Fishing Adventure - Raintek

Dear Fellow Virtual Anglers,
today we are giving you another extension of our game. VR support was one of the first things you asked for, and the topic with VR support requests had several pages.

From the beginning of this great game, we've been trying to listen to your feedback and make the changes you asked for. So it happened this time ... it only took us a little more time.

Here they are, with players in mind we have created VR both as a separate product:

and as a DLC for current owners of the classic version:

This is our first contact with VR and it requires a lot of work from us. In order to enable playing the VR version as many people as possible, we want to introduce compatibility with the most popular VR headsets and controllers.

Due to implementing VR, we discovered that the game engine used in the basic version of the game needs to be updated and many game functions will need to be rewritten.

We also want to make as many gameplay features as possible playable with VR controllers, as well as create UI that's comfortable to use in VR.

This will take some time and this why we want to let you know that this DLC will be updated for the next 1 to 2 months.

So...I hope you will enjoy VR version of this great game and will help us to make it even better!

Kind Regards,
Rafał - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.

Fishing Adventure - Ultimate Games S.A.
Hello everyone,
in a few weeks, we will release an OTP (one-time-payment) fishing game.

Due to the problems present since the launch of Professional Fishing, every player who has ever played it will receive an 80% discount for Fishing Adventure via steam coupons.

We hope that the possibility of offline play will allow you to enjoy the game wherever and whenever you want.

Game should run smoothly even at Pentium processors.

Kind Regards,
Rafał - Project Manager in Ultimate Games S.A.

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