Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Dry Drowning is a choose-your-own adventure detective visual novel, with a flavour something like a more morbid Death Stranding. Moody, intriguing and at times, terrifying. It’s the details in Dry Drowning that are special.

Here's a great review by Kotaku UK! 🔥
Have a read: {LINK REMOVED}

“A new standard for visual novels.”

Really honored for this. Thanks ExpansiveDLC! 🔥
Read the full article here: {LINK REMOVED}


Sep 11
Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Dear citizens of Nova Polemos!

Let's get the updates started with the release of an enhanced version of the DEMO!

What's new:
  • On the first start, the game will automatically detect the system language and adapt accordingly.
  • Introductive video can now be skipped anytime, even on the first start.
  • Dynamic subtitles (ON/OFF) in the introductive video are now available.
  • English localization has been proof-read.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Further updates are coming very soon so stay tuned and Be A Good Citizen!
Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Dear citizens of Nova Polemos!

We want to inform you that some big updates are coming, with improvements and the introduction of new features! Both the demo and the full game are going to be updated.

Also, we’re adding the enhanced English localization to the game and we’re going to release the Chinese version as well as another European language.

The update is coming very soon so stay tuned and Be A Good Citizen!

Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Dear citizens,

We break in for this live update.
We are happy to announce that the GAME & SOUNDTRACK BUNDLE of Dry Drowning is now available!


Want to experience both the game and the original soundtrack?
Now you can do it for a special price! Save 10% by buying this bundle and enjoy the dramatic and intense world of Nova Polemos at its fullest.

Further updates are coming soon, so...
Stay tuned and Be a Good Citizen!
Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Dear citizens of Nova Polemos!

Based on the feedback we collected from all of you, we implemented the following improvements and fixes in the current patch (Build 1.0.2):

  • Added text related “Advancement mode” in Settings menu, featuring three dialogue modes:
    • NORMAL: The text appears on the screen gradually. The player needs to click to advance to the next dialogue.
    • FAST: The text appears on the screen all at once. The player needs to click to advance to the next dialogue.
    • AUTO: The text appears on the screen gradually and automatically. The player doesn't need to click advance to the next dialogue.

  • Changes to investigation mode: It’s no longer possible to interact with the same area/object more than once.

  • Modified the mouse cursor: The mouse pointer is less invasive during the non-investigative phases.

  • Improved English localization of Chapter 1.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the animations of Mordred and Hera’s portraits during the investigation in the “Darkroom” - Chapter 3.

  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the animation of Abigail’s portrait in the following locations: “Foley Investigations”, “David Casey’s Office”, “Talon Square”.

  • [Bug Fix] Minor fixes to text formatting.

  • [Bug Fix] Several timing adjustments during dialogues and cut scenes.

That's all for now, we hope you'll enjoy the changes we made!
Meanwhile our dev team is already working on further improvements.

Stay tuned and Be a Good Citizen!
Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Many of you seemed to really like the background music of the game so we're happy to announce we just released the complete soundtrack of Dry Drowning!

The DLC includes:
  • 42 original music tracks + 7 EXTRA
  • Both MP3 and FLAC audio formats
  • More than 2 hours of music
  • 3 live recorded piano tracks


Feel the emotional and dramatic soundtrack. Relive the grim and dark atmosphere of the game...

What's your favorite track? Let us know in the comments!

Dry Drowning - Toxicology
We're happy to share with you the success of our game!

Dry Drowning placed first on Steam global rankings in both "New and Trending" and "Top Selling" categories, during the whole weekend of its launch!

We wouldn't be able to achieve this amazing result without your incredible support. To all of you who either purchased the game, wishlisted, tried the demo or simply left us a feedback, a big and heart-felt THANK YOU!

And now some updates.
We've been collecting your feedback, we've been listening to the community and we are working hard to improve the game and to offer you the best experience possible.
  • Soundtrack:
    Since many of you seemed to really like the game background music, we decided to make the complete OST of Dry Drowning available as DLC. It's going to be released VERY soon!

  • Improvements:
    Based on players' feedback, this is what we already implemented:
    • Save files format improvements
    • Save files in chronological order
    • Introductive video displaying in fullscreen
    • Minor bug fixes

    Other features or improvements will be gradually added. We are currently working on these:
    • Ledger accessible during dialogues
    • Save during dialogues
    • Text options: Adjustable text speed, Text displaying all at once, Autoscroll
    • Introductive video with subtitles (with ON/OFF switch and Skip option)
    • Mouse cursor improvements

  • Localization:
    • English localization improvements
    • Chinese localization implementation
    • Evaluating other languages to be added in the future

More updates are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Dry Drowning - Toxicology
EUROGAMER and NERD4.LIFE just published a great review of our game. Here's a short excerpt:

“Dry Drowning is a very interesting product that tries to raise the reputation of the Italian school, focusing on the most successful narrative dynamics of the recent years and revisiting them, in order to provide a new, thrilling claustrophobic experience” - SCORE: 8

Read the full articles here:

(ENG) https://nerd4.life/2019/08/03/dry-drowning-review/

(ITA) https://www.eurogamer.it/articles/2019-08-03-dry-drowning-recensione

Dry Drowning - Toxicology
Today we finally released Dry Drowning and embargo lifted! First reviews are coming out and journalists are enthusiast with the game!

"This independent Italian title makes for a fresh take on the visual novel." - SCORE: 8

Read the full article here: https://culturedvultures.com/dry-drowning-review/


Dry Drowning - Toxicology


A shady socio-political situation dragging everything down to the abyss, a serial killer drawing strength from this darkness, a tormented detective and his assistant craving for redemption...

Will you shed a light into Nova Polemos or will you sink into the abyss?

Get ready to dive into darkness....


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