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They’re sending me to EGX next week. Playing games is one thing, but talking to people? Talking? With my mouth? The whole point of games is to stay indoors, damn it. I know how it’ll go, they’ll all be there playing proper games that normal people have heard of, and here’s me going “eh um, have you played Bees vs Cops II? It sold almost several copies”. Ridiculous.

Anyway. It’s time for Unknown Pleasures, our regular, borderline masochistic dive into the depths of Steam’s murky new releases, all in the name of retrieving shiny gamepearls for your, uh, play earrings.

Liberated from the clams this week: automata, wheeled acrobatics, and the ball of america.


Axis Football 2019 - Axis Games
Hi, folks!

Thanks for everyone's continued support of the Axis Football Franchise. If you have a few moments to write a review for the game, I would sincerely appreciate it. The number of reviews a game has an effect on how it shows up to new users, and that goes a long way in getting our game in front of new people!

Thank you in advance!

Axis Football 2019 - Axis Games
Hi, folks!

We're happy to announce that we've released Axis Football 2019. It looks like the community has already created and posted some awesome mods, so be sure to check them out on the community page.

As always, thanks so much for your support as we work to build the best simulation football game on the PC!

Axis Football 2019


Danny Jugan
Axis Games

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