Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - rjgrisham
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Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - rjgrisham
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Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - JeffOOTP
The fourth post-release update for FHM6, version 6.5.63, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

Since we've turned this update around relatively quickly while also adding some significant new features, this is a little lighter on the bug fix list than normal, although that's also a product of the list being comparatively shorter than it usually is at this point in the year. But the next update will probably swing a little more back towards cleaning up those issues as opposed to introducing new ones like we've done this time. That said, this time we have some early Christmas presents in the form of three significant new features:

1. We've added the ability to import historical players to existing games via a similar method to the player creation button: go to the league edit screen with Commissioner Mode turned on and you'll see an "Import a historical player" button just below the Create Player one (if you're just turning it on now, you'll need to leave and return to that screen for it to update.) Clicking it allows you to type in a player name, and once you've found the intended player on the list of historical players, to choose which season's version of him you want to import. He'll appear as he would in a historical game created in that season. This will work with any mode; you can add 1983 Wayne Gretzky to a modern game, put 2018 Connor McDavid into a custom game or the 1917 NHL, etc. This should make life much easier for those of you who want to do things like create an all-time all-star league.

A couple of notes, though: first, there are a few players in the historical database that I created for reasons other than in-game use, e.g. various 19th century players to get a Hall of Fame with all the real members. Not all of them have a proper ratings set, so you may get some strange players if you try to import them. I'll try to get that stuff cleaned up soon so everybody you can find is functional, but for now if you import somebody who wasn't an NHL/WHA/PCHA player (those all should be fine), you should check his ratings to see if he's looking like you expect.

And second, really extreme mismatches in talent (dropping Wayne Gretzky in his prime into the UK's NIHL, for example) tend to create mismatches on the player-on-player level that are a little beyond what the scope of the game engine can handle best, so those players will not be quite as effective as you may expect (not that they won't dominate; they will, it just may not turn a bad team into an undefeatable one as the player gets 10+ goals a game on his own.)

2. The UK Challenge Cup has been added as a tournament. It was originally scheduled to be included back in the release version but had to be delayed due to a format change that required quite a bit of new coding. It's viewable via the EIHL league menu (similar to how the Spengler Cup/Memorial Cup/Champions League work.) We may add other similar tournaments (i.e. national cup competitions separate from the normal regular season/playoffs) in the future.

3. The most significant new addition: an editable "Lineups" screen (on the team menu, between Lines and Tactics) that allows you to set lineup priorities for your players, effectively giving the AI a simple set of rules for which players to substitute in when needed - so you'll no longer have to stop and replace players when you get an injury or suspension, instead letting the AI handle it automatically. Aside from the convenience for single players, this should also make multiplayer leagues easier to handle, since the commissioner won't need to intervene to fix every lineup hole that occurs between regular export/imports. The way it works is a little complicated to explain in the update notes, so I'm posting the full explanation separately on our forums at

The rest of the update:

Gameplay Changes:
-teams will now be more likely to protect the rights to good RFA's on their protected list during expansion drafts if the player isn't currently contracted to another league
-NHL-western cup final will now end in 1926 even if the PCHA/WCHL/WHA doesn't stop playing at that point (we may allow it to continue eventually, but that'll require a few more safeguards to be built in for it to work in a safe and stable manner, so for now it ends on the historical date)
-if, while creating an expansion draft on July 1, you decide to delete the draft you created and make a new one, you'll now be able to select the July 2 date again, instead of being forced to choose a date option of July 4 or later
-fixed data errors in the team histories for 2017-18 and 2018-19 in several playable leagues
-Current database updated (this isn't quite a full-scale update like last time, as that requires a little more time than we had available, but it does include all the NHL moves up to the Taylor Hall trade, among other things)
-lowered nonplayable PIM stats in lower-level leagues (specifically, reduced the chance of fighting majors and misconducts by about half)
-tweaked 3-star system to loosen the restrictions on giving 3rd star to goalies with a lot of saves
-player personality ratings now used when available in the database
-added career records/leaderboards to Current Rosters start (a newly-generated version to fix some issues with the correct names not appearing in the previous version)

User Interface Changes:
-the leaders in the autoplay standings screen should now use the correct abbreviation for the team
-the (A) indicator on the roster screen has been changed to to (A1) and (A2) so it's possible to see exactly which assistant captain the player is (so you no longer have to guess when only one A is open and you want to add a new one)
-the active roster list on the Tactics-Player screen should now update (i.e. adding a checkbox beside the player) if you dress a player via right-click, so you no longer need to go back to the roster screen, dress him from there, then return to the player tab to get the option to select him
-waiver-eligibility for players is now shown relative to the league of the currently-selected team, so e.g. while looking at an NHL team's contracted players list, the waiver eligibility for players on their AHL team will be shown for the NHL, not the (nonexistent) AHL waiver eligibility
-added additional explanatory text to the "player is too old" popup warning (that appears when e.g. you attempt to sign a 20-year-old player in the WHL when you're already at your limit of 3 overagers)
-the Hall of Fame screen now only shows the stat totals in the top-level league in the game (i.e. NHL in everything except custom games)
-if a retired player is listed in another player's line chemistry list (in the profile screen), clicking his name no longer takes you to a different player's profile
-various minor text issues and typos fixed

Bug Fixes:
-fixed potential empty draft class in historical games and a related crash
-fixed issue causing lineup errors in minor league teams after importing/exporting rosters in a multiplayer game
-fixed Mac-specific crash when clicking World-Tournaments-History without selecting a tournament
-fixed error that was slowing players' language-learning speed significantly
-fixed crash when automatic suspensions for fighting majors are enabled for a league
-corrected the player order in the in Tactics-Unit screens' (both the in-game and the regular one) second Even Strength 3-on-3 unit

Additionally, Steam Trading Cards have been released for the Steam version.
Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - JeffOOTP
The third post-release update for FHM6, version 6.4.59, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

As mentioned in the last update, we're a little ahead of the game right now on the content we were planning to add via updates. The big addition in this update, user-configurable Expansion Drafts, was originally planned for the pre-Christmas update, but it was finished early, so here it is. We'll probably still refine it a bit in that update, tentatively planned the week before Christmas, but getting it done ahead of schedule should let us fit a few more new things into that one. The "autoplay screen" standings option that many people requested also made it in to this update, as did some revisions to the training screen.

On the downside, there's unfortunately still nothing new to report regarding the issue with drag-and-drop and photo import features that we had to disable on the Fastspring version, and the intermittent issue that's occasionally corrupting the facegen images so only the lower quarter of them are visible. We're continuing to try to find solutions for these and hope we'll have something for you soon.

Current Rosters:

The current rosters (as of November 25) are now available as a starting option: "Current 2019-20", which is now the default for new standard games (but you can still choose the opening night option instead.) We'll be continuing to update the rosters through the NHL trading deadline, so most, if not all, of the updates from this point forward will have a new database with the current rosters. Note that if you have jersey, logo, etc. mods currently set up in the OpeningDay.quick folder, you'll need to move them over to the same spot in the Current.quick folder for them to work in games started with that database.

Expansion Draft Configuration:

New in this update is a major addition to the expansion draft process: the ability to configure the details of expansion drafts via a new tab in the league edit screen, so you can have control over exactly how these drafts are run, instead of being stuck with just the default rules.

The configurable fields for the expansion draft setup are:

Name of Draft (default is "(Leaguename) Expansion (Season Start Year)")
Number of Rounds (allowed range 1-99, this is the total number of rounds the draft ruins)
Draft Date: (allows user to select the month/day the draft is held on, default is July 2 - year is always the season start year and can't be changed)
Maximum Goalies Protected Per Team (allowed range 1-5, default 1, the number of draft-eligible goalies each established team can protect)
Maximum Defencemen Protected Per Team (allowed range 0-20, default 3, the number of draft-eligible defencemen each established team can protect)
Maximum Forwards Protected Per Team (allowed range 0-30, default 7, the number of draft-eligible forwards each established team can protect)
Maximum Skaters Protected Per Team (allowed range 0-50, default 0; this can only be set to a number >= 1 if both the defencemen and forwards are set to 0, and if it is, the protected lists don't split skaters into F/D, there's just one group for all non-goalies and this number is the number of draft-eligible skaters each established team can protect)
Maximum Number of Players Lost Per Team (allowed range 1-50, teams cannot lose more than this number of players in the draft - be careful about using lower numbers, as it's easy to inadvertently set the number so low that there won't be enough players available to complete the draft, particularly if there are multiple expansion teams)
Goalie Draft Rounds (allowed range 1-5, default 3, the number of rounds in which the expansion teams must pick goalies)
Defenceman Draft Rounds (allowed range 0-20, default 9, the number of rounds in which the expansion teams must pick defencemen)
Forward Draft Rounds (allowed range 0-30, default 14, the number of rounds in which the expansion teams must pick forwards)
Skater Draft Rounds (allowed range 0-50, default 0; this can only be set to a number >= 1 if both the defencemen and forwards are set to 0, and if it is, will be the number of rounds in which the expansion teams must pick skaters)
Age-Based Exemption: (checkbox, off by default, if on, players whose age for the upcoming year (i.e. season start year - birth year) is > Maximum Exemption Age, set below, have to be protected, others are exempt)
Maximum Exemption Age: (allowed range 12-99, default 99, only editable if Age-Based Exemption is on)
Experienced-Based Exemption: (checkbox, on by default, if on only players with >1 GP in this league in the number of seasons listed below have to be protected, others are exempt; if Age-Based Exemption is checked, this option is changed to off)
Maximum Years for Experience Exemption: (allowed range 1-99, default 2, only editable if Age-Based Exemption is off)
NMC's Must Be Protected: (checkbox, defaulted to on, if this is on, players with No Movement Clauses in their contracted must be included on their team's protected list)

The "Draft?" option for expansion teams has moved to this tab.
Individual teams now have checkboxes to exclude them from the draft, so you can e.g. leave Vegas out of a Seattle expansion.
Once the draft is created, a "Reselect Order" button that randomly re-orders the draft (not via a lottery-type mechanism, it's just random selection) is available.

Gameplay Changes:

-adjusted attendance down for lower-level teams that play in large arenas
-adjusted baseline NHL salary values down slightly to help prevent long-term cap issues
-the individual body part injury proneness ratings for newly-generated players will now vary less from the overall rating
-the primary nationality change for the first couple of in-game seasons has been suspended (will get re-activated in those years once we get international player histories added)
-teams can no longer make an offer sheet to an RFA if they don't have the required compensation picks available
-adjusted the nonplayable team transaction system to be a little more reliable about getting junior players with the college preference onto college team rosters
-delay between games of the Swiss National League finals and Swiss Relegation (NLA-NLB) series has been shortened to prevent them from overlapping with international play
-the fake players generated to fill lower-level rosters at the start of the game will no longer produce good-quality players for the first NHL draft, displacing real prospects from getting drafted in the first NHL draft
-historical games started in 2014 or later will no longer begin with many/most of the guys who should be free agents contracted to Minor League teams
-failed clearing attempts will now identify the correct name of the player preventing the clear (had been re-using the puck carrier's name, e.g. "Smith trying to clear... But it's kept in by Smith.")
-adjusted AI expansion draft selections to give a lower priority to players who don't have a contract in the league the draft is taking place in
-lowered goalie fitness reduction for partial games
-adjusted AI training priorities to optimize use of coaching bonuses on players that can benefit the most from them
-made small adjustment to 3-star system to use overall game rating as a final tiebreaker if a star spot can't be filled by the regular criteria
-game now recognizes new "hit_postX.wav" and "whistleX.wav" modded sound files, in addition to the "shotX.wav" ones enabled previously

User Interface Changes:

-the "autoplay" standings/leaders screen is now available as a tab on the standings screen
-training screen has been redesigned a bit, instead of repeating "Assign Player" over and over after the checkboxes, we've changed that so the player's current score in that area is shown (i.e. the one shown on the player popups, those are the same as the training categories) and have added his ability and potential star ratings too make it a little easier to see who still has room to develop
-clicking on a boxscore link in the team schedule for a game that's been played in a non-NHL league no longer takes you to an NHL boxscore instead of the correct one
-WHL/OHL/QMJHL drafts will no longer have a nonfunctional (with only "Stop Picking" available) dropdown menu when the draft is entered by clicking the Continue button (as opposed to opening it from the league menu)
-fixed issue that could cause the user's team history to repeat the previous season's results 4 times instead of once
-corrected the reversed red/orange colours in the GR/OGR/DGR colour-coding in boxscores
-added the "Add to Shortlist" options from the right-click menu on a player's name to the Action Menu dropdown on the player's screen
-fixed some text cutoffs at 1440x900 resolution
-various minor text/typo fixes

Bug Fixes:

-fixed serious error in calculation of ratings in Exhibition mode that was leaving some teams with numerous players rated 1 at every position
-arena changes in historical mode no longer revert after one game
-fixed potential July 1 crash in historical games
-fixed potential crash in multiplayer save/export
-players eligible for the OHL/WHL/QMJHL/QMJHL American drafts who aren't selected should now properly get their league rights switched to Free instead of being stuck on None
-if the user is playing as GM/Head Coach and promotes an assistant coach to the head coach job via the right-click Change Job option, the Manager Options for Setting Training and Setting Lineup & Tactics will no longer be stuck on the user (instead of "Assistant") and unchangeable
-fixed crash when clicking Tactics button on the in-game screen of na international game
-fixed display error that was showing some Takeaways as Giveaways in the scrolling highlights text on the left side of the in-game screen
-some players affected by the "Unfit" status will no longer get huge weight increases to 400+ pounds
-fixed error in the 3-star system that was assessing some goalie performances on losing teams incorrectly
Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - JeffOOTP
The second post-release update for FHM6, version 6.3.53, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.

As we did last year, now that we've dealt with the most serious bugs and the smaller ones that were simplest to fix, we'll now take a slightly longer amount of time, probably a month or so, before the next update (barring any major issues that need a hotfix before then.) That'll give us a little more time to work on some things that need a longer timeframe for coding and testing. Originally, we'd planned the first "content" update that would add some significant new features to be the pre-Christmas one, but given the state of the game at the moment we think we may be able to move a few smaller things we'd planned for that into the late November update instead. One (new colour coding for the roster screen) actually made it into this one.

Regarding the issue with drag-and-drop and photo import features we've had to disable on the Fastspring version: as noted previously, we have an idea where the problems are occurring. However, our attempts at getting some help from the third-party vendor whose software we believe to be the source of the issues have not, unfortunately, been productive yet. We're going to continue to press them for some kind of solution; however, since we're going to have a little more time before the next update, we'll be able to try some alternative solutions from our side as well.

The database has had many fixes and revisions, but the rosters are not updated with post-opening night moves yet. The first "Current Roster" quickstart will likely come in the next update.



-adjusted schedule generator to better balance the schedule when adding a single expansion team to a league
-faceoffs will now be located properly when a penalty that results in a power play occurs (i.e. in the defensive zone)
-added option to disable suspensions (File-Setup/Options-Game Settings-Other Options)
-toned down the skill levels of some of the better historical teams in the early-mid 80's
-fixed problem that was causing some team budgets, particularly in Europe, to get large adjustments upwards unnecessarily
-fixed issue with some players not being marked properly as requiring NHL entry-level contracts
-the Tipsport Extraliga preplayoffs no longer take a week to start after the end of the regular season (causing issues later in the playoffs where the finals overlap with the World Championships)
-fixed problem with some players who should be covered by the NHL-CHL agreement not getting the option to be returned to junior
-when an empty-net goal is scored in the in-game view, the goal is no longer shown as being scored on the player who assisted on it
-preseason lineups for the AI will now use tryout players much more frequently
-teams added to historical games via the structure editor's Add Team option (not Add Hist Team) no longer getting the NHL logo as their logo
-expansion teams in custom games will now use pre-generated logos when one matches their name
-custom games now default to having the Percentage of Talent from Stats set to 0 - having no stats history available for every player was depressing the ratings to the point where reaching the cap floor in the initial draft was very difficult. If you wish to use the Stats-to-Talent feature in custom games, we suggest only re-enabling it after 1-2 seasons have been completed.
-lowered requirements for goalies to qualify for the GAA and Save% leaders on the team/league history screens (so they'll now appear faster for a new league)
-the sounds folder (\sounds\background_sounds in the individual quickstarts) can now be modded by adding additional sounds in the same naming format (e.g. hit_post1.wav and hit_post2.wav are default files, to add a third variation name it hit_post3.wav); game will choose randomly from up to 10 of these sounds in a category
-if you start a game employed by an NHL team, when the game begins in September all players in most of the other playable leagues no longer have their fitness at 1%
-NHL-Europe loans are now available for all European players on entry-level NHL contracts (who don't have a junior preference of major junior or college), instead of only under-20 players
-in custom games that mix a non-modern NHL top league with the CHL-format junior league, drafted players contracted to teams in the QMJHL and WHL should now be signable for the top-level league
-the list of UFA's in the Free Agency Preview news item now includes only significant free agents (relative ability at least 2.5 and/or potential at least 3.5) instead of literally every free agent for the league
-adjusted storyline that could cause early retirement for young prospects to only affect mid-tier prospects instead of top ones; also changed news announcements so it will be triggered for both the contracted team and current team (if they're different)
-added NHL uniform number history to modern database (there appears to be a problem with Montreal's numbers not importing properly, we'll have to fix that in a later update)

User Interface:

-the passing sliders on the Tactics-Units screen now work properly in the in-game view
-new text colour-coding on the roster screen:
  • GR/OGR/DGR: >75 Blue, 70-74 Cyan, 65-69 Green, 60-64 Yellow, 50-59 Orange, <50 Red
  • LVL: E Red, D Orange, C Yellow, B Green, A Blue
  • Salary/Cap Hit: compared to league standard salaries for bad/average/good/top players: -Injury Status: (use displayed injury status, not days remaining) Indefinite = Red, value in Months = Orange, value in weeks = Yellow, Day to Day = Green, Uninjured = Blue
  • Body Region/Tendency: use same colours as in injuries tendencies box in player profile
-the "Read All Messages" button now removes the red "messages waiting" icon from the mailbox icon at the top of the screen (previously only disappeared if all messages were clicked open)
-the Champions League standings page is no longer blank when opened from the league menus of several leagues that participate in it (EBEL, BXL, Metal Ligaen, SLM, Get-Ligaen, PHL, Tipsport Liga - the rest were working properly)
-the unsigned draftees list no longer omits some players that should qualify for it
-fixed location of the playoff cutoff line in the standings view for fictional leagues with only 6 teams making the playoffs
-the playoff cutoff line on the standings screen for the Chance Liga and Polska Hokej Liga league are now in the correct spot
-added a playoff cutoff line in the Tipsport Extraliga standings between 10 and 11, in addition to the relegation one between 13 and 14
-the points milestone news item will no longer include an error message if the milestone was reached during a tie game
-clicking on a date for an international game in the player-game-by-game tab no longer crashes the game
-the national data players tab is now counts all players with that nation as their first, second, or third nationality when calculating the total number of players for that country
-the "Active Personnel" filter in the Staff search filter now correctly excludes retired personnel
-fixed naming error in Kansas City Scouts logo that was preventing it from appearing
-opening a staff member's screen from the Team-History-Staff Index screen no longer results in the team history menu bar staying in place, instead of switching to the Profile/Career Stats/Edit options you'd normally get on the staff screen
-S% column (shooting percentage) in the Stats:Summary view of the roster screen now sorts properly
-if a team's away jersey colour is white (i.e. usually in most leagues), the puck location marker (the circle on the small rink graphic) will now be their primary colour instead, so it's no longer nearly invisible
-filter buttons on the players and staff tabs of the National Data screens now work properly
-fixed several issues with cut-off text and other small UI problems
-various small typos and text errors fixed

Bug Fixes:

-the entry draft order message will no longer appear when another team is added to the NHL at the start of a game
-away team colours will no longer be reloaded incorrectly when loading a save after editing them
-when a team finishes the season with a winning streak, he'll no they continued to get the +5 happiness bonus for a 5-game winning streak every time they won in the playoffs
-fixed small chance of user being hired as coach (not GM) while autoplaying while unemployed
-fixed issue with the way Physical Preference data for staff was being translated from the database into the game
-corrected data error that was preventing several pre-set suspensions (e.g. Evander Kane) from working
-player talent/potential filter should no longer include a few players above the maximum value
-the Ability rating on the lines screen's dressed list should now match the ability shown elsewhere for all players
-if the user starts the game unemployed as General Manager/Head Coach and accepts one of the 3 job offers at the start of the game, that team's head coach no longer remains in place
-fixed potential crash when free agents are listed on the player search screen
Franchise Hockey Manager 6 - JeffOOTP
The first full post-release update for FHM6, version 6.2.49, has just been released.

Your existing savegames will be compatible with the updated game, but some of the update's fixes may not retroactively correct certain problems in existing saves.



-maximum league size in the structure editor increased to 60 teams (there is no separate limit on how many teams can be added in a year, but we suggest keeping the annual expansion at a number no larger than the current number of teams in the league, otherwise you may not have a deep enough player pool to fill out the expansion teams properly, forcing the game to generate low-quality replacement players to fill their rosters)
-the language isolation effect that gives isolated players the Unmotivated chemistry class has been removed (there are still other effects, but that one was too severe)
-World Championships teams will now use players from all available teams, not just a few of them
-starting available money for teams should no longer vary considerably depending on the start date of the games
-user-created expansion drafts will now work properly in historical years where there also was a real expansion draft
-in a custom game with the NHL setup and real players, the generated salaries will now be a closer match to real 2019-20 values
-Challenge Mode games no longer allow the "Cannot Be Fired" option to be selected
-when a preseason tryout occurs it will now remove the player from the team's lines as well as the roster (previously could cause a crash if the user was playing a team that had a player leave for a tryout)
-the lineup AI should now recognize when the user has edited the league rules to increase the number of players dressed, instead of still dressing the number previously allowed
-the Chance Liga Group 2 should now play the second part of the schedule correctly
-fixed rounding error in calculating the number of stars for talent/potential (this will result in a noticeable "improvement" in the apparent talent levels within the game, but the internal values are unchanged)
-added a check to prevent stat-based talent from making excessive reductions to the actual talent when stats are unavailable/limited (i.e. at the start of a new game)
-VHL now uses KHL non-foreign region to determine which players count as foreign
-in historical games started on July 1, players who would have been draft-eligible for the most recent draft (i.e. the one normally held in July in the game) will now have their rights set correctly and be signable
-increased Champions League roster limit so teams in leagues with large roster sizes will no longer have to reduce their roster to play a CHL game
-rewrote annual season preview notes in historical games into a slightly different context that also makes sense for edited games as well as non-edited ones
-many database corrections/additions/changes

User Interface:

-fighting penalties in the in-game view now get a proper penalty popup message instead of a blank one
-the sliders for tactical tendencies in the in-game view are now 5-step, like the regular tactics screen
-user login/registration for OOTP accounts should be functional now
-"Coach" PM's (e.g. news about a player's position rating improving) now show the team's logo instead of not having one
-starting as a real GM will no longer occasionally cause the trading screen to display comments from your trading partner's perspective rather than your own
-the "your scout thinks the (teamname) have a weakness at" comment on the trade screen now has the team name as a link, allowing the team popup to be seen so their strengths and outlook can be checked as well
-the rivalry marker will no longer overlap the series score on the autoplay screen during the playoffs
-restored the missing retired number award icon for player screen
-injury length restored to the Injuries view in player history
-fixed stuck colour selector box if you open the team colour selector on the team edit screen, then click on one of the upper menus and navigate to somewhere else
-boxscores no longer list the wrong arena name when the user has edited/changed the arena
-while a game is being played, moving a player from line to line on the lines screen now swaps spots with the player currently in the targeted line spot, as in the regular lines screen - however, if you wish to move the player into the target box without moving him out of his current box, hold the CTRL key while clicking-and-dragging (this also applies to the regular line screen)
-various smaller text and interface fixes

Bug Fixes:

-fixed crash when moving players from a minor league reserve list to the active roster of a minor league team
-historical games will no longer crash when teams are removed from some league setups
-if a penalty/goal occurs with 0:01 remaining in the period and breaks for penalties/goals enabled, the game will now continue properly instead of locking up, forcing the remainder to be simmed
-Steam achievements should be awarded for the correct achievement now instead of some being mismatched
-preview images will now upload properly Steam Workshop (if you've uploaded items to the workshop already, you should be able to just edit them in the in-game Workshop interface to add the preview image)
-the championship news story for the Suomi-Sarja now announces the correct winner (which also affects the championship achievement for Suomi-Sarja)
-fixed an error with the stat-based talent calculation that was applying it incorrectly to two-way players
-if the user plays a game in exhibition mode and then starts a new game, the manager home screen will no longer get distorted and have nonfunctional scroll bars
-NHL-contracted players on loan to CHL teams are will no longer stay in the junior leagues past their maximum age if the junior league is set to nonplayable
-fixed excessive staff contract demands for renewals that was causing most of them to give the message that the contract demands are too high for the team to afford
-AI-run Montreal will no longer invite a huge number of players to pre-season tryouts
-fixed a league rules setting error that resulted in the AI assistant dressing too many players for some leagues

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