PureDesktop - PurePortal
Hello guys,

we added 3 new Extensions to the ShareCenter.

You can now play animations using Sprite-Sheets. Here you can find an example of an spritesheet: Dino

Animates a static image so it looks like it moves endless. That Image has to be seamless, but you can find many of them online. E.g. Raventale

Just enter some text and your favorite search engine will open in your browser.

PureDesktop - PurePortal
  • Fixed a bug with the text extension
  • Fixed a bug with the translation system
  • Smaller improvements
PureDesktop - PurePortal
We have fixed a critical issue that has caused crashes in the initial setup.
PureDesktop - PurePortal
We have another feature built in.
Now you can select the different modes via a toolbar without having to open the main context menu.

Thanks to Jklgames for the Feature Request!

Further information: https://forum.pureportal.io/t/quicker-tool-bar/72
PureDesktop - PurePortal
The particle system is currently in an unstable state. Wallpapers using these type of extension will crash when switching to another project or deleting the particle system.

Sadly, we cannot fix that our self, because it's a bug in the Qt-Framework. We have to look for an working workaround or have to wait until Qt fixes that bug.

Please remember: It's a Early Access Software and not a stable version! ;)
PureDesktop - PurePortal
This is a small hotfix.

After the Project-Overview-Upgrade, we forgot to add new downloaded projects from the ShareCenter to the available project list. This version will fix that bug.

Also we improved the translation and increased the amount of logging information to improve the support.
PureDesktop - PurePortal
The first update is finished. Yeah!

In this update we have mostly improved the project overview. This is now faster and more beautiful. Hope for you the use is now a little easier and clearer :)


Furthermore, we limit the windows to the available screen area (also called "available screen").

And last but not least, we updated Font Awesome to the latest version.
Aug 2
PureDesktop - PurePortal
So, let's try it.

Ready. Set. GO!
The software is now released: D

If something does not work (software does not start, green fragments, etc.) please contact us directly. Then we clarify the problem together!
PureDesktop - PurePortal
Server upgrade is finished and we are getting ready to release the software. We are currently making a few adjustments, but we are ready soon.

We will inform you as soon as we are ready ;)
PureDesktop - PurePortal
Before the release, we want to renew the server. For this reason, the new release day is on 02.08.2019 (1 week later than planned). Sorry the inconvenience: /

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