Oct 14
Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
Meet the big Power Brain Trainer update that everyone has been waiting for.

What's new:

1) Begining of standardization and design improvement;
2) Ability to change the design with the background;
3) New tests in the arithmetic training section "Arithmetic Mean" and "Error Search";
5) A new section on mindfulness training, including the "Search for superfluous", "Sort" and "Cards" tests;
6) All tests are now available immediately and do not require unlocking;
7) Added local analysis for the tests, which includes a chart of success;
8) Collection facts sorted by groups;
9) 35 more collection facts added;
10) Improved random generation of collection facts;
11) Daily bonus changed;
12) The created profiles can now be edited;
13) Work on "Brain Center" (free DLC) started;
14) Start improving sounds;
15) Some other minor improvements.

Sep 1
Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
Congratulations on the autumn. May this season please you with new successes and fill your life with positive experiences. Our team has prepared an update for you in the Power Brain Trainer. Let's start the season with new shifts and improvements!

What's new:
• the surname and first name can be entered not only in Latin;
• keyboard control is slightly expanded;
• added 30 collection facts about food;
• daily bonus appeared - discovery of 1 fact;
• the confirmation window eliminates the possibility of unintentionally deleting the profile;
• several translation errors have been fixed;
• some other minor improvements.

Believe in yourself and reach your goal. We wish you all the best!

Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
Great offer!

If you did not manage to purchase a PBT at a discount, you now have the option to purchase a Brain Box. Save 35% buying a package Power Brain Trainer + PBT-GOLD.

Hurry up! Limited in time.

Aug 26
Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
Meet the new version of Power Brain Trainer! As PBT gets more and more users every day and our wish list grows fast, we are updating our simulator. We are very happy to work for you.

What's new:
• the test unlocking is reduced to the 3rd shield;
• changed standard backgrounds 1, 3, 9, 18, 28, 29;
• you can now turn off the instructions when adding a user
• some minor improvements.

Anyone who has not yet purchased a Power Brain Trainer - hurry up to do so now, as the discount will be over soon! Why are you still waiting? Forward brain training!

Aug 23
Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
What's new:
• achievements began to work more reliably;
• fixed a mistake in counting consecutive days;
• added 30 facts about space;
• getting new level adds more facts to collection;
• detected and eliminated language mixes in translation;
• some minor bugs fixed.

Warning! To avoid conflicts of versions, delete the created profiles.

Power Brain Trainer - Balance Company
In the photo 4 programmers from the Ukrainian team "Balance". Illia Ustenko, Ivan Shutko, Dmytro Pohrebnyi and Serhii Khramov.


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