Escape Lala 2 - Retro Point and Click Adventure - galhajaj
Hi! We're going to try something in the following days - starting today. we'll give the Escape Lala community "pickaxe-points" to unlock the last community area in Escape Lala 2 (right now it's on 1853 out of 10000) by solving riddles that related to the game.

The riddles will be published on facebook/twitter/Instagram, and the first player to send the answer to our email will grant the community some pick-axe points (today the answer is worth 500 points) and will be praised for eternity.

So, stay tuned! I'll try to publish the riddles also in the Steam forum for your convenience.

Thanks, and we'd love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. - if you enjoyed the game - tell your friends!
P.P.S - there's an amazing feature in Steam that let you leave a review. did you know that? :)

Gal Hajaj
Escape Lala 2 - Retro Point and Click Adventure - galhajaj
We updated Escape Lala 2!
Now the darts & fish mini-games are absolutely possible :)
(Oh, and the king of moles is less shy)

Have fun!

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