Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

LiveWire's second instalment is here and we've got some challenging and frosty surprises for you this time!

This week's event is a fast point-to-point race in the old town but things will get slippery on the frosty, broken roads! We have also brought in a new rider-- Icy Irene-- to kick start the winter season in Rude Racers!

We don't want to give everything away here and spoil it for you racers so fire up Rude Racers and go straight to LiveWire to work your way to the top of a new leaderboard for a new week!

The winner of last week's competition was Steam user Dinosauer and we'd be inviting them and the entire community shortly to participate with our team to design their own custom rider that will be showcased in Week 3 of LiveWire.

And here's the big news-- the winner of this week's LiveWire competition will get a $5 Steam Gift Card from us!

Time to shake off the winter blues and get racing, people!!

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

Our latest new game mode in Rude Racers-- LiveWire-- has been a great success so far and we are thankful to everyone who came back in, played the event a few times and really put this experimental new feature through its paces!

While we don't want to give away too much about the next instalment of LiveWire, all we'd say right now is that winter's here and there will be liftoff!

We plan to push the new LiveWire event on Monday so there's still enough time for all ya rude racers who fancy themselves their own custom rider in the game to have another go and see if you can beat the current best time on the leaderboard!

We'll be announcing the winner of LiveWire Week 1 inside the game as well as the Community Hub and they'd be invited to collaborate with us in designing and naming a custom rider which we will feature in the third instalment of LiveWire.

Now get up and race!

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

First, we just want to thank everyone who's been playing Rude Racers and offering their feedback, comments and suggestions on how they have been getting on with the game.

As developers, it is always a hard for us to know exactly the perfect balance in aspects like pricing of in-game items, rewards and so on and admittedly we won't always get these things spot on in our first attempt.

With the help of data-analysis and through your feedback, we worked out that some of our users who have struggled with certain aspects of any particular level could possibly find the difficulty far more manageable if we were to reduce the price of the kits and sure enough, we've gone ahead and done exactly that!

All special kits- Boosts, Shields and Oil Spills are now nearly 50% cheaper in the latest builds and our hope is that this will make things just a little easier in the harder events without taking away from the intensity and character of the game.

We've got a new season coming this month and a lot more crazy stuff to be introduced next week for LiveWire so stay tuned!
Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

December's here and it's getting cold out there but as you all know, destruction never stops in Rude Racers! We are pleased to announce a massive 50% discount for a limited period so go ahead and pick up a copy now for LESS THAN A DOLLAR.

We've also been listening to the feedback from many of our users and have decreased the prices for the Special Kits!!

Some kids were really struggling with the difficulty and even told us that the frustration was causing them to binge on Snickers bars and jam the wrappers up their ### so we've gone ahead and made subtle improvements and relaxations to the AI as well.

For those of you who're tough enough, we GUARANTEE you- this is the best action you'd ever see!
Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

As you all know, the latest addition to Rude Racers-- LiveWire-- has now been available for a few days and we've recently pushed an update to further optimise the gameplay and leaderboard integration to keep things moving along smoothly.

We are now pleased to announce a big competition for the inaugural Livewire series! The event will run from November 27 to December 08 and all you have to do is play the LiveWire event and try to post the top score.

The player with the highest score will have their profile featured inside the game for the next LiveWire competition and to top everything, we'd invite them to work with us to design their own exclusive rider that will be featured in the next competition!

The hard and fast style of LiveWire events will surely push your skills to the limit and are confident you'd love it so get in there and start posting your best times!

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg
Your favourite Doggs are back and we bring you the latest addition to Rude Racers-- the all new LiveWire mode!

Update to v1.3.1 of the Rude Racers' Early Access and check out the most competitive mode that we have designed so far. Power your bike down the road and obliterate anything that stands in your path as you push your driving skills to the very limit to reach the top of the leaderboard!

LiveWire competitions will run weekly and there will be BIG rewards for the racer who finishes at the top of the leaderboard.

We will also be introducing new bikes, riders, weapons and special tracks for each new iteration of LiveWire and down the line, we will offer the weekly champions to participate in designing their own riders for the following week's competition!

Here's a summary of all the craziness that LiveWire promises to unleash:
  • Exclusive weekly events with special bikes and riders! Drive fast and fight hard to beat the competition and climb up the leaderboard!
  • No update to the app necessary! LiveWire series are pushed from our server and you will see the updates whenever you open the app.
  • Winner of the first week's competition will be featured in the game throughout next week and will also receive two Early Access copies of Rude Racers!
  • Each week, as this new mode continues to develop and improve, we will be giving out bigger rewards-- from stream credit

Check out this crazy new addition to Rude Racers and if you have any suggestions, as always, just drop us a message on the community hub and we will do our best to provide the most thrilling racing action possible!

Since you're here, we'd also like to request you to head over to the Rude Racers Steam Store Page and nominate the game for the 2019 Steam Awards. The support of the community has brought us this far and with your continued support, who knows what heights this game might reach!
Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg
Winter might be coming but we've got the cheapest, most brilliant solution to turn up the heat-- pick up Rude Racers for just $0.59 on the Steam Autumn Sale and experience the craziest and most intense combat-racing action now!

There's been plenty going on at our end as we recently finalised the brand new competitive game mode in Rude Racers- LiveWire. We're constantly working to improve this new mode
which will present exciting new challenges for you to participate in with fresh content delivered straight from our server each week. The winner of each week's competition will be featured in the game for the following week's competition and will win exclusive prizes!

With loads of other optimisations to the gameplay and performance and the 4th season with some proper explosive action due to go live in December, now is the best time to get yourself a copy and hone in your driving and fighting skills!

It's time to smash, crash and step on the gas!

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg

Hello Racers!!

Let us start by first thanking you all for all the support that each and every one of you has shown not just during the Early Access phase but all through the development of the game. Dozens of users spent hours playing each level and each season and came back to us with their detailed feedback which was absolutely central to our efforts in improving and optimising Rude Racers. So once again, a BIG thanks to you all for being super awesome!

Ever since the game was launched in late October this year, hundreds have played and enjoyed Rude Racers- bikes have been sent flying into concrete walls, thousands of barrels have exploded and the cops.. boy have they got their work cut out in dealing with you reckless street racers!

Our ambition with Rude Racers was to make a fun racing game that could keep the users engaged with a tremendous variety in the types of events while being the first proper racing game where melee combat was deeply ingrained into its basic concept and played a major part in how the users develop strategies and build their own unique style as they power through the races in the different season.

You've helped this far and now we call upon you to please consider nominating Rude Racers for the 2019 Steam Awards. Now we might not win and that's fine but we always have looked at our users as a part of the team-- you guys are in it just as much as ourselves so why not try and see where we can take Rude Racers :)

So go ahead, drop us a nomination and if we get big, you get big too! Turbo Tommy even got a suit on in anticipation (though he couldn't get the helmet off!)

About the category- "Best Game You Suck At":
Anyone who has played Rude Racers would agree that the game has a way of really pushing you to the limit of your driving and combat skills. With dangerous obstacles, menacing cops and the intense, relentless competition of the races, our users have constantly told us how there are few other games that can top the satisfaction that one feels after beating a challenging event in Rude Racers! It's always had that "one more race" appeal to it and we have worked quite hard to keep that intensity and addiction at the centre of the overall experience.

It is for this reason that we have picked the nomination category as the "Best Game You Suck At" because despite the consistently high level of challenge and it's unrivalled intensity that will punish your slightest mistake, Rude Racers will always have you coming back for more edge-of-your-seat racing action!

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg
An electrifying new update is coming soon for Rude Racers!

We are working on the all new LiveWire mode where you can enter into weekly special events, unleash some serious carnage and win MASSIVE rewards!

Players will be treated to new, exclusive race events each week featuring special bikes, riders, weapons and zones! A LiveWire timer will be displayed during the race and your best time will be uploaded to a global leaderboard.

Each week, we will feature the user who tops the leaderboard in the game's LiveWire mode and make them famous!

There's more- as we continue to develop this new feature, the rewards will keep getting bigger-- weekly winners will receive Steam credit and will also have the opportunity to work with our team to design a special bike or character that will be featured in future LiveWire events!

With LiveWire, the competition is going to get even more intense and fiery with great potential for new and exciting events, more exclusive content and big rewards!

Wishlist the game NOW if you don't already have a copy and watch this space for more details on the upcoming update.

Rude Racers: 2D Combat Racing - Famous Dogg
For those who're running short on dosh but would like to kick up some dirt in our action-packed combat racer, thanks to Simoney99 you can now head over to the group below and enter yourselves in this massive 50 key giveaway!

It's time to smash, crash and step on the gas!!!

Of course, the game's only $1.99 in Early Access and we'd much appreciate if you could consider picking up a copy to support our work.

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