Scikor - Final Scale - Rob_scikor
New trailer to celebrate the launch!

Just for you who are reading this, use "m" on keyboard to zoom out the space ship! Shhh..

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Scikor - Final Scale - Rob_scikor
Hello, Rob Scikor here, to announce the ... YES! Finally! Why did it take so long ?! ..release date!
It will be on February 28th
of your planet's current year, is 2020 right?

Here is a bit of the development history
if you are still reading :)
A long time ago, at #musicgamejam I made a platform game with a musical scale mechanic, it was interesting, but very difficult, so in March 2019 with the knowledge of unfinished projects, I started making a complete game based on this scale mechanic, but first you need to perfect a simple platform movement!

I worked three months only on the player's powers and basic mechanics, many bugs happen when you allow the player to combine the powers, but ... I wanted it to work that way! Because there is a flow in the use of all powers, that is why the levels are timed, because after the first pass, when you already know the challenges, you can speed up with the flow!
Like some hedgehog :P

All the rest took me six months to finish and I still adding some bits! I will talk more about yet!
Check the video below to see the polishiment changes!

And follow me on Instagram for more information on this game!


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