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A is for Alphabetised wargame and sim news. Every four weeks or so I hang up a streamer of industrial strength fly paper in The Flare Path dunny and see what wargame and simulation news stories adhere to it. Below is this month’s bag – 25 bite-size stories involving virtual vehicles and surrogate slaughter. If you wince when someone calls a locomotive a train, and can put these three battles – Trenton, Turnham Green, Trafalgar – in chronological order, you should probably click where it says… (more…)

Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma
We’re keeping the ball rolling! After last week’s major content update, we’ve made a few minor tweaks, fixes and upgrades. Find out more about these changes below.

Full 0.6.1 changelog:
  • Higher resolution for convoy units in Azure Dam
  • Made sure Dam icon doesn't randomize its position in Azure Dam
  • Improved Chinese localisation (traditional and simplified)
  • Made Azure Dam road positions more realistic
  • Various colour styling fixes for Expert unit
  • Don't show ‘Under Attack’ warning when Expert unit is traveling
  • Issue fixed with stability bar
  • Minimap no longer displays control borders
  • Fixed Spanish exported products showing as NULL
  • Fixed rare issue with UI not immediately updating when loading a game
  • Improved spawning position within a zone of Rebel Camps and Forts
  • Disabled randomization of Dam icon
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma
The hard work just doesn’t stop here at Office Zero, and with our newest Rebel Inc: Escalation update we’re excited to bring you not one, but TWO major content additions!

New map: Azure DamRebuild a vast dam to prevent catastrophic floods and ensure stability in this arid region. Protect vulnerable supply convoys en route to the dam site, but beware - Insurgents forces will launch aggressive raids to destroy them!

New Governor: Development DirectorThis skilled micromanager deploys civilian experts to prioritise zones for development and rapidly stabilise key parts of the region. High performance. Delivered!

As always, with the update, we’ve also pushed out some tweaks and fixes, a list of which you can find below.

Let us know what you think of the new map and governor and what you’re excited to see us add to the game next! :)

Full 0.6.0 changelog:
  • New Map: Azure Dam
  • New Governor: the Development Director
  • Fixed a rare issue causing a crash when clicking a decision choice that you couldn’t afford
  • Issue with description text in 3440 x 1440 fixed
  • Fixed issue with Black Caves leaderboard
  • Fixed issue where Insurgent bases could be on top of soldiers, making the soldiers unmovable
  • Fixed cheat medal progress
  • Improved map and governor scrolling selection
  • Leaderboard filter now works consistently
  • Leaderboard navigation now automatically updates
  • Leaderboard map drop down now shows all of the maps
  • Fixed issue with drop down menus not localising
  • Fixed rank text in Leaderboards
  • Fixed How to Play localisation
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma

Hot on the heels of the Tank Commander Governor, we’ve got another big content update landing for Rebel Inc: Escalation, and this time you will have a whole new region to stabilise: Black Caves.

This new region is infamous for its imposing mountain range, riddled with underground cave networks. Insurgents will use these to hide and regroup, leaving towns and farms along the river under constant threat.

We’ve also released the Rebel Inc: Escalation soundtrack, which you can pick up here:


Of course we’ve also pushed out a number of tweaks, based off some of the excellent feedback we’ve been getting from players (the full extent of which you can see in the full changelog below). Keep the feedback coming!

We’re already working on the next Governor and Region (the Development Director and Azure Dam). We’re hoping these will be ready in the next couple of weeks. And of course there’s still a long way to go in Rebel Inc: Es calation’s Early Access journey, with Mega Brutal mode, Multiplayer modes and a Scenario Creator all still in the pipeline.

Let us know what you think of Black Caves, and which upcoming features you’re most keen to see in the game!

Full 0.5.8 changelog:
  • Added a new Region: Black Caves
  • News bar tooltip moved to make it easier to read headlines
  • Explosions no longer appear in the Region screen
  • Time control tooltips made a little clearer
  • Fixed minor issue to prevent time control tooltips from clipping
  • Fixed a rare issue which prevented particle effects from disappearing
  • Region screen now shows a saturated image of the world map as opposed to a grey version
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma
It’s full steam ahead here at Office Zero, as we’ve a whole bunch more tweaks and fixes in the latest Rebel Inc: Escalation update. We’re reading all the excellent feedback you’ve been sending our way, including on the Steam forums, so keep it coming!

This update aims to make Insurgent camp locations more predictable for players. Camps are significantly more likely to spawn closer to areas of high hostile population or Insurgent controlled territory. We have also introduced major improvements to the Drone AI when detecting Insurgent camps.

FYI - We’re currently working on the first new map for the game: Black Caves. More news on this very soon!

Full 0.5.7 changelog below:
  • Insurgents camp spawning algorithm improvements
  • Significantly improved drone AI
  • Added new ‘Restart’ button to the in-game menu
  • Support lines during combat now adjust to soldier height on the terrain
  • Support lines are now generally more responsive and will update faster
  • Fixed an issue with 3D model stacking when placing tokens
  • Visual improvements to 2D Tank deployment tokens
  • Tidied up the ‘Coming Soon’ screen
  • Fixed minor graphical issue when moving Tank tokens
  • Fixed an issue which affected movement of Soldiers/Tanks when placed near or on top of HQ or Garrisons
  • Fixed a minor minimap issue which allowed ‘effects’ to play incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue in Settings menu where Framerate options were not being set correctly
  • Ensured news items appearing in chronological order on the drop down News menu
  • Dragging attachments whilst zoomed in now shows all of the tokens (HQ, Soldiers, Garrisons etc)
  • Fixed a rare issue where Stability was showing incorrectly on the Load and Save screens
  • Fixed an issue on Zone Overview screen where Initiative row colours were appearing incorrectly
  • Made Tutorial arrow sizes more consistent!
  • Fixed an issue where dragging tokens off screen caused tooltips to be clamped to the extremities of the the screen
  • Fixed a UI issue which led to insurgent numbers being counted incorrectly
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma
There’s no rest for the wicked! Fresh off the back of the release of the new Tank Commander Governor we have a few more tweaks going live. See below for the full changelog.

Ndemic Creations Team

  • 0.5.6 changelog:
  • Tanks now have larger and slower dots
  • Improved lighting in Saffron Fields
  • Fixed issue where priority icons on the minimap in Southern Desert were not centered, causing them to overlap with other zone borders
  • Greyed out the ‘Load Game’ button when there are no games to load
  • Fixed text cut off issues on the Initiative screens for 3440 x 1440 resolution
  • Fixed issue with Regional Stability bar sometimes filling incorrectly
  • Fixed rare null reference bug on soldier deployment
  • Fixed particle effects (intel eye, tank, stability) clipping through/behind roads and other objects
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma

We’re very excited to introduce the first of many new Rebel Inc: Escalation updates - the brand new Tank Commander governor!

It’s been an incredible first week of Early Access for Rebel Inc: Escalation, with many regions stabilised and bugs squashed. Thanks to your feedback we’ve already managed to push out a number of updates in the first few days, with all kinds of tweaks - from additional animations to localisation alterations.

Alongside hotfixes we’re working hard to get new content into the game regularly for you to play. Get ready to meet the latest governor, the Tank Commander!

Equip your soldiers with tanks! Tanks are extremely powerful but have limited mobility. If only the Insurgents would stay where you want them to…

We’ve got loads more ideas for new content to come, the first of which will be a new map, landing shortly (we’re just putting finishing touches on it now ;)). Let us know what you want to see!

Happy Peacekeeping,

The Ndemic Creations Team


Other tweaks, fixes, and changes alongside this update include:
  • Fixed bug where fighting visuals / explosions were showing after Insurgents had left a zone
  • Added a new Tank model for the Soldier tokens when they have a tank attachment (viewable when zoomed in)
  • Added a smoking cigar animation to the Tank Commander Governor image
  • Made sure that flags won’t render above roads and fields
  • Fixed issue in overview screen where headquarters flag appeared warped
  • Fixed a bug where Soldier deployment would not pause game
  • Fixed an issue with particle effects not being destroyed

Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic James
The barrage of quality of life improvements and bug fixes continues. See below for the full change log. Next week - we are aiming to release the new Tank Commander governor - and potentially the full Soundtrack.

Hotfix 0.5.4 changelog
  • Fixed bug where insurgents would flee through soldiers
  • Improved fort placement AI
  • Improved quality of drone camera in the zone screen
  • Improved positions of forts and camps on all maps
  • No longer able to click through end game screen
  • Fixed issue where initiative history was not displaying after save and quit 
  • Fixed Fort and HQ glint animation getting stuck if you zoom right after they spawn.
  • Scaled HQ model stages for consistency with other models
  • Improved minimap styling
  • Soldier Deployment now displays logistics information (useful for Brutal)
  • Fixed leaderboard next and previous buttons (they didn't previously do anything!)
  • Fixed zone overview screen cycling issues
  • Fixed issues with tooltips not disappearing
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Gemma
Since launch yesterday, Rebel Inc: Escalation has been doing wonderfully - getting to #5 on the Steam Bestsellers chart, (as well as #1 in the Strategy, Simulation and Indie categories). We also had 5 thousand people simultaneously tune in to watch us play on Steam Broadcast.

Thanks so much to everyone for your support - leaving reviews, tagging the game and telling your friends about the game make a huge difference to how the game does.

We are already hard at work prepping the first content update (Tank Commander) but we are also focused on fixing various bugs and quality of life fixes and we just released Hotfix 0.5.3.

Hotfix 0.5.3 changelog
  • Forts now have a 'sheen' animation on appearance like the HQ does.
  • Long text strings fit better in UI
  • Improved support for ultra wide resolutions (Advisors in particular)
  • Bug with scroll view for various UI fixed
  • Using hotkeys no longer breaks the tutorial flow
  • Rare bug with Zone screen and Region screen pie charts fixed
  • Region screen opens faster
  • Fixed a bug where moving a soldier was hard if it was close to a decision or fort. Soldier / decision HQ / rebel base / etc clicking order is now correct.
  • Rebel base visual logic fix - model and icon show correctly based on intel. Base has a combat icon.
  • Distant steppe HQ overview glitching terrain fix
  • Improved concrete for HQ drone cam as it upgrades
  • Airstrike explosions now correctly target rebel base rather than appearing at edge of zone

More to come! :)

The Ndemic Team
Rebel Inc: Escalation - Ndemic Matt
Exciting times here at Ndemic HQ: we’re proud to announce the launch of our new game: Rebel Inc: Escalation - on Steam now!

While you get stuck into the game, we thought you might also want to know our development plans...

First of all we’ve put aside some time to make sure everything is running smoothly. Expect a few small-scale updates over the next few days as we respond to your feedback and make sure any bugs are dealt with. We also have a few localisation fixes to implement.

Then we will get to work on the first big update for the game: The Black Caves map and Tank Commander governor. We will also work on Mac support.

We’ve got a load of plans for future updates (check out the main Steam store page), and we’d love to hear your thoughts, both on the game as it is currently and on the features we’re bringing to the table in the future.

Is there a feature you want to see more than any other? Desperate to create your own scenarios, or ready willing and able to throw yourself into multiplayer modes? Let us know in the Steam forum!

Enjoy Rebel Inc: Escalation!

The Ndemic Creations Team

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