Ord. - Mujo Games

Ord. now runs on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04+) and Mac OSX!

We have also fixed a few bugs:
  • Fixed a typo in Dimensions.
  • Fixed empty choice bullet point bug.
Ord. - Mujo Games
The Big (and free) Update for Ord. is out!!

The Big Update adds 3 new stories to Ord.:

  • Dimensions
    Prepare for dimension-hopping escapades as you try to find a way back home!

  • World
    Take on the role of a god and build your own world. Will it prosper or perish?

  • Foul Things (written by Skruffye)
    Rediscover the helplessness of childhood and escape the hunger of the Foul Things...

Additionally, the amazing Damion Sheppard composed an interactive soundscape that makes Ord. come to life!

And on top of all this, the game is on discount from 31st to 8th to celebrate!

We hope you have fun with this free update, and hopefully we'll be able to improve the game more as time goes on. Let us know what you think!

Fynn, Joni, Pedro & Josh
Ord. - stuffed wombat

Heyo dear Steam Users!

We are currently hard at work on a free update, which will be released in the end of August!
This Update will consist of:
  • New Stories by New Writers
  • Sound Effects by the amazing Damion Sheppard

We are also currently reaching out to more Streamers, Reviewers and Curators, so if you know anyone who might enjoy Ord., please do not hesitate to tell us :D

Also, to the people who are waiting for achievements to be usable on profile pages: We still have not hit the numbers for that, but we are confident we will!

We hope you have a nice August and wish you all the best!

Fynn, Joni & Josh
Ord. - dazed and confused
Hey everyone, now that Ord. has been out for a couple of weeks we thought we would get in touch and let everyone know we are planning an update for the game! Right now we'd love to hear what people would like to see added/changed so if you have any suggestions please do leave a comment or get in touch with us on Twitter.

We'd also just like to quickly say thank you to everyone who has played and enjoyed Ord. so far. The response we have received has been great and we really appreciate everyone who has given us feedback.

Thanks for playing!
Ord. - dazed and confused
Hi all, today we're really excited to announce that the release date for Ord. will be 5th June!

While you're waiting, you can also visit http://ordgame.com to play a small taster of the game.

If you haven't already you can wishlist Ord. to be notified when it releases.



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