MO:Astray - fofo
[Fixed] When using the controller, jump judgment error occurs when engaged in parasitic takeover
[Fixed] Some quest bugs
[Fixed] Some aesthetic issues
MO:Astray - fofo
[Fixed] Some quest bugs
[Fixed] Some aesthetic issues
[Adjusted] [Easy Mode] Difficulty level for some quests adjusted
MO:Astray - fofo
[Fixed] Some quest bugs
[Fixed] Some aesthetic issues
[Adjusted] [Easy Mode] Difficulty level for some quests adjusted
MO:Astray - fiona
Hi everyone, this is Archpray Inc.

We have an important announcement to make. In this update, we've adjusted the difficulty levels: What you'll now see as "Normal" is actually the original "Easy" mode, and what you'll see as "Adventure" is actually the original "Standard" mode. In the meanwhile, we've added an easier mode for players to select.

The reason for this is because MO: Astray is not a game that we hope players can never get through. Instead, by lowering its difficulty, we hope that more people will know about MO: Astray, give it a try, and experience the story of MO.

The new-added easy mode here is very suitable for players who are not confident in their control skills, newcomers, or those who are not good at action games.

You might be wondering: How easy is the easy mode?
From the perspective of the control skills and proficiency had by the production team, the number of deaths has been reduced by about 80%. We hope players who play the game in this mode will not feel like they're falling to pieces.

In easy mode, the demand for control skills are greatly reduced, and even the puzzle-solving methods for some quests have been changed. In this mode, the recovery speed of MO's HP is increased, and the initial HP is higher than in other ones. Thus, players are at an advantage when facing monsters and the boss.

But please note that in this mode, even though we've reduced the difficulty and increased the recovery speed of HP, there are still some deadly traps that will kill players in the game. This is because we still hope there are some challenges waiting for players to succeed at, rather than just simply strolling on through.

We hope everyone will like this adjustment. Thanks, and have some fun!
MO:Astray - fofo
[Added] Easy mode
[Added] Easy mode achievement
[Adjustment] Adjusted the name and description of the previous modes
- The previous “Easy ” mode changed into “Normal” mode
- The previous “Standard” mode changed into “Adventure” mode
[Adjustment] Adjusted the achievement name based on the new version of difficulty
MO:Astray - fiona

20% off for MO: Astray (main game)
20% off for MO: Astray's original soundtrack
36% off for MO: Astray + original soundtrack bundle

We wish you a very, Merry Christmas~
MO:Astray - fofo
[Fixed] Some bugs
[Adjusted] Replaced UI for double jump instructions
MO:Astray - fofo
[Optimized] Game irregular delay
[Fixed] Partial mistakes of the written words
[Fixed] Small parts of the bug in the game
[Adjusted] Main character's partial sound effect
[Adjusted] Minor adjustments to lower the difficulty of the quests
MO:Astray - fiona
"The project stage"
When we decided to continue to develop MO, we reviewed the entire game. Because of lacking experience in the early stage, many contents needed to be optimized, including our protagonist.

In order to make the protagonist's dynamic performance smoother, we abandoned the original distortion dynamics and adopted stop-motion animation to make the movement switching ability performance more accurate. The appearance of the skin has also been tweaked and tuned to make the visual ratio well-proportioned. At the same time, to match the background scene, the fineness of pixels had been improved.

Fine-tuning of the size of eyes, the distance, and the angle of tattoos.

Moving (stop-motion)

Jumping and sticking (stop-motion)

Concept art

During the student stage of the game, the protagonist didn't have many abilities. What it could do was the very basic parasitic takeover, jumping and sticking (the speed of jumping up was even very slow at that time), so the protagonist's action was rather simple, however, until the current project stage, it needed new abilities and states to cope with different environments, and that became a problem in the subsequent design of the protagonist's action because the protagonist is just a drop of something gluey.

To pursue a good dynamic performance, the protagonist must be able to move all over the body, and there couldn't be only slight changes among each action since players might not notice that the protagonist is in different states of motion. Therefore, some important actions or states are performed exaggeratedly in the game through the appearance or behaviors of the protagonist.

Take being blown by the wind as an example, for different directions of the protagonist being blown, there would be different dynamics. This would make it easier for the protagonist to integrate into the environment of the game. However, to make players feel its changes, actions need to be a bit exaggerated.

Wind blow pictures

Having said so much, in fact, we didn't expect the protagonist would become like that at first. Ha! The rest part we will tell you guys later if there's any opportunity!!
MO:Astray - fofo
[Fix] Fixed a few aesthetic issues
[Fix] Incorrect spelling/characters in English and Japanese versions
[Adjustment] Balanced out difficulty level for a few parts of quests

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