Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 - Alex@tinybuild

Howdy ho, Neighbors!

It's only 2 days left until Secret Neighbor launches on Steam!

Today I bring you brand new footage in the form of a How To Play video. It's recorded from the release version of the game, and I'm sure you'll enjoy spotting the progress we've made.


During the lead up to Secret Neighbor I've also launched all of the Hello Neighbor Alphas. You can check them out on this page

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The press builds have just gone out, so expect to start seeing videos and livestreams soon.

See you in 2 days!

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 - Alex@tinybuild

Good news, everyone!

Secret Neighbor, the multiplayer spin-off of Hello Neighbor, is coming to Steam on October 24th. That's exactly in 2 weeks!

Remember to Wishlist the game so you're notified of when it launches:


To celebrate the anticipated launch, we are launching the Alphas on Steam

I know many of you have been waiting for the release of the original Hello Neighbor Alphas. It's 2 weeks until launch of Secret Neighbor, and there are 5 alpha builds. I will be launching a new alpha every few days leading up to launch.

The Alphas of Hello Neighbor were a series of game builds we used to test out the original game's gameplay, setting, lore, and AI. They show the logical evolution of how the game became Hello Neighbor.

I just launched the first Pre-Alpha build. Enjoy:

Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 - Alex@tinybuild

Howdy there Neighbors!

We are gearing up for the Halloween-ish launch window for Secret Neighbor, and the whole team is working non-stop to make sure we get a good game that meets all of your expectations.

I may have leaked the below already on our discord (https://discord.gg/secretneighbor) but the details over there revolve around Neighbor's abilities and leveling.


If you participated in the Secret Neighbor Beta, you will know we have character and Neighbor classes. What we didn't really like about the system was lack of progression during the match. Some Neighbor players would go haywire from minute 1, and sometimes kid players would just run off and very quickly get all keys. So we decided to change this in 2 meaningful ways.

One is around the house itself. You will now need to progress through the house by unlocking its doors. The further you are in the house, the more high tier loot you can find, and you will need to unlock all of it to find keys to the basement. You unlock in-house doors with keycards. This creates a natural sense of progression.

To counter this, we decided to make the Neighbor level up as the match goes. The Neighbor player will need to sneak off to search for specific items that level him up, gradually unlocking his abilities. So in the very beginning it makes absolutely no sense to reveal yourself and attack others.

I will update everyone on how this shapes up as we're still trying to balance it.

Oh, and also - Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is coming to Steam this December. Rejoice!


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