Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -
Seated/roomscale mode
  • New setting for seated/roomscale experience. We are experimenting with autocentering vs respecting roomscale boundaries in SteamVR. When you start the game in "seated" mode the game recenters to your current headset position (and you can also recenter anytime in the game by holding B button or touchpad right for 3 seconds). When in "roomscale" mode, there is no recentering and your position is absolute within your guardian system. Please give it a try and let us know which setting works best for you so we could make it the default :)

Audio modding
  • You can replace sounds of individual weapons and of ingame announcements "miss" and "fail". Go to Settings/Modding, set audio modding ON and exit the game. Then replace WAV audiofiles in ..\\Song Beater_Data\\Modding\\Audio directory with your own and start the game again.

Colors modding
  • You can now view/specify colors for beat balls and hands/weapons using precise RGB values along with color wheel.

Fixes and optimizations
  • Various fixes and optimizations. Improved levels for intense and impossibru difficulty for song Close by Mikalyn (ranked vol. 2).
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -
Haven't tried Song Beater VR rhythm game yet? Now is the perfect time! Play it for free till Sunday, enjoy 45+ songs and videos in 4 different environments, smash the beats with your bare fists or variety of weapons. Don't fancy to play alone? Song Beater supports multiplayer! Join multiplayer lobby to play directly against another player or enter championship for massive multiplayer experience.

Do you enjoy the game and want to keep it after free weekend is over? We have you covered. All players who will play new custom song "We're Coming In" by SmaXa will compete for 15 game keys! Select the song from Custom songs tab in Fitboxing mode and choose any difficulty you like. You can play as many times as you want to place at the top. The competition ends on Sunday 10th at 11 AM PST (19:00 GMT). Top 3 players from each difficulty will be rewarded with Steam/Oculus key (one key per player only)!

Steam players will be contacted via Friends messages.

For existing Oculus Store players: you can participate as well! Download custom song from here:
Send us screenshot with leaderboard and your visible name in it (in orange color) to as a proof of your player name.

November 11th: Congratulations to our winners!!! :)

If you haven't accepted friend request on Steam from yet, do it now, your prize key waits for you. Rift players e-mail us at, thanks :)
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -
After months of constant improving our early access version with regular updates we bring you the ultimate "Full release update", which will pave the way to full release of the game.

  • 16 new songs and videos (so there are now more than 45 songs included in the game!) – Named "volume 2" pack, starring Canadian songwriter and singer Mikalyn, French musician Dizaro and more.
  • 3 new game environments (themes) – Dark tropical island, Deep space and Ancient Egypt. Existing "Early access" theme was improved as well.
  • Championship multiplayer mode – Want to compete with any number of players all over the world at the same time? Now you can, Championship mode brings automated roster of songs playing non-stop, you can join anytime and select your preferred difficulty level as well (you can see number of players participating in each difficulty, after finishing the song you see your overall placement). If you'd rather play selected song with a chosen friend, you can use existing Multiplayer mode.
  • Further customizations – You can now change symbols and colors of beat balls (affecting also colors of your hands/weapons) from default yellow-purple scheme to any colors you like.
  • Optimizations and bugfixes – Thanks to valuable feedback from our players here on Steam and our Discord server we were able to fix several bugs affecting some achievements. If you still encounter any weird behaviour, let us know at
Thank you all for your support!
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -
Instant shock

This new gameplay setting will test your reflexes and reward you with 10% score bonus. When ON, the balls will be spawning in a much shorter distance in front of you thus giving you less time to react. You can think of it as of some kind of martial art practice. :)

Camera setting

(For streaming or showing your gameplay to friends who gather around your monitor/TV/projector :))

You can now switch between cameras (first person, external static, external moving) and avatar types (Winston or anime character) in the game settings. You can also still use Escape and function (F4 etc.) keys in desktop game window and mouse and arrow keys to adjust the camera view.
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

3 new game settings! If you are learning basics of the game or just want to enjoy whole song without the fear of failure, turn "No fail" option ON (your score won't be saved to leaderboard tables though).

If you just need to take things a little bit slower, adjust brand new "Song speed" setting to 90% (there will be -10% penalty to your score).

If you are already a pro and want to spice things up, turn the speed all the way up to 150% (you will receive +20% score bonus). And the gameplay becomes quite hilarious as a side effect, see for yourself :-D

If you want to focus on achieving the highest score, you can now setup "Score per hit" display to show just accuracy (ACC) or just power (POW) of your blows.

Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

Update #7 is here with brand new features and announcements:

Competitive multiplayer

You can now compete with your friends or random players by playing the same song at the same time side by side! Whoever wins scores one point to new "Beaters" leaderboard. Ingame footage:

How to play? Select "Fitbox multiplayer" and "Play Random" to enter the lobby. Join another player or create your own room and wait for someone to join you. Use popup menu (B/Y on touch controllers or touchpad right on SteamVR) to leave your current song or room at any time.

Join our Discord server to let us know your thoughts. We will be enhancing and optimizing multiplayer in upcoming updates.

Sales promotion

We are starting 2 weeks long sales promotion now! If you are thinking about trying out Song Beater, this is your chance to get it for the best price! (We plan to transition from early access to full release in September with increasing the price of the game)

We hope to attract new players so that we can test all new features at large scale. So far we have delivered new features and content in weekly updates as promised and hope to continue with improving the game in the future. Will you join us on our journey?
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

Sixth update with new features and content is here!

  • 1 new song (so there are now 30 total!) – View by Ametryo
  • Enhanced unicode support for player names in leaderboards – players from Japan, Korea, China, Russia etc. can now enjoy their names in full glory. :)
  • Optimizations (shaders etc.) – as we are currently working on mobile version of the game for GearVR/Oculus Go and potentially Oculus Quest, we apply some of the improvements to PC version as well

  • Multiplayer! We are already working on multiplayer mode where 2 players can stand side by side and play the same song at the same time (each with own set of incoming balls). We hope to release it in our next update on Friday 23rd, stay tuned!

  • Transition from early access to full release We hope to finetune existing features (weapons, obstacles, multiplayer) in following weeks and transition to full release in September. Existing 30 playable songs are now named "Ranked vol. 1" and we will add another list of songs named "Ranked vol. 2" to full release. :)
Aug 9
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

Fifth update with new features and content is here!

  • 1 new song (so we have now 29 total songs!) – Brand new vocal version of popular Bad Love track by Niwel
  • Phasers enhanced:
    – You can now shoot in full auto mode (keep your trigger pressed* and the pulses will be synchronised with song's tempo, you just need to keep aiming)
    – Each phaser can hold up to 33 rounds and there are 2 ways to recharge them.
    – If you are overwhelmed by incoming balls use your phaser's blade attachment to destroy them in melee combat instead. Each destroyed ball will recharge your phaser with 10 rounds.
    – Or bring your phasers together so their blades touch, this way you can fully recharge them in a matter of seconds.
    – If you are low on ammo (10 rounds or less) you will hear new voice cue "Recharge"
    – *For players with disabilities or if you just don't feel like holding the trigger all the time you can turn Autoshooting ON in game settings.
  • Players with disabilities can now turn One hand option ON. Select which hand (left/right) will you use to play, the other hand will be hidden and all spheres will be recolored accordingly.
  • Obstacles enhanced – horizontal and vertical moving obstacles now change their position in larger steps and stay there when passing by you so they won't surprise you by moving slightly behind your back.
  • Rotation of spheres should be more natural in respect to the hand required to destroy them (yellow spheres on the left side should be almost straight while blue spheres would be rotated to intercept your right hand and vice versa)
Aug 2
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

Fourth update with new features and content is here!
  • 2 new songsIsland by Jarico and All Night by Peyruis
  • 7 existing videos are now playable as ranked songs as well (so you can choose whether to watch the videoclip in the background or play the song with effects and obstacles instead)
  • Leader kings table now sorts players based on total points instead of simple victory counts. You get 1 point for each victory in gentle difficulty, 2 for light, 3 for normal, 4 for intense and 5 for impossibru.

  • Tonfas should be easier to handle if you want to perform complex moves such as rotating the longer end in front of you.
  • Staff can now be held in any hand. Bring your hands together to move it to your other hand.
  • Tonfas and staff will give you best score if you cut the balls in half (similar to blades) instead of just destroying them
  • Blades game uses 30% bigger balls for easier cutting
  • Score per hit can show percentage (of ideal hit) instead of score number. You can enable it in Settings/Game.
  • Head collider is now smaller so avoiding obstacles should be easier.
  • Custom sounds – if you want to experiment with sounds for fit boxing or different weapons, you can enable Modding in Settings and replace ".wav" files in \Song Beater\Song Beater_Data\Modding\Audio folder
Jul 26
Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! -

Third update with new features and content is here!
  • 4 new songsWhen You're Comin' Back Around (videoclip) by Norwall, Rollercoaster by Declan DP, I Saw a Ghost Last Night by Leonell Cassio... and Sven by Party In Backyard with special minecraft-like treatment, check it out! :)

  • Laser obstacles – Several different types of horizontal and vertical obstacles coming at you, some of them even moving from side to side or up and down! :) They now appear automatically in all ranked and custom songs (not videos), you get +10% score bonus for them. You can turn obstacles off in game settings, but you will lose this score bonus so choose wisely. ;)
  • Life bar and song progress bar – Your life bar (which was previously placed in front of your feet) is now placed on the left side above boost number so you can see it all the time. We have also added song progress bar, you can see it on the right above calories meter. Song name, length and artist name remain displayed at your feet.
  • Score per hit display – If you have this setting turned on, you can see individual score for each hit. For multiple hits in a quick succession you can now see their sum.
  • Blades adjustments – Blades are now positioned more naturally from previous "Wolverine" position, which was fun to watch, but hard to master. :) The balls now show cross on them. If you slice the ball horizontally or vertically right at the cross you get extra boost score.
  • Custom videos support – Custom songs created or converted to Song Beater format (sb.json) now support MP4 video playback. If you want to try it out, edit your song's sb.json file with any text editor and rename "audio" property to "video" and replace ".ogg" filename in there with your ".mp4" file (or you can keep the audio tag and add video as new – in that case your song will appear both on Custom songs and Videos tab so you can choose in the game whether to play it with video background or not). See our sample song "Song Beater – Retro Beats" in "CustomSongs" which now has both audio and video version.

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