MMA Executive - Vectormatrix Limited
In response to some highly appreciated feedback from an experienced player in the forums, the following changes have been made.

New Advanced Analysis Report System

• Advanced analysis now leaves a detailed report that can be accessed from the ‘Fighter Management’ menu by using the "ADV. REPORT" button.

• The "ADV. REPORT" button is only visible while the report is active.

• The report currently will expire after a month in-game and will not be saved.

• A new report can be made every month via Advanced Analysis by using Action Points (AP).

• The report details the training camp quality for each fighter from the past month, thereby allowing you to make highly specific micromanaged changes for individual fighters with a more user-friendly, informative and self-contained interface mechanism.

• As a result of the increased efficiency of 'Advanced Analysis', the AP cost has risen from 1 AP to 4 AP to maintain gameplay balance.


• Coach 'Overall Ability' is now visible in 'Staff Management' under the heading "STATS".
MMA Executive - Vectormatrix Limited
Skip is now available for “Who Will Win?”. Watching the fights rewards double pundit cash payouts compared to skipping. Skipping will reduce your AP by 1 if you have any. If you have zero AP you can still skip.

Minimizing the game during a fight that is actively being watched will now result in the fight being paused. It can be resumed as usual using the fight speed trackbar.

Two instructional animations have been extended.

A big thanks for the feedback!
MMA Executive - Vectormatrix Limited
Following some very welcome feedback from players in the first couple of days since launch, it became clear that the challenges of starting a Mixed Martial Arts business were quite significant. Who would have thought?

We'll continue to keep an eye out for your suggestions in reviews and in the discussion boards.

Thus an Easy Mode has been introduced that can be activated via checkbox when you register your character at the start of your career. If you select this mode, you will now be alerted by Anthropoid Bank that you have received a lump sum of money from an "unknown philanthropist" when you receive your in-game welcome email.

The way this mode currently will work is as follows:

• You will receive an additional £60’000 at the start of the game, which by the in-game exchange rate currently stands at $78’000 or €69’000.

• Steam Achievements will be deactivated in Easy Mode careers.

• Player High Scores will be halved in Easy Mode careers.

• Everything else will be identical to Normal Mode.

• The trophy cabinet and technique archive will still be unlockable.

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