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Had some real life stuff pop up as well as a good but shaky first beta test, and it seems like a bit of another push-back is in order. Sorry for holding out on you guys! But, come and join the Discord and get in the premium 2nd wave of testing, now that everyone else had to endure the 1st wave of bugs! This should take place within 1-2 weeks, depending on how settled my whole situation gets. Also, the game's over 98% done, so don't worry --it is coming soon.

Cthulhu's Catharsis - Dastardly Digital
Sorry for the incoming bad news, but Cthulhu's Catharsis is not able to meet the July 2019 release date. Now you may be asking, "why did this man wait until literally July 30th to tell us this?" Because now there's good news:

First --the release date is now officially set to August 14th, barring any sort of disaster. Any even in some kind of horrible reality-destroying disaster, I promise to make the best attempt to bring you your dose of video game in whatever void we're sucked into.

Second --the open beta for you guys in the official Discord will be available to play starting August 3rd at 6 PM EST and until August 4th 11:59 PM EST (this Saturday and Sunday). You can play singleplayer against the AI (I'll try and smarten them up for you guys too) or multiplayer against/with each other and also me. The multiplayer does require port-forwarding or use of a 3rd party network like Hamachi, but I'll take care of forwarding ports if you join any session I host throughout each day (up to 5 players). It'll be kind of like a guided tour through the game where I promise to go easy on you. Hopefully we'll all have a great time. And if you don't wanna play with me :( then feel free to make your own sessions and live it up in singleplayer.

Sorry again for pulling a No Man's Sky on you lovely people but hopefully you guys love the end product!

Join us in the Discord!
Cthulhu's Catharsis - bigshlomo

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