Oct 31
CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling - Action937
Here are the update notes for 1.0.7

* Made A.I. more aggressive (not to stand and wait as much). Might be too aggressive now. We'll keep an eye on it and continue to tweak it.
* Tweaked “normal” difficulty
* Fixed glitch where new downloaded wrestlers sometimes don’t appear in the selections screen
* Fixed glitch where sometimes the pause menu would stay on screen
* Fixed glitch where a top rope finisher would not target correctly
* Fixed glitch where the voiceover would be incorrect at the end of a battle royal
* Changed the look of the top rope double axe-handle
* Fixed Standing Superkick not hitting
* Fixed 4-way selection screen energy bar assignments
* Fixed powerbomb not breaking a table
* Added conditions where A.I. would get stuck on the ground and not try to get up
* AI now attempt to help eliminate and/or interrupt eliminations
* Fixed issue where new Wrestlers no longer showed up in All when in the Selection screen
* Additional minor bugs
Oct 20
CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling - Action937
Update 1.0.5 has been uploaded:
  • Changed collision so that you can you can strike/grapple a nearby opponent even if you aren’t targeting them
  • Tutorial crash fix
  • Crash where physics caused a crash at the end of a match
  • Top rope finishers not targeting correctly (missing)
  • Fixed glitch where wrestlers would float if they missed someone getting into the ring on a top rope / run outside move
  • Fixed glitch where wrestler wouldn’t go off the top rope when opponent was outside the ring
  • Fixed instance where one of the energy bars wouldn’t show up
  • Fixed instance where sometimes the pause menu would stick
  • Fixed crash at the start screen when unplugging a controller
Oct 17
CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling - Action937
Patch 1.0.3 has been released
Thanks for all of the wonderful and detailed feedback.

Here is a list of the items we addressed. We'll keep listening and working as fast as we can to make sure we keep improving our game!
  • Glitch where you can delete a custom arena but it still appears in the selector
  • Several crashes after a match - thank you for posting the ID codes!
  • Sometimes a wrestler will be off with their running ground finisher and your opponent will be glitched into not getting back up
  • Bug where your opponent stays down and you cannot focus on him/her
  • Some folks are sometimes getting the “Need to update to go online” screen. But they are updated
  • You can get stuck if you perform a running ground finisher on the very bottom of the ring
  • Download limit not resetting
  • Search by keyword in creations gamepad glitch
  • Audio settings on the options menu are not working

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