choosing an item in the inventory, about the ability to escape)
- Lever winding time reduced from 80 seconds to 50.
- Doors are now stunning at a larger radius.
- Added lines leading to the door and various elements on the "Prison" map
- Increased the number of doors and obstacles on all maps.
- Dragging and dropping boxes increased by 20%.
- Added more keys to the secret room.

- Added a hint about clicking "ready" to search for sessions.
- Improved lobby lighting, characters no longer turn black.
Aug 30
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
1) Fixed bug with saving
2) Level design in prison has been fixed, you can no longer climb over fences
3) Improved attack for killers, the chance to miss is now much lower
4) The ability to rotate the character to the right to the left in the lobby M1 M2
5) Fixed a bug with a 6th person in the lobby, it will be thrown in the menu
6) After the establishment of levers and boxes, the inscription “drag” will no longer be displayed
7) In the lobby, it is now impossible to connect the sixth player.
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
Some reasons prevented us from releasing the game at the right time. But we tried, and did everything so that the release took place. Good game
Aug 29
Escape from Labyrinth - DEXIED
Hello! We want to inform you that the release of the game in 2 hours. For Russia at 22.00 Moscow time. For the USA at 03:00 a.m. New York. We will be glad to see you on the first launch of the game.

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