Eormor: Shattered Lands - Paup
I have finally made a decision on Steam Achievements. They will be in the game at launch! Currently being implemented are 25 achievements. Some will be basic progression achievements which will unlock if you learn the ropes of the game. Others will give some specific long term goals of the sand-box nature of the game. These latter will also be rooted a bit more in the lore behind the game.

Next update I hope to be able to give a solid release date! Stay tuned!
Eormor: Shattered Lands - Paup
Progress is going well! A lot of work has been done in recent weeks to improve the user experience based on play testing feedback. The game is now a lot more accessible to first time players and some strange or confusing interface quirks have been removed. Available player actions are more clearly signalled and have clearer feedback. Some new convenience features have also been implemented, such as autosaving at the start of each turn.

People with beta access should be able to enjoy these updates now!

Currently there are no known outstanding bugs and the work remaining consists primarily of testing the game economy and testing out a couple more possible user experience improvements.

The one final feature I'm still contemplating to add before release is Steam Achievements! I'd love to have them, but they do require quite some work to implement properly. They might follow after release as an update.

I do not have a release date set in stone, as the game is done when it's done. Expectations are that this will be in either October or November. Stay tuned!
Eormor: Shattered Lands - Paup
Eormor is nearing completion! Progress is going steady and is on track for a Fall release on Steam. I'm thrilled to see all the positive responses. Keep those wishlists coming! While only just announced to the world, it's been a long ride for me. I started development of this game back in 2011. It wasn't always intended to be something to share with a wider audience, but once I got to a point where I found that signature just one more turn! flow which defines a good turn based strategy game, I knew I wanted to grow this into a full game.

Most of the game's features have been completed, and most of the time spent currently is on balancing and usability testing. Being a sandbox game, the options at your disposal can overwhelm at the start, but I'm hard at work polishing the dynamic tutorial message system so that everything is explained when it becomes relevant to you.

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