Deep Diving VR - Pawel

We've just updated Deep Diving VR to version 1.03 which brings important stability to the game, check it out:

- improved optimization - you can now change the graphics settings and expect a huge increase in FPS during the game
- fixed an issue where Vive users didn't see their hands in VR

We've spent a lot of time trying to bring you an important, stable version of the game, and we hope we did just that with this update. Check out the underwater world now with improved FPS!

If you are still experiencing some issues, please create a thread in the Steam discussions describing your problem or shoot an e-mail to where we will try to assist you. Your voice matters.

See you in the depths!
Deep Diving VR - Pawel

We've just finishing patching the game up to version 1.02 which contains:

- fixed the mining cart interaction in Dead Mines. The player should now be able to destroy the tiny object
- fixed particles not activating after an item was collected in Dead Mines
- fixed the Professor's subtitle when you approached the wrong mine in Dead Mines
- fixed a seashell that after scanning was not marked in Dead Mines
- fixed the Oculus controls layout displaying non-functional buttons
- fixed items that after scanning were not marked in Dragon's Den
- fixed some small, annoying bugs

- added a controls manual to the menu

That's about it for this little update. Remember guys, if you happen to encounter an issue, please let us know by creating a thread in the Steam discussions with a description of the problem or you can send us an e-mail to: where we will try to tackle this issue together.

Thank you for your contribution to the VR experience!

Until next time and happy diving!

Deep Diving VR - Pawel

We've just updated the game with Patch 1.01 which brings a couple of fixes to the game. Let's see what the first patch brings to the table:

- fixed the language detection bug - the game will now start in the language according to your system (if your language is different from the 12 languages we support - it will select English as the default)
- fixed pop-ups stacking one on another
- fixed pop-up texts disappearing after a while
- fixed controller vibrations not working properly

- added Pickaxe vibrations

Thank you for your contribution everyone as we are tremendously grateful for your assistance.

If you happen to encounter a bug or a glitch, please let us know by creating a thread in the Steam discussions with a description of your problem, or simply write an e-mail to

We hope you are all having fun in the depths! :)

Until next time!
Deep Diving VR - Pawel

Here at Jujubee we are ECSTATIC as our very first Virtual Reality game is now live and ready to be discovered! We would like to thank everyone for their contribution, suggestions, feedback, and most importantly - for your presence!

We've been working hard to transfer Deep Diving Simulator into VR and we hope you will enjoy the experience in a completely new and redesigned way! We are also running a -15% discount to commemorate the launch, so that's a pretty good opportunity to check out the game!

We would also want to say that we are going to stay vigilant, especially in these upcoming launch hours, so do not hesitate to let us know of your first impressions! :)

Have fun Adventurers!

Deep Diving VR - Pawel

We've got a very short, but extremely exciting announcement to make for you today.

As you may know, we've been working extremely hard to deliver our very first VR game - Deep Diving VR.

Without further ado and full of excitement we bring you the release date of our first step into the Virtual Reality world.

Deep Diving VR will be available on September 12, 2019 @ 9:00am PDT for $19.99!

The game will also have the base game's DLC - the Adventure Pack available for purchase for $7.99!

We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and we are confident that the underwater experience that we have prepared for you will be a truly exceptional one indeed!

We really appreciate your comments, likes, and suggestions so feel free to reach out on the Steam discussions as we love engaging with the community :)

Until next time everyone!

Deep Diving VR - Pawel


Welcome to the very first post of our Deep Diving VR!

We are making a huge, first step into the Virtual Reality world with our game and we hope that we will be able to deliver on the immersive gameplay that should follow such an underwater title.

What can you expect physically when you take your first dive? Well, if you so desire then the gif above should suggest a pretty good workout while you are navigating the depths. In our game you can grab the controllers and make a swimming motion to advance your position. After a couple of minutes you will feel the immersion first hand! The game also offers a small tutorial to get you acquianted with the controls before you dive in.

Note: There is also the option to simply move with the analogs, no swimming motion required although we highly recommend it.

Wishlisting the game helps us developers tremendously and we would be extremely grateful for your assistance in this matter. We will be posting more stuff as we come closer to the release, so definitely stay tuned and let us know if your excited to discover the unknown in Deep Diving VR!

Thank you for your attention. Be sure to check out the Steam Discussions as we love to interact with the community, and if you have suggestions, ideas, or if you would simply want to say hi, then don't hesitate and drop in!

Alrighty then, we will see you in the next post!


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