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This week at Bungie, we look towards Io.

So, you’re a few weeks into your seasonal journey. You’ve cleared the EDZ Bunker of Fallen, and have been taking the Hive to task on the Moon. You’ve reclaimed The Fourth Horseman, and maybe even completed its catalyst. So, what’s next?

Tuesday, the final Seraph bunker will open on Io. New Seraph weapons and seasonal mods enter the mix, giving you more options to build your monster-killing machine. Later in the month, Guardian Games will kick off some good old-fashioned Guardian rivalry, accompanied by the Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty.

This week, we’ll be parsing through some feedback we’ve been seeing since the season launched, a quick Game Security update, and discussing next steps for emblem stat trackers.

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Destiny 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

If you too are trying to do home workouts with bottles of water and bags of sugar for weights, this might get you pumped up: a mixtape from Destiny 2 combining throbbing beats with the motivational words of Lord Shaxx. The Shaxxercize tape is a wee Easter egg in one quest from the new season, hidden on a shelf in the office of Commander Zavala, and now Bungie have put it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Shaxx is the hornhatted fella who commentates PvP matches with Shakespearean boisterousness, our fightdad who’s always proud of us but knows we can push just a little harder. And now he wants you to feel the burn.


Destiny 2 - (Natalie Clayton)

Google Stadia might still be struggling to find its place in people’s living rooms. But for one studio’s home offices, it’s becoming an invaluable piece of tech. After Covid-19 hit their home state of Washington pretty hard, Destiny 2 developers Bungie have explained the beefy laptops and cloud streaming workarounds that aim to keep Guardians fighting while working from home.


Destiny 2 - Cozmo 
This week at Bungie, a new bunker was discovered.

Doors, once hidden, open on the lunar surface revealing another Seraph Bunker in Rasputin’s network. Guardians have begun exploring it to see what upgrades lie within. And if you’re up for the challenge, there are also new Heroic Lost Sectors available and new weapons to get your hands on.

That’s not all. Lord Saladin is at the Tower and has a new Bow for you to earn along with several opportunities for pinnacle drops. On top of all that, week three of Trials of Osiris begins tomorrow. What map do you think will be featured this week?

World Drops
There were several armor sets added to the engram loot pool with Season of the Worthy. We saw a lot of feedback that, while you were excited to see your favorite armor sets from the past, the fact that none of them had Seasonal mod slots made them feel less desirable and not worth including in your builds.

Good news! We’re adding Seasonal mod slots to these sets in an update next month. The three faction sets will get Season of the Worthy mod slots and the rest of the armor will get either Season of Dawn or Season of the Undying mod slots.

Season of Dawn Mod Slot Added:
  • Dead End Cure
  • Retro-Grade TG2
  • Heiro Camo
  • Road Complex AA1
  • Devastation Complex
  • High-Minded Complex

Season of the Undying Mod Slot Added:
  • Red Moon Phantom
  • Mimetic Savior
  • Thorium Holt
  • Tangled Web
  • Prodigal
  • Frumious
  • Noble Constant Type 2
  • Ego Talon IV
  • Errant Knight
  • Kerak Type 2
  • Philomath

All of these sets will be able to use Seasonal mods from the Seasons before and after the Season they are designated above (as explained in a previous TWAB).

The Fixings
We are currently targeting Tuesday, March 31 to deploy Hotfix The main target of this update will be the issue affecting Trials of Osiris challenges not being reset properly. Here’s a quick preview of other fixes coming in this update:
  • Fixed an issue where upgrades on the Season Pass where only unlocked for one character and will now properly unlock for the entire account.
  • Fixed an issue where the first weekly clear of a Heroic Lost Sector would not award a powerful drop.
  • Fixed an issue with Raiju’s Harness that allowed players to hold Whirlwind Guard indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue where Titan Season Pass arms ornament would block first person view.
  • Season Pass SMG and Shotgun will now create Warmind cells with Season Pass ornaments equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinel Titans were able to extend Sentinel Shield/Banner Shield by suppressing themselves.
  • Fixed an is
    sue where players were not getting the correct amount of planetary materials from bunker upgrades.

Aside from the fixes in we’re also continuing to investigate disconnects, crashes, and error codes being reported since 2.8.0 we released. Currently, we are seeing elevated disconnects from the Tower on all platforms but disconnects from other activities seems PC-specific.

The fix we deployed has appeared to resolve the crashes affecting Gambit, but didn’t help with other disconnects. We have made additional attempts at fixing disconnects that haven’t resulted in a decline in error codes and are continuing to work on new fixes for elevated Beaver, Beetle, Anteater, and Rabbit errors. We’ll give you more information as soon as we can.
Twitch Prime Rewards
We continued our monthly rollout of Twitch Prime Rewards today. If you have an active Prime subscription, visit this page to link your account and claim your rewards. After that, they should be available at Amanda Holliday in the Tower. Here’s a look at what you can get this month:
  • Prometheus Lens - Exotic Weapon
  • Eye of Osiris – Exotic Weapon Ornament
  • Tyrant Shell - Exotic Ghost Shell
  • Fleet Ska IX - Legendary Ship

Head over to the full article to check out the rest of the news from Player Support and see who won Movie of the week!
Destiny 2 - dmg04
This week at Bungie, the Fourth Horseman rides again.

Some of you may have heard the legend of the Fourth Horseman - a weapon so powerful, Spider Tanks run from it in fear. Any enemy foolish enough to come within range … ripped apart within seconds by the arc pellets launched from its four barrels. At the invitation of Zavala, you can get your hands on this beautiful Shotgun in Destiny 2.

Let’s say you want to strike fear into the hearts of the Cabal, but feel this already ridiculous weapon needs a little something extra. Keep your eyes peeled for its catalyst by continuing to upgrade Rasputin through Seraph public events, or clear Legendary Lost Sectors of the darkness found within.

And so, we begin another TWAB. Your weekly dose of Bungie and Destiny 2 news. We’ve got some exciting news on a new Twitch extension, an update from the Bungie Foundation, and more.

While there isn’t a cat picture hidden in this article, I still expect you to read every single word. No exceptions.
Dota 2 - (Alice Bell)

Unless you’re in one of those international versions of Big Brother that are still going on, you’ve probably noticed that we’re in the midst of a pandemic of something called the Covid-19 virus. I can tell it’s serious because my dad’s American girlfriend isn’t allowed to visit him, which means he’s bored and phoning me in the middle of the day. Haha, I joke. But he is 70, and has a weak heart, plus he’s immunocompromised on account of catching Lyme disease from a tick once (which is exactly the sort of ridiculous thing that only happens to country dads).

If you’re anything like us, you’re now at home, staring at the walls of your living room because of this social distancing thing. But it’s not just you. In fact, all of RPS is now working from home for the foreseeable future, too. So in the spirit of camaraderie, I’ve pooled some suggestions for video games to play while we’re self-quarantining. We’ve got some multiplayer ones, some board-gamey ones, and, of course, a healthy dollop of free ones.


Destiny 2 - (Lauren Morton)

Destiny 2’s new Season Of The Worthy is now underway and with it comes the triumphant return of the Trials Of Osiris PvP mode. The gauntlet of increasingly difficult matchups challenges players to earn the sickest of loot. The best of the best will get special rewards for completing seven consecutive matches without losing. The new trials are free for all players and they kick off today.


Destiny 2 - Cozmo 
This week at Bungie, a collision course was set.

With the launch of Season of the Worthy, Guardians are heading into the wild to discover lost Seraph bunkers and power up Rasputin’s defenses to take on this new threat. Here is a quick look at some of what you can expect during the new Season of Destiny:

Before we embark on the first TWAB of the new Season, we’d like to acknowledge some feedback that we’ve been seeing in the wild. We had a large change to emblems and stat trackers, which we’ll be talking about later in the TWAB. We’re also seeing some discussion on the new weapons of the season, and lack of Ritual Weapons for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. The team is currently reviewing and discussing the feedback, and we will be looking to talk about our goals for weapons in a future TWAB.

There are a variety of other topics, from Eververse to armor mods, which we’re collecting feedback on and discussing internally as a team. While we don’t have any specific changes to announce at this time, we wanted to make sure you know that we see the feedback and are actively discussing this internally. Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to let you know.

It’s been a wild launch week, but we’re just getting started. Tomorrow’s Friday and the day isn’t just reserved for Xûr anymore. Trials returns, and we’ve got a bit to talk about to get you prepared.

Trials Returns

In case you still haven’t heard. Trials of Osiris returns this Season. The first weekend of action-packed high-stakes PvP starts tomorrow. Let’s set the mood, shall we?

For everyone not familiar with Trials of Osiris, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect. The game mode is 3v3 Elimination, using the same rules showcased in the last few Seasons. The key difference is that Saint-14 will be calling the matches, and now your Power matters. You must be 960 Power to participate. Your Trials Passage, or “card” is your ticket in. Try to get as many wins as possible before you hit three losses and have to start over. Earn a flawless victory by winning seven matches with no losses. You can reset your Trials Passage at any time by accessing the item in your quests, or on the Trials of Osiris activity node.

One change from the previous Trials of Osiris is that there are no Boons that you will need to purchase and apply. Instead, there will be five different Trials Passages you can choose from that offer different bonuses built in like forgiving one loss per run or granting bonus experience from wins that increase with the number of wins on a ticket.

Players will also be able to earn Trials Tokens to turn into Saint-14 to increase their reputation and earn Trials Engrams. Any Tokens that a player doesn’t spend that week will be removed when Trials ends at the next weekly reset so spend them if you got them.

We have more details on these features and how Trials of Osiris will work in our full Trials of Osiris help article.

Trials of Osiris will match you with opponents based on your connections and how many wins you have logged on your current Passage. To submit yourselves to these Trials, you must form your own Fireteam.

Now go and shine bright as beacons of light.

In preparation for Trials of Osiris, our security team has been hard at work protecting the integrity of the Crucible. We’re always working to improve our defenses against cheats and other malicious activity. Recently, we’ve improved our methods for combating those who feel like they don’t have to play by the rules. We will be keeping a close eye on Trials of Osiris, where the stakes are even higher.

New server-side security features have been deployed specifically for Trials of Osiris, and we hardened our network layer to make it more resilient to network manipulation. We’ve also increased our staffing to be able to handle the review and banning of cheaters.

Because the ongoing battle with cheating is fought primarily with information, we can’t go into exact details on our methods which might tip off would-be cheaters on ways to get around them. We can assure you we take cheating seriously and will continue to work to both prevent it and punish any offenders.

If you do come across anyone you suspect of cheating, please report them in-game as well as online with our Suspected Cheater Report Form.

Eyes up…

Tracker Tracking
In Season of the Worthy, all emblems have been converted to use our new stat trackers. That means all emblems will be inspectable and can have trackers equipped or not.

When designing this system, our overall goal is to provide players more ways and options to show off their accomplishments. Our first selection of stats were determined by prioritizing stats that represented a skill that could be improved week-over-week or Season-over-Season and be an accomplishment that players would want to display that was meaningful to other players. Because of that, some stats that couldn’t be completed or improved any longer weren’t included.

We believe in these requirements in principle, but strictly applying them retroactively unfairly removed your ability to show off accomplishments that you could flaunt in Seasons prior. It was a change made with good intention, but was the wrong way to roll out a new system. We’ve identified some stats that can be added back in a future patch, and wanted to share them with you. We are currently planning to add these stat trackers back in an update later in the Season.
  • Season 8 Season Pass Rank Earned
  • Season 9 Season Pass Rank Earned
  • Fractaline Donated
  • Kills as a Sentinel Titan
  • Kills as a Striker Titan
  • Kills as a Sunbreaker Titan
  • Kills as a Flowwalker Hunter
  • Kills as a Nightstalker Hunter
  • Kills as a Gunslinger Hunter
  • Kills as a Stormcaller Warlock
  • Kills as a Dawnblade Warlock
  • Kills as a Voidwalker Warlock
  • Gold Medals Earned
  • Longest Glory Win Streak
  • Total Valor Resets
  • Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Completions
This list isn't complete yet and we plan to add to it before the update is released. As a note, none of the stats that were previously tracked have been lost. We’re still storing them all. Some stats would take a bit more work to return to the fold, and we’d love to see more player feedback to help us prioritize which you’d like to see return in the future. Feel free to sound off on the forums, DTG Subreddit, or even Twitter. We’ve got eyes … everywhere.

Which emblem stats did you find most valuable, and why?

As always, thank you for the feedback surrounding this feature. We’re excited for players to mix and match different stats with different emblems, and are eager to improve the feature in future updates.

Head over to the full article to check out the rest of the news from Player Support and see who won Movie of the week!
Destiny 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

A new season has started in Destiny 2 today, bringing a new existential threat to the human race and new weapons to beat it back. This time, baddies riled that we broke their star-destroying superweapon are retaliating by straight-up crashing the miles-long spaceship into Earth. Rude. So here we are in Season Of The Worthy, powering up the defences of an ancient AI named Rasputin and nabbing new guns of our own. Ye olde supersweaty PvP mode Trials Of Osiris is returning too. As is the way, some parts of the season are free to all players but some require buying a pass.


Destiny 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

Eververse, the premiere Destiny 2 fashion house, last night revealed its spring collection of street wear for Season Of The Worthy. Reactions from fashionistas have been loud and charged. I adore this collection, welcoming the option for some more casual duds, even if the Warlock outfit in the middle is so ludicrously, wonderfully, decadently uncasual (a look I think works for the class). The big shock is the outfits for the agile, tricksy, gunslinging Hunter and the beefy, punchy, hammerhurling Titan. You thought it was the Hunter on the left, right? Naw mate, that’s a Titan. The lad with the big plated arms is the Hunter. It’s catwalk chaos.



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