Dec 9, 2019
Surviving Medieval - vlasovtower
Patch #3 notes:
  • Now Surviving medieval can be played as a more classic tower defense, thanks to Classic TD mutator. If Classic TD mutator is activated king destroys barbarians that approach him but loses his health at the same time.
  • Package size optimization. Now Surviving Medieval takes only 800mb of disk space vs 3gb before.
Nov 20, 2019
Surviving Medieval - vlasovtower
Regular patch with the basic tutorial added and hints section expanded.
Nov 14, 2019
Surviving Medieval - vlasovtower
Aside from regular updates with balance tweaks and bug fixes, there are a lot of features that are coming to Surviving Medieval.
So here is an overview of features that can be expected in the nearest future (most likely before 2020):
  • A proper tutorial that will explain how all systems work is necessary and it is coming soon.
  • Expand of citizens demands. In medieval, they had much more then it is now available.
  • New rotating trap.
  • New enemy type: assassin that can infiltrate a settlement by jumping over walls.
  • Company introduction! Yes, there is going to be a company with missions, different maps, different landscapes, different gameplay, new enemies for each map! Though as of now it is most likely to arrive somewhere in 2020, with limited maps.
Patch#1 notes:
  • Roads get saved properly now.
  • Gold refunds if demolishing not yet built objects.
  • Balance tweaks and minor bugs fixed.

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